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I love this child so so so much. Watching old school Sonic. The scene is Dr. Eggman daydreaming about an old flame. Minion: "Did you marry her and live happily ever after?" Child: Obviously not.

I am just sad that his dream never came true. He had Eggman's wife. He had Sonic. But he could never have the world. already belonged to Amy ! All he wanted was to mark his territory. Hell even Eggman pissed on the moon ! Shadow has been waiting 10 years for the Earth !

Rouge is even more evil than Shadow XDDDD So Eggman's dad had to step in. And kills everyone ! Yeah this is what you get for posting on Eggman's twitter X'DDDD I did NOT adk for this ! Shadow ! He tried to stop her ! He warned her ! Shaaaadoooow !!! X"DDD

Also Rouge DO- !!!! Gaaaahhhh ! Is that Shadow's - ?! And Eggman's - ?! I saw n*ude Eggman only once before. I loooooooong time ago. In a bikini......and NEVER again ! I swore ! NEVER ! Ever ! Again ! Rouge where did you get that from ?! You evil !!!

And guess now I know why I've never seen Eggman's wife & knew about her I wasnt around yet. And....everyone f***** her but Eggman XD But not everyone liked it. She's a fury XDDDD And divorced XD

They defeated both and discovered that the Eggman they fought appeared to be a dummy that issued a recorded laughing, which angered Omega.

@ForShantae I don’t think so. I think Scorpion or Eggman would be great ones.

Annoyed that Eggman always kills my healer the same frame the heal would be ready epic good not a shit boss at all

@eggman_0912 ルーレットと落ちコンお祈りはもうやだ

아침을 먹는 것은 두뇌의 인지 능력을 향상시켜 긍정적 효과를 주지! 먹지 않는 다면... 글쎄? 간단한 우유 정도는 마셔두는게 좋을 거다.

An animatic I made for @sonic_hedgehog Turns out Eggman is a bit sus…. (Full version coming soon!) #Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog


@SuperTheCup Everyone gangsta till he kills knuckles, tails, and eggman.

@ONerdTron E o Isaac como Dr. Eggman/Robotnik, o cara simplesmente entrou no personagem

cookie run pissin me off now why the FUCK is eggman so hard

Made a fictional Baroque Church. Built with Conquest Reforged 1.15.2 #Minecraft | #Baroque| #weareconquest | #architecture

@ruds714 because i tell only truths i am incapable of telling any lies

@CartoonCritic12 @Vexen366 He mostly sounds like Eggman from Sonic. I immediately noticed that after listening to the characters voice.

Oh my god one of the local theaters is showing Gorillas in the Mist next weekend, can I even continue to bring it up randomly if I don't see it

@N4Fizz Eggman just needs to make an army of Belles.

@KFCEggman Wario number one and Eggman number 2 and a half

He marked his teritory. It's his now XD Rouge & Sonic are besties XD And she's a spy Oh yeah did I mention she's bi ? She loves Knuckles confirmed I guess Rouge loves everyone X3 And has the weed And weed & booze for you Oh and Maria betrayed Shadow ! OoO ToT

So for recap: Eggman has been stuck somewhere for a loooong time Cant get into his twitter - pfft. Log in...E.G.G. He has weed - dont ! And a hangover Shadow likes hot topic He & Rouge f*** Eggman's wife Yeah Eggman has a wife - she's Shadow wife now. And soon the word too

Eggman you really have a hangover problem ! Shadow is the one who wont remember shit ! Not you ! XD Oh also. His entrance, when he showed up and...Boom !!!! Explosions !! WOW ! How long have you been here ? 17 days ? - What ?! 3 years ?!

You bet Eggman was boiling like a fried egg ! He really was pissed ! And so he pissed on the moon ! Oh boy ! It's so strong, he literally cut the moon in half XDDD And he cant even remember last night XDDD

Man I cant believe Shadow f*** Eggman's wife ! Never knew he had one ! And Rouge too ! Just to be clear Rouge also f**** his wife. Oh lgbtq yes. Shadow did not f*** her too XD Also he pissed on her. She's his wife now. And soon the world will also be all his XDDD

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