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@lisa_curry I’ve been pissed off at the Dallas Cowboys since they fired Tom Landry-when a fella’ from the wrong side of the Red River buys a football team and fires your coach in can foster resentment-nurse your grudge-they’re healthy,& if the person is worthy they’ll win you over later👍🏻

#GNACSAAC | @UAASeawolves runner Tylantiss Atlas is from Dallas, but she’s not a Cowboys fan. Which NFL quarterback is her favorite athlete? Find out that and more in this week’s SAAC Spotlight Q&A.

@theazurhendic @Craggle17 @Speledro @ThaWeasle Exactly, a stiff breeze could KO career lightweight Cowboy Cerrone but UD over him is one of Leon’s biggest accomplishments. A UD against unranked WW and career lightweight Nate Diaz is his biggest win and claim for a title shot. He can’t finish at the highest level, he’s boring.

@andyAVAVsystems Did this sparky wear a cowboy hat ? What a top bodge using a terminal block ffs.

One hour till game time. Plenty of good tickets still available! Big game with big implications in the standings. Come out and support your Hebron Hawks as they take down the Coppell Cowboys.

Favorite @adultswim shows? Boondocks Cowboy Bebop Harvey Birdman Rick and Morty Robot Chicken Black Dynamite

When you nail a PB at the gym and Cowboys From Hell starts playing

@ecsdmed Pareil avec un patient diabétique et obèse, lui ai demandé s'il allait se faire vacciner, il m'a répondu que ce n'était pas prévu... On s'est "cordialement quitté" avec le regard de 2 cowboy main sur le colt ..

@GamerChanger @Ajay661095 @PFF No they don't. Cowboys have 2 every down backs and if you actually wantch the games you would see how they split the carries. It's not far fetched. If you wanna say they are better ok, but far fetched is ludicrous

Predictions like this are made every week, but as soon as the Cowboys win, then it will be back to "The Cowboys haven't beaten anyone."…

@BleedingFool It's not that no one wanted a live action version of a Cowboy Bebop. Someone posted a fan cast with Keanue Reeves as Spike, Bruce Willis as Jet, and Christina Ricci as Fey & most everyone who saw went ape shit. This was around 2005 just after Constantine hadcame out.


I can't believe i'm about to play for this many people thank you to all of y'all who love & support this crazy cowboy.…

i knew these cowboy boots would come in handy one day

Cowboy Bebop probably I really loved Ninja Scroll back in the day but looking back, it’s weird there are MULTIPLE scenes of like “well that would-be rapist didn’t account for that woman’s poison vagina” Like if you HAVE TO, *once* gets the point across!…

Former Wyoming Cowboy Logan Wilson featured in new Cincinnati Bengals video…

@SNFonNBC Browns and Cowboys with committee backfields. Titans only have ☝🏽 Man

@hornsfan722 @danorlovsky7 @Colts i am an eagles fan. i know how it turned out. i also find it hilarious how cowboys fans think dak is an elite quarterback when his own team doesnt even want him😭

Eu não consigo respeitar quem não ama a era cowboy like me dá gaga, joanne foi icônicoh…

Holy Shit! THIS is why @jkenney ‘s “open for summer, death for fall” campaign has done. Just so he could play cowboy. #abpoli #AbLeg #cdnpoli…

Se busca pronosticador invitado para semana 7! Da RT/Like a este tweet, manda tus 6 pronósticos y desempate y gana. Dolphins vs Jaguars Bengals vs Lions Cardinals vs Browns Chargers vs Ravens Vikings vs Panthers Cowboys vs Patriots Total pts SNF (SEA vs PIT)

Week 6 NFL Picks brought to you by Team Al-Dog on the Jaguars at +3 Team Al-Dog on the Chargers at +2.5 Team Hayes on the Cowboys at -3.5 Team Al-Dog on the Steelers at -5.0 #NFL @HayesTSN @odognine2 @mickey_canuck

@rafaelshimunov Actually I said "pretty far from declaring team TERF." Not sure how "cowboy" got in there.

@Blitzburghstil1 Ughhhh…. I forgot about that. My mind just goes to Tim Tebow and that third string no-name from the Cowboys last season who lit up our defense

I think these are the top NFL fandom teams in the US. Dallas Cowboys, LV Raiders, SF 49ers, GB Packers, New England Patriots.

@GamerChanger @Ajay661095 @PFF That's the dumbest excuse I've ever heard. Everyone knows the Cowboys have an elite offense. It's top 5 at worst, probably top 3. Their defense is no worse than GB. Chargers were in a shootout with Browns so?

I knew I should have been a cowboy. Golden Colorado

The Cowboy Bebop movie fanfiction with lots of immortals and musicians

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