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@6manharden If this is only the regular season then makes sense. But if it’s the postseason and regular season, then swap Karl Malone with Donovan Mitchell


@tiffanee_dawn 😂😂😂😂😂 @utahjazz already have him signed for 5-years in @spidadmitchell!

@spidadmitchell Oh these dope! Can’t wait for the Orange and Blue Knicks editions! 😉

E por isso q todas as minhas polêmicas são sobre opiniões de NBA Até agora tô em dúvida qual foi a pior Draymond Green é péssimo Jogador Ou Donovan Mitchell é melhor que Tatum…

@_Allen_Reihman_ @sportst98761085 @CameronNielson7 @DraftDeeper I’m not here to argue the fact that Rudy isn’t defensively sound. I’m here saying the 19th highest paid player in the league scores 14 a night. But hey, burn that cash on Gobert and in 3 years we won’t have 2 things. -A championship -Donovan Mitchell

@AbbatielloJacob @spidadmitchell @utahjazz We need to trade Joe Ingles to win anything. He is a regular flop show in the playoffs

@jtack0104 @Keke2541 @espn @spidadmitchell @JustinWaltersTV 😂 shut up, they are having fun. Keep that soft junk for you and yours

@JustinWaltersTV @spidadmitchell Kid gotta work on that up and under technique, draw a foul. Anything less predictable

@overtime @spidadmitchell @JustinWaltersTV That’s something I would do! Lol those little people need reality check! Lol

@espn @spidadmitchell @JustinWaltersTV Welp this is another reason why book will always be better than Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell, I saw him beat Westbrook and PG as a rookie…

@spidadmitchell This will be Spida this year with Labron!! Spida is Air Jordan 2.0!!!

@TheMontyShow @spidadmitchell It needs to be no more than a 2 year deal. He’s 34 with chronic Hamstring problems people.

@espn @spidadmitchell @JustinWaltersTV Why are they making the children where masks. Just stop this is mind control

‘’ Determination over Negativity is a belief that anything is possible no matter who you are or where you come from” #DonovanMitchell #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha #EarnedNotGiven #LiveLoveLovas #success #KindnessMatters #positivity

@spidadmitchell we going to get anyone to run deep?? Or out early again... @utahjazz

Nas just beat Donovan Mitchell in 1on1

@JayHarrisESPN @HannahStormESPN just saw the Sunday Funday videos and saw the video of Donovan Mitchell blocking the camper’s shot. I think I heard Jay mention the Big Buddy “This is Sportscenter” commercial. Definitely was the first thing I thought of. 😂😂😂

@jayisezio @HOTTERTHANJUL1O @jayshotta21 @JaccsonSam @IZigger77 @davespall108 @LakerFiles Because the East is weak and the West is tougher really that simple. KD by himself could beat any team but the Bucks. Harden by himself could only be beat by the Warriors with KD. Russ has lost to Dame and a Rookie Donovan Mitchell and AD is AD

Jared Butler went from playing alongside Davion Mitchell to playing alongside Donovan Mitchell. Two undersized bursty guards that share a similar name and have to live in Jared Butler’s shadow. The commonalities are wild.

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