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@Josh_Khalfin @PhilKocher Obviously you don't let him hold up a larger deal, but a swap for DeBrusk would be very meh

@HackswithHaggs Sitting Steen and playing a guy who asked for a trade in Debrusk sounds fair 🤔

@cfpzach What has Steen done in like the last 3 games? How about the GM decides if he’s going to trade DeBrusk or not, and then stops signing guys that get injured to big deals that demand they not be scratched. He’s going to be back lol, it’s not permanent.

DeBrusk for Chytil makes less than zero sense.…

@Josh_Khalfin Don't let facts get in the way of a good narrative. Remember, Chytil is bad. Debrusk is good.

@Josh_Khalfin I'm with you, except on the Chytil doesn't suck bit. He's our DeBrusk. I would happily upgrade on him.

@andrewtaverna That may be why Cassidy said he doesn’t think it will be long term. I don’t see the value in holding on to DeBrusk until the deadline. Sweeney needs to get it done. Preferably in a package that brings back an impact player. If adding Lohrei to a pkg gets Chychrun, do it

@Josh_Khalfin But Josh, Debrusk is a good old fashioned North American hard nosed player with good blood lines, while Chytil is just a soft Euro who doesn't do anything.

Playing Jake DeBrusk over Oskar Steen is the right move only if your intentions is to move DeBrusk in the very short term and there’s a team that wants to see him play. Other than that, Steen should be in this lineup. #NHLBruins…

@ConorRyan_93 Can't sit Debrusk while trying to trade him.

@NHLBruins Why is DeBrusk still playing over Steen?

I also saw Marek connecting Debrusk to the Rangers, specifically Chytil for Debrusk. It’s most likely speculation but I’d pass. He’s 3 years older and LW which we don’t need

Foligno back is good news. Taking Steen out instead of Debrusk is not. I don’t agree with this decision at all #NHLBruins…

@dominictiano I would of liked to see them scratch Debrusk. Think 17-13-62 could work and id like them to start forming chemistry for down the stretch

@2G1CRangers I remember reading somewhere back when the Debrusk rumours first came up that he wouldn't play RW, so no

@FlutoShinzawa You've got a useless Debrusk who's value drops with every gm...just trade him already for the bag of pucks he's worth. Steen had one bad game along with the rest of the team. Foligno is even more useless than Debrusk. Worst signing of the NHL yr & should've got Don fired by now

@HackswithHaggs have to play DeBrusk to shop him. DeBrusk goes=Steen Plays?

In here, Jeff Marek floats the idea of a DeBrusk-Chytil swap. Given DeBrusk’s declining trade value, I’d probably pounce at this. Would save Boston 1.375 million against the cap.…

@McguirePetrov Im just gonna say that DeBrusk has done jack shit to help his trade value since requesting the trade. Dude spends most of the game coasting and the remainder of the time throwing a couple bad shots at the net

@ConorRyan_93 Can we trade Debrusk like yesterday ? The only reason he’s staying in the lineup is hoping he can score a goal to boost his trade value and it hasn’t been going well, if anything his value is dropping

Marek also suggests a DeBrusk for Chytil swap. I'd rather have Kravstov :)

Jeff Marek on Rink Fries mentions a potential Filip Chytil for Jake DeBrusk deal.. 🤔 #NYR

@ConorRyan_93 YOU NEED DEBRUSK TO PLAY.Not because he’s isn’t the guy that should be taken out, but because if he isn’t playing his stock drops and fast.Everyone wants home moved,well that can only happen if he can be sold for something and value is not held in the press box.Steen will get his

On his most recent blog, Marek wondered if perhaps a Jake DeBrusk for Filip Chytil deal could work for both sides. You in?

@FlutoShinzawa How TF is DeBrusk still in the lineup?

@CharlieGOATavoy Correct, but someone has to come out bc you need to get Foligno time to get back. And you’re not taking out DeBrusk if you’re Sweeney because you’re still trying to trade him. Blidh makes more sense bc left-shot instead of Steen but what do I know

@McguirePetrov YUP. To me, this is a DeBrusk showcase more than anything. Also Vaakanainen, ngl. But Steen did have a rough game vs Carolina, so I worry about his confidence in that... but also he seems really self motivated so IDK.

DeBrusk should come out. Steen has earned a spot in this lineup.…

Steen out, Foligno in makes some sense. They need to know what condition Foligno is in, and they are probably trying to showcase DeBrusk still with whatever team is interested. I’m not a fan, but this seems like a GM move more than anything.

@ConorRyan_93 Smells like another mgmt decision surrounding DeBrusk. Even so, must mean the 4th line is locked in as-is. Could have seen Blidh substituted.

@ConorRyan_93 They should sit Debrusk. They need to see what the 3rd line will look like down the stretch

@617samk @ConorRyan_93 They're showcasing Debrusk to trade him. Steen will get his time

@ConorRyan_93 "When DeBrusk is traded, Steen will slot back in". Something like that?

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