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@OL_Gassama Niveau coffre on passerai dune twingo à une Clio 4 donc on progresse...🤣


çay söyleni dune bir çay gezegeni çaycıklar çay savaşçısının el kitabı çay kişot…

Turns out Dune is a really good book and I shouldn’t have put off reading it for 15 years

@not_dune It truly was! I left out a giant heap of food for them, in case they wanted seconds. And I’m pretty sure the local raccoons found out and ate the rest.

Jviens de mourir 11 fois sur une game a cause dune Sage qui joue full odin tojte la game ya pas un soucis zehma la ???

Ismail Zaidy des photos de la résidence des 10 jeunes artistes aux portes du désert et de la dune de sable, imprimée sur des voiles transparentes - Hôtel Sahara, Magasins Généraux Pantin @mageneraux @BETCParis

Abendprogramm: Fritten und Nuggets und vermutlich Teil 2 von Children of Dune

The brand new episode of the podcast that's your resource for @boomstudios comics is now available. This episode we look at the new DUNE one-shot, BRZRKR #4, GOOD LUCK #2, and SiKtC #18.…

@not_dune I gave food and water to a stray kitty a couple weeks ago. The next day, four kitties showed up.

Enjoying the sea air and sand under our feet - a walk in the sand dunes.

i know it’s the dune star wars of it all but green knight was pretty harry potterish i’m surprised it doesn’t have a bigger audience score for that reason alone

I know this one well from coastal sand dunes on Scilly and the Channel Islands…

Sirocco Dune! A Flygon that guides lost travellers through the desert

come back down and have a hangover - nirvana its like that after you stay on a level i enjoy the contrast to go high and come back down over and over again the spice is life - dune

@JohnElManco1 @andrea_drea05 Ah!!! Dejo de buscar el libro de Dune ( supongo que debe de ser el primero) Pendiente: buscar sistema de orden en los libros.

Hanging with my friend @Dastmalchian and getting hype for Suicide Squad 2 and Dune!

A great future-history that tackles the idea of the Greater Good and scope for the fate of all humanity in a tight philosophical intrigue that always bordered on tragedy. God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert…

@Niels20145381 @Trippie140017 @F1 Livvy dune isn't going to shag u with that pfp mate pipe down.

Today in 1965 – Frank Herbert's novel, Dune was published for the first time. It was named as the world's best-selling science fiction novel in 2003.

Et alleeez même les jours où il y a pas de news sur Dune ils trouvent quand même le moyen de nous les briser avec leur fourgueur de flotte tiède vous pouvez pas nous lâcher la grappe 5 minutes les cinéphiles en carton

@ceeebird.Thanks to you and Brian for a brilliant afternoon.We had a really lovely time. Thanks for the fab produce and for sharing your knowledge. We really loved it. Lachie said thanks to Kelpie for showing him a good time in the dunes !!! See you next year

A1. Rocher Pan on the West Coast is amazing. Bird watchers paradise.Just over the dunes are beaches of unimaginable beauty that go for miles. #MPADay @WestCoastWaySA

@ollinm Lobeznos de Dune: Onda vital a todo gas

can everything just stay open until October 22? I just wanna see Dune, then the Delta Variant can do its thing

@torres_criado Creo que todos sacamos las misma conclusión; El mesías de Dune debería estar incluido en el primer libro.

Ma plage préférée 😍 : devant la mer et derrière les dunes

@ChuBamPow Yeah, I remember I had same feelings when I read Dune again.... Granted I haven't got focus to read anything lately....

300 years ago today, Father Charlevoix, Jesuit, was passing below the “eminence of sand” - Sleeping Bear Dunes…

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