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@crackatato @SFGiants How was he out coached? Dave Roberts did nothing special that would say he out coached anyone. Giants couldn’t hit and the Dodgers had too much talent to not capitalize on that. Get over yourself and actually know the game

@WalterTheGolden OK. Take it slow, Walter. We need you at 100%. ♥️🐕👍

@elfildeo Nombren un mánager más ganador que Dave Roberts sumando la temporada anterior y esta temporada además de ser el actual campeón? Cuando pierde es su culpa pero si gana no tiene méritos!!! #NMJ

Good season @SFGiants #SFGiants!Sadly, the @Dodgers #Dodgers got the best of us last night. #DaveRoberts really “managed” that game to WIN. #LoganWebb pitched a jewel; he just needed some hits and to pitch one more inning 🤷🏽‍♀️ NextTime #ResilientSF #GreatSeason #gabekapler 💪🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾

@Sedano Kaplan is a horrible and completely clueless individual. Very selfish with his text to Dave Roberts. Kaplan sounds like a Karen, “ I want what I want and I want it now” damn Veruca Salt. 😂

@WalterTheGolden Great news, Walter! Now go get some squirrels!👍🐕♥️

Did Coach ejaculate on himself praising Dave Roberts today?

I gotta give it to Dave Roberts. I was putting down his strategy to start Knebel and pulling Urias so soon. But he managed a fantastic game. I was wrong. Great work Dave and Dodger! #Dodgers #LADodgers #daveroberts #MLB

@krazy4ujc 1 John ch 3 has a verse that could be construed that way, but the context is bigger than that.

Dave Roberts explained how #Dodgers not starting Julio Urias in Game 5 was actually the 'biggest compliment.'…

Dave Roberts: Dodgers Not Starting Julio Urias In Game 5 The 'Bigge... (Dodger Blue) Before Game 5 of the National League Division Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers made the decis... Add your highlights:… #LA_Dodgers

@Dodgers manager #DaveRoberts took a hugd, huge games not starting his great & tremendous starting P @JulioUrias27 - a 20 game winner this @MLB season - in deciding #NLDSGame5. Instead he started RH reliever #CoreyKnebel as 'opener' to prevent @SFGiants loading up on LH batters.

@quiquegaray Aparte de la estrategia de Dave Roberts, que esta temporada en especial ha estado muy acertado en cuanto al manejo del pitcheo, Urías traía cuatro días de descanso en vez de los cinco a los que está acostumbrado. No estaba para una salida de calidad, sólida.

Re: Scherzer last night. Remembered this @latimeshouston story about the Dodgers in the ‘62 tiebreaker saving Drysdale for Game 1 of the Series, even with the season hanging by a thread. Dave Roberts was not going to be Walter Alston last night.

@mlb_fights 7*. They will have home field in the world series, should Dave Roberts not screw it up.

@DOScodified @kingofda914 @RVAReid Lmaooo playing the victim. I see what you tryna do and it’s not working. I know you’re a YT person hiding behind that keyboard. Trying to start conflict in the diaspora because you know if we were United we’d be unstoppable

#DaveRoberts: Las 4 estrategias controversiales vs #SanFrancisco en 5to juego de Serie Divisional #MLB. OPINIÓN DE GRANDES LIGAS DE FINAL DEPORTIVO del viernes 14 de octubre de 2021 a las 11 por Coral y 12:30 por Teleantillas.

@ClydeHusky Go, Clyde, go! Clydeways always! 👍🐕♥️

@jcarlos_ornelas “Si pero el PRI robo más” - Dave Roberts

🗣 NEW EPISODE - Blown calls are not the reason for the Giants loss - 2010’s Dodgers redemption tour is on - Dave Roberts is trying to win an Oscar - Openers are good, bunting is bad - The Braves absolutely should hate us…

@cowboyangels @BeisbolBrenden it's like the astros and boos... it seems to make him stronger (even if he can't hear the press box down there)

@JosePabloCoello @Dodgers Le salió porque luego a Dave Roberts le crecen los enanos o le salen al revés las cosas, al menos ayer le salió y todos felices, en realidad perdió San Pancho, ese pelotazo de Doval a Turner fue la diferencia y claro la pequeña ayuda del manager

Hace Dave Roberts otra de las suyas, no abrirá Julio Urías el Juego 5 | Tuit…

@michael_k_woods Max Scherzer has no other commitments higher than baseball. He's a machine. Last night, it didn't matter if Dave Roberts called his name or not, he was taking the mound in the 9th.

@KNBR You know, I respected Dave Roberts up until he blamed the wind the other night. Respectfully be a man and own up to a loss 🤷🏼‍♀️

@Dodgers Wow!Another great TEAM win!Dave Roberts I have to sayI've been a big criticbut also give credit wherecreditis due andagain Wow! you managed the hel* out of this series!You'vegrown and seems learnedfrom pastmistakes.AnywayVin has to be happy and let's keep it going.💪⚾️😅

@RichardHRBenyon @Laura__Farris It’s a horrible day - David was such a nice warm guy - don’t think I agreed with him that often but he was a top fella to work with on issues

@JosePabloCoello @Dodgers Yo disfrute de un gran juego, y pues le funciono a Dave Roberts.

@Dodgers Wouldn't manage in Atlanta for the Allstars game but will come for playoffs, Dave Roberts and the commissioner of baseball are full of sh#t.

@DumptheDH @alexmaldo404 @McCannon33 Wilmer has a career .512 OPS in the postseason and is famous for crying on the field. He’s not built for October and is definitely not built to clutch up versus a first ballot hall of famer.

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