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@dat1guy22 @David123Smith @prana_ball @Orbinho Remember United away last season? Partey put in a masterclass with Elneny next to him. Great player will shine even with shit players next to them. Xhaka can’t do that because he’s too limited and needs a partner to cover for his weaknesses.

Now that I think about it, Arteta made some really solid choices. If he lets go of deadwood like Elneny and Mari, he could defo win some shit.…

@DohukyMd3 @fkhanage @TikiTakaConnor If you cant see the exhibiton of composure and confident as compared to Xhaka and Elneny, then we agree with you that there is nothing special about him.

@GaryLineker Roy is simply annoyed by mediocrity. I'd be grumpy if I had to analyse PL games. I wouldn't even have anything positive to say about Xhaka and Elneny.

@LeGrove Leno Cedric Holding Mari Tavares AMN Elneny Pepe ESR Martinelli Lacazette Debuts/Subs to be played : Balogun, Patino and Chambers 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation BOOKMARK this as the selection and formation, except there are injuries.

@Iapausa He’s gonna go safe & pick Elneny Laca reh teh

So my 11 players vs Wimbledon Leno Cedric / Chambers Holding / Chambers Mari Tavares AMN Elneny / Chambers / Patino Pepe / Nketiah Lacazette / Patino Martinelli Balogun

@dat1guy22 @prana_ball @Orbinho Of course he plays because the alternative to him is Elneny.

@assnasuperfan -Doesn’t like elneny and supports arsenal

@Canibis5 🤣🤣🤣 umewaza mbali sanaaa tena angepata nafasi ya kucheza na role model wake mo elneny

@AKasingye If u can buy Sylvester,pepe, lacazatte,Kolasinic,elneny, Welbeck all whom I believe are below Jesse's level,how about Jesse!!!?!!!,try to reason like a football lover not a team hater

@LaCapelance Il aurait mis un 4-3-3 avec Elneny titulaire indiscutable

@GoonerGimli But kept the likes of elneny and kolasinac, cedric. ESR struggled in a 433 dont think he can play as an RCM our mid was coordinated cz he wasn't in the game at all. Joe would have probably scored that chance he got but we'll never know. Selling Joe wasn't a priority #Arsenal #AFC

@mochavellli Elneny yerine Hakan Arslan daha iyi olabilir. Şut tehditi de var

@ManishS910 @PatrickTimmons1 First of all, Elneny has positional disciplin. Guendouzi doesn't. The discussion whether Elneny is better than him is also so incredibly stupid. Elneny is happy being a 4th choice CM and that's how he's being used.

@chejos_ wait till arteta start elneny and xhaka pivot

@Sonny_AOW @PatrickTimmons1 Arteta certainly deemed Elneny & xhaka to be better than Guendozi. In truth Guendozi has been really good, still a tier below WC but he is 21 only.

@ManishS910 @PatrickTimmons1 Brilliant? He definitely hasn't. He's been ok, nothing more. Also, no one has said Elneny is better.

@PatrickTimmons1 Guendozi has been brilliant as well, but apparently not better than Elneny.😂

@Nico_AFC_ @MackayoSaka @jackbar_ed @LeGrove I'd take him over Elneny. That's the kind of depth we need. I want players good enough to compete with, and offer something different to our first 11 players, not to fill in with 80% of our best players.

Leno Cedric Holding Mari Tavares Ainsley Smith Rowe Elneny Pepe Martinelli Nketiah My team vs Wimbledon I would play Patino but he’ll start on the bench, I’d bring him on for Elneny! Lacazette will get some minutes too We need a backup RW


@LeGrove As long as we have 11 changes then I’ll be happy. Hoping Sambi / Tavares don’t play as we don’t know extent of KT/ Partey injuries yet. Leno Cedric/Chambers/Mari/kola Elneny/ xhaka Gabby/ patino / AMN Laca or Balogun

I really hate arsehole defensive mids who ruin good teams. Idrissa Gueye for example is one of them, completely fucking up that trio up front because he can't play football. Exactly what Elneny and Xhaka do

Şakasız PSG ileri ucu bende olsa... Arka tarafı aynen şöyle yaparım İbrahim Dağaşan- Josef- Elneny

@SaltanPepe @rbrxy @RB_yeah @Totalhannibal @piersmorgan @Cristiano Yeah that’s exactly what I mean. Tomiyasu and Gabrielle together seems decent, Ben white will improve Tierney, Partey Odegaard. But if injuries come. The alternative are holding chambers, Xhaka and Elneny. That will be crucial, any signings you make need to be 1st 11 signings

@Neymology @TJ932O A) this is my new acc. B) I quote tweeted him once never interacted with him before that and “ ratioed” him or whatever they call it. Umir honestly has good b knowledge and before he was and edgy weird acc and cared about being right about kelechi and Elneny ….

@TUpdike15 @AndrewStxv I think Sambi is ready but I dont want to risk him getting injured leading to Elneny/AMN being our only backups if Partey gets injured. We saw how Xhaka-Partey played with a players including Leno, Heccy, Cedric, Rob, Chambers & etc, imagine how they will do with our new players.

@FRANXICAN Guendouzi one of the best players on the pitch while the Arsenal manager and his fanboys think Elneny and Xhaka are better. Strange times

@AndrewStxv I think he will do much better with our new players as he did vs City. Our build-up & defence overall improved a lot. Partey & ASL are our only PnP midfielders hence why i'd rather keep him on the bench instead of risking losing him & Partey, leading to a Xhaka-Elneny midfield.

@Rams_dale @standingproud2 @afcstuff @Arsenal @AaronRamsdale98 And that's with what we currently have. With Elneny's contract running out next year & an eventually Xhaka sale we'll definitely be upgrading to someone Partey can call a viable partner if not even better.

You first have to have reliable options in the bench, not Elneny and Kolasinac.…

@CFCMod_ But no goals vs arsenal💀💀 Elneny>smile merchant

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