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@JosefBailey5 @TheSladeP @PFF He has 3 penalties and that’s not the most Dean from the Bucs has 6 and diggs has not had one PI penalty

I knew it was real when Diggs lowered that shoulder into Sorensen instead of going out of bounds

@JacobDFarmer Diggs would literally go for 200+ and 3 TDs against Jenkins lol

@jtuck151 Between that and their claims Toney owned Diggs (didn't know 2 catches for 46 yards was owning until this week) the Midgets fans have been annoying.

Touchdown Patriots! Diggs in for the 9 Yrd Run Patriots lead (14-0)- 6mins to go 2nd Qrt! @Coach_Humphries @TJ_PatriotsAD @FrederickSports @PatNationPrinc

@Chris03717241 @PhillyNice86 @SportsRadioWIP Lmk how Carson Wentz was the problem. Howie legit made the whole fanbase blame Carson bc he didn’t go and get any talent for Wentz. Diggs and Nuk were available

@TheCowboysNet Diggs is something. Too bad we have no other stars on defense. 4th quarter collapses are still the norm 26 years now.

@MrAteOhFor1 @BartScott57 @Primetime_jet Top 10? He ain’t better than adams hopkins diggs aj mpj Godwin evans ab Kupp smith lamb metcalf Lockett or so on

@TheBillsGuys Nah, not yet. We gotta let the season play out. Like Diggs said about us being #1 in power rankings, talk to me at the end of the year. I love the production, but 5 games doesn't cover up multiple years of below average.

@_mattschoen_ I’d take Trevon diggs over Winfield

@Iron_Head_14 @FantasyPros Argh I went diggs/ceh giving hunt/arob before the chubb news. Hope it works out

@FantasyPros I traded Antonio Brown for Stephon Diggs and Brown promptly went off and destroyed me.

@FantasyPros Went hard after AJB and Diggs this week. Got them in a number of leagues. Already had Tee in about 8 leagues so hoping he bounces back.

Harold Perrineau, Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Morris Chestnut & Nia Long in 'The Best Man' (1999) dir. Malcolm D. Lee

@KevinScottFF Sutton v Raiders or E. Sanders v Titans 0.5ppr? I have Godwin (RIP) and Diggs. Titans secondary is horrendous so I can see both having great games but Sutton’s been getting the targets..

@Barth65792698 @WavesGod22 @sgellison @BMORE_SKY_HIGH The part I heard mentioned guys like adams diggs and a couple other top notch guys I can’t remember at the moment. I don’t think brown is there. I think anyone who would take brown over them right now has the sports almanac from back to the future or is a serious homer.

@RamsNFL I'm all for seeing Diggs on the field but it's not going to be a great game. Good luck to the Packers.

@NFLFantasy @Verizon You’ve said diggs every week lol. I am also a diggs owner

@TheRealTRizzo I just came across some item re: Coach Stefanski. As OC at Vikings he had the same issue (like OBJ) in that he either ignored or could not get the ball to their star WR Stephon Diggs. Please dig up info to discuss next week.

@kyleutah @PFF Start diggs and dj moore dj moore has had a better season

@K_jaxx22 I think he’ll do good against Dallas but probably get picked off by Diggs lol

@_John_Shipley @thatsphilsboy There was one before him that played worse and the one drafted later, who is significantly better at the moment is Diggs. It was a terrible year for CBs. But this year they really managed to pick the weakest CB in the first rounds.

@DrewFBGAuctions Got an offer for Kupp/D. Henderson for my CMC. Do I accept? My WR’s are Diggs, AJB, Waller RB’s CEH/D. Williams, Miles Sanders Or I could counter Waller for Henderson/Schultz 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Zeke & Diggs questionable for Sunday 😩😩

QB’s thinking diggs is injured so they try to throw his way and he intercepts it>>>.…

@Sh3LovesMeech @SantosFig15 @toney_time Yea anthony brown isnt good but to be fair Toney roasted Diggs Twice their both talented i wont go that far to say smith is a scrub bc he's not but he does need to get stronger if possible when it comes to contested catches

@DrRoto I got 2 offers 1 would give me mixon, pitts and Hollywood Brown for Aaron Jones and higbee and the other I would get Barkley and Amari Cooper for Mike Williams, Diggs, and, Eli Mitchell .5 ppr should I do with one or both?

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