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@ryanbailey25 I just figured out who your Dorit sounds like: Dr Smith from Lost in Space.

Dorit definitely used the wrong word there. Garcelle was being shady & funny by poking at Dorit to entertain the audience, not to gain relevance. She already has PLENTY of that. #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion…

So I think it is safe to conclude Erika filmed the scene with Kyle + her scene with Dorit. It seems that Erika filmed that scene with Mikey before she sets off to NYFW and Berlin. #RHOBH

Erika’s burgundy nail polish appears again during her meeting with her book publishers and when the girls travel to NY Fashion Week then Berlin. The French tip nails only appear again when Erika is shown to be helping Dorit practice for PK's birthday event. #RHOBH

@leahbellejowe @doritkemsley1 @GarcelleB Of course 😊. Thank you, also! I appreciate and understand yours too! Unfortunately, I’ve seen behavior like Dorit’s and Lisa so eyebrows are up. It comes off as gaslighting and is a big turnoff. I love Dorit/Lisa but this season and watching them was not fun. Felt very mean girl

Dorit WHO you yelling at??!?! It would have been a smooth “Girl fuck you!” #RHOBH

If you ever fall down in a room full of people, don’t be embarrassed. Just remember that Dorit said “Garcelle was trying to be relevant” on national television.

@leahbellejowe @doritkemsley1 @GarcelleB And let’s remember, Garcelle only got upset with Dorit after she called her a bully because she knew that was a disparaging comment.

@DaniB0802 @doritkemsley1 @GarcelleB Thank you for keeping it classy. I can definitely appreciate your point of view and I am always down for a respectful debate 😊

@doritkemsley1 who is relevant my love? (English/French/Spanish/Cockeysville accent) @lisarinna #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion #RHOBHMeanGirls…

@SOOTHE_ @doritkemsley1 @lisarinna @GarcelleB Facts! She truly was was and I’m glad she didn’t take the bait buuuuuttttttt they been playing with her too much this season! She need to read them for the filthy heauxs they are and they will back off! 🥴🥴🤣🤣

@AllCelebPolls @lisarinna @GarcelleB @BravoTV @Andy @BravoTV Rinna is scared of being seen as the racist she is 😂💯👮‍♂️ sack @lisarinna and @doritkemsley1

Dorit telling Garcelle she’s being “passively provocativeto be relevant” Come again?!?! #RHOBH

how on earth would this woman stay relevant Dorit Kemsely 🥴…

@GarcelleB @SpiderManMovie @TomHolland1996 @SpiderMan While Garcelle was shooting Spiderman, Dorit was probably doing her weekly designer clothes refunds.

@leahbellejowe @doritkemsley1 @GarcelleB Agreed. I think Garcelle should have went to Lisa about this, but again- we have to consider that Garcelle and Lisa were not on good terms and that dated back to the previous season. Garcelle didn’t trust Lisa so that fed into the lingering issues they had during this season

I just know Dorit is shaking and crying and throwing up at this

@DaniB0802 @doritkemsley1 @GarcelleB Fair. Although, I have heard some of the others apologize if they were called out for it.

@Bucci_cookies 😂 a nickname for Dorit Kemsley. She's a piece of work so people who are not fond of her call her Dorito ♥️

@DaniB0802 @doritkemsley1 @GarcelleB I can completely believe a rich white woman being capable of saying some BS like that…but if I was Lisa and I’d known Garcelle that long, I’d be incredibly offended that she didn’t come to me immediately about what she’d heard.

Dorit saying that Garcelle needed to talk about topics like racial justice and microaggresions for “relevancy”. She’s hosting daytime TV and is part of the MCU. How’s that for relevance? #RHOBH…

@YaaaaaaHeyyyy This “outrage” is exactly what @DaveChappelle spoke about. Not listening for different points of views and perspectives but that’s what happens when you enter white spaces. On a lower level just saw @doritkemsley1 / @lisarinna do the same exact thing reality/reality tv.

@leahbellejowe @doritkemsley1 @GarcelleB And let’s not talking about a unnecessary, inappropriate,cuss filled tirade after she was called a bully by Dorit and yelled at many times during the season and 1st episode of the reunion.I’d say Garcelle had much restraint with how she was spoken to by Lisa and Dorit this season

@s_housewives I concur, Dorit revealed her covert racism multiple times this season. I'm not over the rude reception to Haitian cuisine. Class is the ability to make everyone around you feel comfortable in your presence, welcomed & accepted. Not all of #RHOBH cast has it.

@leahbellejowe @doritkemsley1 @GarcelleB Race can be difficult to deal with, especially on a large stage like RHOBH. And about the jabs, they all make silly jabs at each other during the show, but some reason Garcelle is the only one that got roasted for hers. And in most cases, hers were true.

@leahbellejowe @doritkemsley1 @GarcelleB Lol ok.We can agree to disagree. I don’t think Garcelle thought Lisa was being racist with the comment she said at the reunion. She said that she heard a comment that Lisa didn’t like that race was being added to the mix of the show. Which I could understand a white woman saying

I forgot to tell @BritMichele89 that Dorit has a fake accent. 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 She said I tricked her. 😭😂

@bcuzuluvbri @Imnotbovvered @onederinsol @EBBMpodcast @lisarinna @doritkemsley1 Please know I hear you. Although my opinions may be different then some, they come from my experiences, maybe someone can learn from them. Just as I did reading your replies to me, your words were balanced, w/zero negativity, strong yet kind. I’m am humbled by them/you.

@austin99662 No, we've wanted her fired, because she hasn't done anything all season until the very end. If season 7 Dorit doesn't come back, then I don't want her at all.

@lisarinna you made that comment that’s why you were so fake towards @GarcelleB. Garcelle if you yelled at @doritkemsley1 you would be the angry black woman Smh. She is fake and the real bully that should’ve been dragged! Don’t trust them!

I wouldn't mind if Dorit got ran over by a car #rhobh

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