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BUF -5 v MIA +5 BUF is the better team but defense is hurt so l think Tua can pull this out. Rolling the dice but give me MIA +5 Fantasy 🔦 Allen/Diggs/Hill/Waddle: 💯 Davis: Expected to play, I’d trust him Tua: Guys leading the league in Yrds/TDs, start’em

@Matt_Walker128 @miamihops305 @TheDrunkenPhin @therealjohnlitz Waddle was a beast from day 1 as a rookie unlike Diggs. I think he is just as good and even faster so better to me

@hoglandov @BeerlyFootball Think you’re low on Diggs Davis but otherwise I can justify it.

@ThePharticusMax @miamihops305 @TheDrunkenPhin @therealjohnlitz Please tell me you don't actually think Waddle is in Diggs stratosphere?! I can't continue to entertain this absurd conversation

@CoachHaseman @FantasyPros I did the same thing trying to grab Diggs n clicked Evans 😭 still not terrible but it’s not the same. I feel for you though 🙏🏼

Eu não vou deixar passar essa entrada no Diggs, o homem tá voando a duas temporadas e essa já começou on fire, último jogo fez 3 TDs no massacre do Bills em cima do Titans, vale uma fezinha 👇🏼#NFL

@Matt_Walker128 @miamihops305 @TheDrunkenPhin @therealjohnlitz Uh guy, this is reality, you ONLY throw to diggs all year other than a few to others lol. Im saying DIGGS is like 90% of your WR receptions. Waddle is 2nd WR and his stats are just as good as Diggs. Can you see that?

@awilhelm1528 @BeerlyFootball The real list: 1) Hill Waddle 2) Chase Higgy 3) Evans Godwin 4) Aj Devonta 5) Kupp Robinson 6) Allen Willy 7) Adams Renfrow 8) Nuk Hollywood 9)Diggs Davis 10) JJ Thielen 11) Dk Lockett 12) Thomas Olave

@gabbgoudy @Mustaine3651 Stefon Diggs, Joe Mixon, Jalen Waddle, Allen Lazard

Stefon Diggs broke fantasy football in the first 2 weeks and the Bills gave up 17 points total in the first 2 weeks. If the weather cooperates he could absolutely crush Kupp's point total from last year. I'm underweight on Diggs and faded Davis. Writing my resume today. #broke

@Matt_Walker128 @miamihops305 @TheDrunkenPhin @therealjohnlitz Like I said... the media fooled you into thinking you are unbeatable, so you will lose money due to that and be embarrassed and full of excuses after the game. I love it!!! Waddle as a 2nd WR is putting up Diggs numbers as the only guy Allen throws to pretty much lol.

@FranchiseTagUK This is a joke. Allen and Diggs ez hands down

Which star WR would you rather have? 🔁 for Stefon Diggs. ❤️ for Tyreek Hill.

Also need these coordinators to stop being dumb and just double team Diggs. Titans really played him straight up while they started Kumerow on the opposite side lol…

@Matt_Walker128 @miamihops305 @TheDrunkenPhin @therealjohnlitz Uh nobody other than Bills fans think that... HIll is the fastest toughest cover in the NFL by far and its not close lol. Waddle is also better than Diggs too.

@NFL @RapSheet But loss no doubt praying for a fast recovery for Micah but, As long as steffon diggs and josh Allen healthy they are still contenders

@hoodiehahn Going to be a fun game this weekend. Half you defense is gone. Josh and Diggs going to have to carry. Also is Davis going to be back to play?

@Matt_Walker128 @miamihops305 @TheDrunkenPhin @therealjohnlitz Its not compared to what we have. Our speed is unmatched in the NFL and cant be replicated. Diggs is great, but would be our 3rd best WR. Allen is the main thing, the runs on 3rd and short or fear he runs and then he dumps it off, thats why you never punt. Its not easy to stop

@FranchiseTagUK If you don’t pick Allen/Diggs you’re CRAZY!

@nyg_pete Diggs is the happiest guy right now

a stefon diggs injury would have allen qb1 takes on life support

Josh Allen & Diggs gonna put up so many points that it won’t matter who’s on defense. Bills by 4 scores!!! #SquishTheFish #BillsMafia

@JessicaLilly419 @BillerVan Naw they ain't win shit put up allen and Diggs after we win bowl this year

@Matt_Walker128 @miamihops305 @TheDrunkenPhin Bills offense is just Diggs and Allen runs, its not a juggernaut. Its overrated. Miami offense has way more weapons. You guys have experience together and run your plays like a well oiled machine, but its not as explosive. Defense sets you up short field

@stefondiggs @AppleMusic @NFL Last year's was amazing. I don't really have a favorite though.

@Chargers_Zone @YaBoiVik Well duo was kinda just choosing between Davis & Waddle in a way, ofc he’s taking his teammate, I understand what he meant about Tyreeks speed helping him in RR but i’m still giving that to Diggs.

@NotLight_1389 Jones steps out left.. looking deep he throws it ITS KENNY GOLLADAY BEATING TREVON DIGGS.. TD NEW YORK

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