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@Luisdavirosa @SnoWhitept @KratosPRT @pedegancho Estou nos EUA, não saí por causa da carga fiscal. Saí porque cortaram 300 euros no salário da minha esposa e fizeram-lhe reset ao banco de horas sem pagar mais. A minha empresa não encontrava clientes, porque automação é cara, e ter empregados com o SMN é barato.

@thelinecanada Ahhh I get the name now… only took 2 years.

recently had a dream that was like ed gein meets cars meets pimp my ride but it was my regular from work

@6Voodoo Probably something similar to what my wow rp character was like... basically Ed Gein but he made the creatures he killed into a suit to wear and stay undercover in while spying and capturing more to repair said suit.

@718Tv Pattern recognition is not racist

@LibertasMike Yeah nothing nefarious going on here. Go back to sleep. 👀

@maximusflavius2 I bought them from Jeff Bezos when I first started prepping. XMERs we’re almost $200 back then for a case.

@Sad_heina Is that one band called negrophobic or am I just reading it wrong?

@maximusflavius2 I did but they expire in 5 years and cost an arm and a leg.

@torres_armando_ "Deranged" (1974), con Roberts Blossom en el papel protagonista dando mucha grima, en una versión con los nombres cambiados y un narrador que sale de vez en cuando dándole un toque más bizarro. Te recomiendo mucho esta y "Ed Gein" (2000), la versión más fiel que ganó en Sitges.

Was listening to serial killer podcasts before sleep and I had a dream Ed Gein was my fucked up brother 🥲

my gaming chair is that fucked I’ve had to patch it up with cloth, it looked like one of Ed Gein’s works 🥲😂

more favorite fragrances: elon musk high functioning donald trump make america smell great again michael richards n-bomb drew and mike troy the eagles warm smell of colitas jake paul everyday bro britney spears toxic for men britney spears starbucks for babies ed gein skin scent

Call me the Ed Gein of pussy cuz I turn it into a lampshade when I'm done slayin it... jk, I don't slay puss and I'm certainly not that crafty with it when I'm done

4 obras maestras salidas como inspiración de un mismo caso real, Ed Gein.

@edgein_ 名前からの想像と違うキャラでした!😄

@edgein_ ありがとうございます 今日も更新するぜ!するぜ!

@new_world_tiger こうなってしまうのは目に見えていた訳ですよ。 どんだけ無能なんだろうと呆れ果てております。

Anyway, I’ve already talked to him about how weird and gross this behavior is, and he doesn’t listen to me, so I can only hope he gets caught in his lies by these people and it makes him feel more lonely, alienated, and aged than he already apparently feels

My 37 year-old roommate keeps telling the twenty-somethings he meets that he’s 23 and that his name is Liam (it’s not)

@EntInsider I thought Ed Gein died a long time ago…

@hierophantess @firedancergirl Banjos, a kazoo, and Ed Gein. Sounds like Pants’ type of song…

Do you know what Ed Gein said about women?

Ed Gein, if he had social media, posting a picture of a body-suit made out of body parts: "So I did a thing..."

@jaydestro Great for the Ed Gein cosplay folk!

@douko_libra このシリーズ最高だわ💕💕💕💕

@edgein_ 再入国する外国籍の連中が怪しいんだよ 空港検疫の陽性率が日本人より高い そいつらが自身の外国籍コミュニティで広げて、そこから日本人にと言うメインストリームを疑ってる 厚労は陽性者の国籍出したがらないしね

@cdubois1979 @MattWalshBlog I agree that Matt has got his own unique brand of sanity, just like Ed Gein had his own particular take on sanity

Y’all ready for the big dance? 🕺 💃 it takes two to tango.

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