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@KeimBell @CoryBooker @SenatorMenendez There are literally thousands of ALS patients and their families from the great state of New Jersey looking to you both. The entire ALS community, FDA and NIH are behind this bill. We need your support to save our lives. Will you join us?

@Drpower_2000 @Puff_Daddy_Jr @JoeBiden @VP @SenSchumer @CoryBooker @RonWyden @RepNancyMace @RepDaveJoyce @AOC @SenWarren @SenSanders The overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want cannabis to be a scheduled substance, yet these politicians whose job it is to act on behalf of their constituents (us), fail to do represent us, we pay them, yet people keep voting for the same old 💩

"Greatness is helping others realize they are great, beautiful, capable. Genius is seeing the wonder and possibility in the hearts of those others ignore." - Senator Cory Booker

@Puff_Daddy_Jr @JoeBiden @VP @SenSchumer @CoryBooker @RonWyden @RepNancyMace @RepDaveJoyce @AOC @SenWarren @SenSanders Such an easy response..because of their donors…corporate interest and Big Pharma..follow the money.

@CoryBooker @SenatorMenendez thank you for representing New Jersey and working to strengthen working families and our economy!!

Cory Booker (D, NJ) / John Bel Edwards (D, LA)

That is because they donate huge amounts to demosocialist campaign funds. cory booker got over half a million!…

@jonnyrubin10 @SenSchumer @CoryBooker #safebanking passed 5x by House, mostly recently 74% Yea Votes. Co-sponsored by 41 Senators. Supported publicly by 24 State Governor’s. Supported by Cannabis Small Businesses. If SAFE is blocked by @SenSchumer its will reek of corruption. That’s not democracy, it’s a filibuster.

The entire Juicy affair was orchestrated to coordinate with the efforts of Cory Booker and Auntie Kamala to pass anti-lynching legislation in the Senate. Prove me wrong with Juicy's e-mails & texts with Senator Harris.…

In October, AeroFarms CEO David Rosenberg participated in a fireside chat during @TheWNETGroup's #AmericanCitiesRebuilding Virtual Conversation Series, and had the opportunity to speak with NJ Senator Cory Booker about using technology to increase the nutritional value of plants.

Sen. Cory Booker Files “Do No Harm Act” to Correct the Overreach of RFRA…

Do You want peace and security in Horne Africa? then do something to the dictator who destabilizing the Horn of Africa Afworki of Eritrea.@SecBlinken @CoryBooker @SenateForeign @StateDept @POTUS @BradSherman @SenMarkey

@jonnyrubin10 @SenSchumer @CoryBooker If ??? If ???? If @SenSchumer and @SenBooker BLOCK #Legalization , I will work my ASS off to #Derail every #Democrat up for election November 2022 This is #Sickening to VOTE against your own peoples VOTES

I stand with refugees. We need them safe. @UNHCRLibya They are working with you. Support them to relocate. All is possible. @StateDept @UNHCRUSA @RefugeesAfrica @BradSherman @CoryBooker @RepKarenBass @dinatitus @ChrisCoons @POTUS…

@beezerism @todd_harrison @natsfert @SenSchumer @CoryBooker No debating both parties have issues. Just getting sick of seeing @SenSchumer tweet about his CAOA bill which doesn't even have democrat support while blocking passable bills. All talk, no action.

@jonnyrubin10 @SenSchumer @CoryBooker theres always a lie they can hide behind...

@codyhasdadjokes @todd_harrison @natsfert @SenSchumer @CoryBooker Well the problem here is T.I.N.A. Republicans are fighting like hell to maintain the arrests and high tax Anti-business environment of Prohibition. So who do you turn to? Which side is more likely to End The Madness?

@MarijuanaPolicy This sucks @PattyMurray @SenSchumer and @CoryBooker @SenJeffMerkley - I think it’s disgusting y’all will pass a bill for bankers before legalizing it for small biz and Americans who are being ARRESTED! GTH with this bill, my biz has a bank account

@beezerism @todd_harrison @natsfert @SenSchumer @CoryBooker I am strictly talking federal cannabis reform. The democrats have accomplished nothing thus far while blocking passable bills. What's worse is they are in the news, social media bragging about all of the positive changes they will make, while doing NOTHING.

@codyhasdadjokes @todd_harrison @natsfert @SenSchumer @CoryBooker Why do people only whinge about the Do Nothing Democrats ? I’ve always seen the left as allies in ending Prohibition as Dems have gotten us 19 Adult Rec States while Republicans are clinging to archaic, high tax, Racist Prohibition in 31 Red States 💡🚩

Up Close: Cory Booker on 'Build Back Better' plan; Why is Meisha Porter leaving?… via @ABC7NY

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