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i have been informed that corey knebel is also a qanon maniac so fuck him too

#CoreyKnebel pitched 1st IN, allowing 0 R. 22 batters he faced regular season as 'opener', allowed only 1 R. @SFGiants manager @gabekapler started 3 LH batters in #NLDSGame5 and had to substitute two LH batters for 2 RH batters when @JulioUrias27 came into game 3rd IN for 4 IN.

@Dodgers manager #DaveRoberts took a hugd, huge games not starting his great & tremendous starting P @JulioUrias27 - a 20 game winner this @MLB season - in deciding #NLDSGame5. Instead he started RH reliever #CoreyKnebel as 'opener' to prevent @SFGiants loading up on LH batters.

#Deportes | El equipo angelino declinó por el mexicano y, en su lugar, pondrán al estadounidense Corey Knebel.…

Dave Roberts starting Corey Knebel & Brusdar Graterol before starting Julio Urías yesterday and still got the win #Dodgers #RepeatLA #Postseason

For game one I would come back with Max. If he is tired, do a bullpen game just like we did game 5 and let him come in later and pitch the bulk innings of the game. Mad Max is awesome! Corey Knebel and Bazooka can open, they are 🔥🔥🔥

Dodgers to use Corey Knebel as Game 5 opener in surprising move #Yardbarker #MLB…

Phil Bickford Walker Buehler Tony Gonsolin Brusdar Graterol Kenley Jansen Joe Kelly Corey Knebel Max Scherzer Blake Treinen David Price Julio Urias  Alex Vesia Absolutely insane.…

Julio Urías impuso una nueva marca en Grandes Ligas para un lanzador nacido en México. El pitcher de los Dodgers saltó al montículo en la tercera entrada luego de que Corey Knebel abriera el juego 5 de la postemporada ante los Giants.…

El movimiento más llamativo fue el de Corey Knebel como abridor y no de Julio Urías, en el partido decisivo. ¿Quién motivó a esto? Alex Slater, director de operaciones de béisbol de los Dodgers. (+)

I really woke up this morning after a game last night that Corey Knebel started, and Max Scherzer got the save in. 2021 is crazy 🤯🤯🤯🤯

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced Thursday morning, hours before first pitch, that Corey Knebel will start NLDS Game 5 as a likely opener against the San Francisco Giants.

the Dodgers started Corey Knebel the people blaming the umps be worried about the wrong things LMAO

Corey Knebel in the 1st. Max Scherzer in the 9th. Chess not checkers 🤝

"Who is Corey Knebel? And why is he starting Game 5 for the Dodgers instead of Julio Urías?"…

les forzaron la mano al no abrir con Urías y colocar al derecho Corey Knebel. Los equipos de Grandes Ligas, y mucho menos los Dodgers, no toman ese tipo de decisiones por simples caprichos. Luego salen bien, o mal, cosas del deporte, pero hay una base en la decisión.

@rsu_1216 Corey Knebel and Brusdar Graterol throwing a scoreless inning each is not getting "bailed out"

@mrodoficial @MLB Si a corey knebel le hubiesen hecho 5 carreras donde estuviera Dave Roberts? Son apuntes de un simple fanatico

Dave Roberts' strategy of using Corey Knebel as the opener to last night's game paid off. Urias came in as relief and was awesome besides the home run by Ruf. Cody Bellinger made his shit year go away all in one clutch single in the ninth and Scherzer shut the door.

So because Corey Knebel started the game my Logan Webb strikeout prop doesn’t cash? LMAO makes sense @BetUS_Official This is the dumbest shit of all time. What does the opposing starting pitcher have to do with a player pitching prop from the other team? Book must be hurting.

So I guess the idea of having Corey Knebel open last night's game *wasn't* an idiotic move. Huh.

A unas horas⌚ del inicio del decisivo partido ante #GIGANTES, el #mánager DAVE ROBERTS decidió que el PITCHER MEXICANO no aparecería en la lomita desde el inicio y le dio la responsabilidad a COREY KNEBEL…

A unas horas⌚ del inicio del decisivo partido ante #GIGANTES, el #mánager DAVE ROBERTS decidió que el PITCHER MEXICANO no aparecería en la lomita desde el inicio y le dio la responsabilidad a COREY KNEBEL…

@BillPlaschke @jorgecastillo My favorite part started Thursday night: “Roberts sent Kapler a text message Wednesday at 10 p.m few hours after Dodgers landed in San Francisco, relaying his club’s plans to have Corey Knebel, not Julio Urías, start Thursday.” Maybe Kapler lost a little sleep

@MosleyErin_ Haha only reason i like dodgers is because i used to hang out with corey knebel in highschool. He did great!

Giants really lost a elimination game that was started by Corey Knebel. What a bunch of frauds. I know Dodgers the champs but that's pathetic

#MLB | Corey Knebel abrirá el Juego 5 para Dodgers en lugar de Julio Urías, quien estará disponible de relevo💥⚾

Abrió Corey Knebel y cerró Scherzer… Sres, tenemos Playoffs… y tranquilos que nadie le iba a los Gigantes! Hoy mis dos equipos entre sí… #RedSox #Astros #MLB

Corey Knebel, inesperado cambio de estrategia de los Dodgers para el decisivo

@DodgerInsider This was not a surprise to the Giants. Last night at 9 o’clock Dave Roberts sent a text message to Gabe Kapler telling him that Urias would not start and they were starting Corey Knebel. This information came on the dodger radio broadcast tonight with Rick and Charlie.

Five things to know about Dodgers Game 5 starter Corey Knebel…

MLB playoffs: Dodgers will use Corey Knebel as an opener in NLDS Game 5 vs. Giants

Corey Knebel - 2.47 ERA 0.97 WHIP Brusdar Graterol - 4.59 ERA 1.41 WHIP Julio Urias - 2.96 ERA 1.02 WHIP Blake Treinen - 1.99 ERA 0.98 WHIP Kenley Jansen - 2.22 ERA 1.04 WHIP Max Scherzer - 2.46 ERA 0.86 WHIP Pitching wins playoff series. #mlb #postseason #baseball #dodgers

Starting pitcher: Corey Knebel Win: Kenley Jansen Save: Max Scherzer Go home, baseball. You’re drunker than Schertless Scherzer.

@MoultonHawk @KMWells33 @billplunkettocr corey knebel got DFA’d after having a 6.09 ERA. he was up for anyone and our team signed him. AND he was injured for a month. you’re just salty asf. you can’t admit that it was a good series so you gotta defend shit you don’t even know anything about

The orchestration of the Dodgers pitchers likely went as close to plan as possible. Two scoreless innings from Corey Knebel and Brusdar Graterol, a solo homerun allowed by Julio Urias, then blanks from Blake Treinen, Kenley Jansen, and Max Scherzer.

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