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@deadspace_xx @SmexysYT Mercedes dominiert 7 Jahre lang diese Sport und dann wenn ein einziges Mal ein anderes Team auf annähernd gleichem Niveau fährt, packt Mercedes Unsportlichkeit aus, nur um nach dem Rennen immer das Unschuldslamm zu spielen. Drecks Preißnteam

Le dimanche soir vous angoisse ? Alors autant y aller à fond et retrouvons-nous sur la frissonnante aventure #DeadSpace 🪐💀🪐 ÉPISODE 5 - Qu'on en finisse ! ✊ (ou pas) RDV à 20h30 ⏰ ➡️ #stream #streaming #TwitchAffliate

Al empezar el capítulo 2 y ver cómo se revientan la cabeza contra la pared... Brutal. @deadspace #DeadSpace #visceralgames @EA @EA_Espana #xbox #xboxSeriesX @Xbox @Xbox_Spain @XboxP3 #gamer

Si todo sale bien, en un par de días podemos empezar Dead Space 3

@xxeagleeye23xx @PS5only There also playing Dead Space: Storage expansion edition, but unfortunately it's only in beta testing right now!🤦🏻🤷🏻🤣🤣🤣

Avontade, Neste exato momento vou iniciar uma Live de Dead Space 2. o canal é este caso gostarem se inscrevam.

Salve galera de boa? bom hoje venho comunicar vocês que eu fiz um canal na Twitch e vou começar a fazer umas lives lá de vez em quando seja de SAO,Resident Evil,Dead Space entre vários jogos que tenho disponivel. e com isso se quiserem bater um papo por lá enquanto eu jogo fiquem

Hello @DeadByBHVR, i'm sure i'm not alone asking such things but can we hope a dead space DLC one day ? Would be nut to get a Ishimura Map !

Many, many hours of Fallout 3, Fable 2, and Dead Space. Burnout Paradise was a lot of fun too!…

今日のDEAD SPACE配信に来て頂いた皆さんありがとうございました!! 昨日倒せなかった相手をなんとか倒せました!!(*´꒳`*) 【レイド】 たちかぜばななさん(@TachikazeTwitch ) レイドありがとうございました! バナナさんのFNAF楽しみにしてますので!^_^

@Protheon_ Games I'll be playing for 2023-3000: Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake, Eric Baptizat è il game director: ha lavorato anche su Assassin's Creed Valhalla…

@Evilboss88 Je serais fou si le remake de #deadspace était en camera fixe aussi :p

@Thiago08478647 Ahhhh jogão né, gosto muito Dead Space >>>>>>>

@GabrielMicheref Realmente não esperava dead space 2 aí kkkk

We get all these Tales remakes and FF7 and now Dead Space, if you could return any of those games for the remake of your choice.. what would it be? for me... I would burn down cities for a Suikoden I and II remake

@ambeemuru Hehe, I do not regret telling you to play Dead Space


مخرج Assassin’s Creed Valhalla سيتولى اخراج Dead Space remake..

I would be happy if Dead Space Remake threw in unlockable bonus modes. A horde/survival mode would be perfect for this game. Maybe a randomizer or custom difficulty modifiers such as no enemy loot? Please.

El sitio web de Dead Space Remake está ocultando un Easter Egg en código Morse…

Разработкой ремейка Dead Space руководит бывший режиссёр Assassin’s Creed Valhalla #it #itsec… Бывший режиссёр Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Эрик Баптизат (Eric Baptizat) подтвердил, что он возглавил разработку ремейка Dead Space. Он перешёл в студию EA Mot...

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Director is Leading Dead Space Remake…

@theJOSHfeedYT Most of my time was spent playing Gears 2. I also played Fable 2 and dead space and other games not on the list here.

ふわわ…『Dead Space』のリメイク版か…戦士ではなく技師であるアイザックさんのアーマーと装備がカッコよすぎましたな…人間の気配の消えたコロニーというSF閉鎖空間設定が熱い。ゲーム自体は難易度が高すぎて自力ではクリアしておりませんが…汗

@MatiBP1997 @DeaconPS4 El que dijo que Dead Space era en primera persona 🤣🤣🤣

Actualmente estoy jugando al #DeadSpace y al #MonsterHunterWorld, pero estaría bien empezar otros y estos son los candidatos:

@thegameawards Dead Space Remake The Callisto Protocol Hogwarts Legacy

@Helloween4545 I watched your Dead Space LP on YouTube years ago and when I saw that DS3 was in the works I immediately thought of you. I REALLY hope it's good (read: not DS3) and have the pleasure of watching you play through it.

MGS for now maybe some more dead space 2 later!

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