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Imagine being Cole Beasley and thinking I'm about to listen to this MAGA ass album

@maxxx__power @Gribbszilla @digwell89 @SmithVeritas @DAnderson314 @BuffaloDave_ @LennyDykstra @DeAndreHopkins @jalenramsey @Bease11 @_fournette @Logan_Ratick @DanielsCongress @aubrey_huff @TheEsqofSports @ToddPratt07 @CameronRupp @BoomerWells33 See this is the problem, when I say the government is corrupt, I mean the government. (The federal government is comprised of 3 branches: executive, legislative and JUDICIAL).

RE: WR blocking stuff The tables some p major end pointing stuff going on. I did a ">" instead of ">=" so the tables only contain WRs who have at least 6 seasons with 60+ run blocking snaps. So Cole Beasley isn't the worst run blocking receiver, more like 15thish

@maxxx__power @digwell89 @SmithVeritas @DAnderson314 @BuffaloDave_ @LennyDykstra @DeAndreHopkins @jalenramsey @Bease11 @_fournette @Logan_Ratick @DanielsCongress @aubrey_huff @TheEsqofSports @ToddPratt07 @CameronRupp @BoomerWells33 No, they actually go places and ask questions instead of reading scripts written by executives that adhere to the marching orders of the world bank and nwo. They do real journalism.

Terry Pegula took the heat off of Cole Beasley by suggesting that taxpayers fund a new stadium. Family.

@maxxx__power @digwell89 @SmithVeritas @DAnderson314 @BuffaloDave_ @LennyDykstra @DeAndreHopkins @jalenramsey @Bease11 @_fournette @Logan_Ratick @DanielsCongress @aubrey_huff @TheEsqofSports @ToddPratt07 @CameronRupp @BoomerWells33 You can’t get past the purposeful retardation of of the global populous through the media. You are shackled to cnn, nyt and lots of other sources that are happy to have you, a useful idiot, pumping all of their lies out into the ether.

@jesusandbigjoe @NickWilliams_98 @Bease11 Uhhh yeah? It's like wearing merch. Makes perfect sense

@JamesCurle How long before someone Like Cole Beasley suffers consequences for not being vaccinated

*hot girl on Instagram does the whole “ask me a question” thing* Me (a piece of shit): “do you think Cole Beasley should get the vaccine?”

@je_lions @NickWilliams_98 @Bease11 Your right - it doesn't make sense. Neither does walking around your house wearing the jersey of a team you're not on.

AJ brown and Cole Beasley got the same rating 😒

@maxxx__power @digwell89 @SmithVeritas @DAnderson314 @BuffaloDave_ @LennyDykstra @DeAndreHopkins @jalenramsey @Bease11 @_fournette @Logan_Ratick @DanielsCongress @aubrey_huff @TheEsqofSports @ToddPratt07 @CameronRupp @BoomerWells33 If you think cnn is telling the truth there is no way to help you. Good luck out there. When you wake up and start thinking for yourself and stop being a sucker to propaganda life feels much more free. Hope you get there some day big cat.

@maxxx__power @digwell89 @SmithVeritas @DAnderson314 @BuffaloDave_ @LennyDykstra @DeAndreHopkins @jalenramsey @Bease11 @_fournette @Logan_Ratick @DanielsCongress @aubrey_huff @TheEsqofSports @ToddPratt07 @CameronRupp @BoomerWells33 YouTube is controlled propaganda too. They censor everything that doesn’t march in lockstep with the brainwashing agenda. Operation mockingbird. Stay on message and silence all opinions that deviate from the end goal.

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