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@IcyRandleSzn OK I'm the biggest PG troll but this is getting ridiculous... Only 1 of them has been an MVP Finalist, a DPOY finalist, or even gotten out of the 1st round. PG is a better player than we his trolls hive him credit for. On the same salary, I'd sign him as a FA before Beal

@Mike47768660 @chris_burbano @NFL @_TJWatt Lol most people outside of Steelers fans know AD deserved DPOY. That's why they voted him to win and not TJ.

@gtrentgod MIP DPOY 2 MVP FMVP Y un anillo con el equipo que lo drafteo, bancandose las criticas. Se quedo a pelearla y le dio el anillo a un mercado chico que no ganaba hacia 50 aรฑos Y solo tiene 26 aรฑos

Not sure there is a more annoying thing on NBA twitter than Kyle Lowry fans crying about him not being respected enough

@MoveMaker_ Based on what, legacy is based on accomplishments. 1 more mvp and dpoy and 4-0 defensive teams

@idrops2 @BiasedHouston Kawhi aint have that raptors ring unless kd get injured. what we doin bro. Kawhi healthy last year underperformed and blew 3-1. If we talking bot whose better rn idk how you can say the guy that won MVP 2x, DPoy, FMVP, Championship in the past three years aint better

@damn_jayson Iโ€™m weird. Like Iโ€™ll reassure and make sure someone is loved, everyone will know Iโ€™m w the person. But Iโ€™m just not a PDA person. Idk. We could be in public in the same vicinity and people will only know weโ€™re together bc I donโ€™t allow people to try to get at me lmao

@DBGyt_ Hakeem Olajuwon won FMVP, DPOY, MVP on his way to a championship. Impressive but another prisoner of the moment.โ€ฆ

@farisimrn_ @FF_mbryan4445 @overratedVagina @BleacherReport @BR_NBA He has the potential to be in the category right below the goat convo. Like I said, you have to be an elite defender to be in that category. He will never be an elite defender. You have Luka winning DPOY ever?

@ghostedjay @CamLaroi yeah thatโ€™s crazy. KG still over him all time due to longevity but 2x MVP, dpoy and finals mvp is better than KG peak

His Career: 36 Years in the NBA 30ร— NBA Champion 7ร— MVP 20 All Star Appeaances 9ร— FMVP 6ร— DPOY 12x All NBA Teams 10ร— All Defensive Team ROY MIP 7th All time Scoring 2nd All time rebounding The true GOAT

Pirates always cocky when we win first two of a series. Itโ€™s been two years since we did one. Shut up with the cockiness already

@MGRADS Idk bro... Top2 pick, mvp & two chips vs mid firdt rounder pick, 2 mvps, a chip, dpoy, stayed home, did it the right way....

@BiasedHouston All time itโ€™s a big time catch giannis has to make up. Rn you can say giannis is better because kawhi has been injured. 2 dpoy, 2 time champ, 2fmvp 2019 one of the best finals run in the decade. He beat giannis when giannis had a 2-0 lead

@arvfx_ @KendrickPerkins Giannis got more mvp and dpoy and heโ€™s 6 yrs younger. Plus his ring more valuable kd ring kd just got more all star and all nba teams so yea longevity/ in league longer

@StephenCurey The one with 3 rings and a DPOY..if Iโ€™m just guessing.

@OPOYDobbins_27 @HoodieRamey Itโ€™s worth 4 million lmao, end of story. And heโ€™s old and declining, shouldnโ€™t be a starter

@OPOYDobbins_27 @HoodieRamey Yes Iโ€™m sure we offered a player 6 million a year to be a BACKUP PASS RUSHER. Makes sense

@OPOYDobbins_27 @HoodieRamey The deal is worth 4 million lmfao. And regardless Houston would be a backup with us, heโ€™s starting for yall. Not the same

@espn @KendrickPerkins Giannis all day everyday. He won a ring with the team that drafted without the help of a superteam... 2xMVP and DPOY. Yes, KD is one of the greatest shooters there is, but he couldn't win a ring with OKC so he ran off to a superteam, then formed another with the Nets.

@Zay4_4 @CHRISTurnedOFF KD only won cause he joined a 73-9 team lol Every season got injuries itโ€™s part of the game. And he won them MVPs and DPOY while everybody was healthy what about that ? Lol

@OPOYDobbins_27 @HoodieRamey We did not fucking offer JUSTIN HOUSTON 12 million a year what r u talking abt

@Giannis34SZN @notorioustei Skill wise Iโ€™m taking KD. Dominance and defense Iโ€™m taking gianiss. Career wise Iโ€™m taking the Champion DPOY and 2 time MVP So yea itโ€™s gianiss all time over KD as of right now. KD gets a ring without and MVP teammate we can talk

Aw hell. If anyone knows me Iโ€™m a happy drunk, an affectionate one. I feel like Iโ€™m just an affectionate person I just hate PDA lol!

@HoodieRamey We didnโ€™t even offer Houston a contract๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

@Chris_Evans52 Iโ€™m saying like just let people make their content, omg how am I not roty, how is ty not dpoy, how is splash not opoy. Bro if yโ€™all donโ€™t chill and let people make their list๐Ÿ˜‚

@McNeeseCoachRob 2mvp 1 dpoy and fmvp his resume alr crazy he 26

@HunterMcKinney9 @sheedmcbuckets KD had to join 3 All-Stars to win though. KD was supposed to be who he is, Giannis wasnโ€™t. Giannis is only 26 and is already a 2x MVP, DPOY, Finals MVP, 4x all defensive. He does it on both ends and didnโ€™t have to ring chase. He did the hard way. Thatโ€™s just my opinion though.

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