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i knew we were gonna lose this series when the refs called this a foul on embiid. they fucking HATED us that whole run…

In the 100 minutes the moron coach let Embiid play without Maxey/Tobias/Harden, the Sixers had a defensive rating of 99.1. They were the 2nd best defense in the NBA in 2020-21. Embiid is and always has been an ELITE rim protector. Problem is his coach is a fucking idiot.…

Joel Embiid got you n*ggas in a chokehold lmaoooo the Hawks tried to trade John Collins clown ass 🥴…

@only1Gordon @AndrewSchulz30 @HiiiPowerRevo @WarriorsMuse Steph is not a 1A or 1B to Giannis. He ranked 5th because as talented as he is, there clear at least 2 others (Giannis and Jokic better than him. Id put him an edge over Luka and Embiid though

@statmuse Start bron Bench embiid Cut currapist

@sixersplzwin @JokerWRLD @certifiednugget @LongLostTJ_ Yeah... he lost to a healthy Anthony Davis and LeBron James who then won the chip, BEFORE Jokic became an mvp caliber player. Embiid and Harden went out sorry to jimmy bulter no disrespect to jimmy and the heat but that's not the same

@NBAMemes Neither cause they got Embiid over KD

I'm not going to attack it, because Perk got the right players on the Top 5 list, but I don't think it's in that order. Here's my order: 1. Steph Curry 2. Giannis Anteumkupo 3. Nikola Jokic 4. Joel Embiid 5. Lebron James.…

@natfluential Giannis t3 in offense and defense, jokic is consistent and is better on both sides, same w embiid, same w luka, KD, and Bron

@NBAMemes Perk. Though Embiid isn't even top 10 realisticly

Luka and embiid aren’t top 5 and they not better than steph, Bron or KD…

Joel Embiid is taking notes and will remind Collins about in hilarious fashion this year #Sixers…

@FanchTessier Giannis / Jokic devant Curry s’est pas choquant Bien sûr GS est champion et Curry FMVP, mais c’est le groupe qui est champion pas le joueur Embiid / Steph J’ai du mal à en mettre un au dessus de l’autre Luka c’est des projections mais atm il mérite pas

@TeamCherney The sport is unfortunately a majority of fans who watch casually and never anything but their fav team/player. If they’re not from Philly they probably think embiid is flopping his way to 30 a night. Narratives/talk show talking points means more then the games a lot of times.

@A1m2em Ele tá querendo ter um corpo interessante, entretanto espero que ele volte a jogar como era na época do Houston... Se sim putz ele com Embiid vai ser umas das melhores duplas da atualidade

@reiisalive 1.Middleton Hurt. 2. Jamal Murray and MPJ were out 3. Luka overachieved with mediocre team 4. Embiid had fractured orbital and Harden is toast. 5. Curry had pretty much everything going for him that he couldn’t control. Healthy teammates and the emergence of Poole/Wiggins.

@statmuse Start: Curry Bench: Embiid Cut: LeBron

@ShamirDevine @JamCristopher But Embiid isn’t a bad passer, he’s decent at it! Jokic sucks at defence where as Embiid is elite at! Don’t go by what experts tell you about his defence! Saw it with my own eyes! He’s a bad paint protector

This is tough , but it between Steph and Embiid , Lebron can hit the road ...…

@ClutchPointsApp @ATLHawks Mid player gonna hold on to that highlight for the rest of his life while Embiid goes on to a hall of Fame career

@MaxPowers44 @NBAMemes So not only is Russel somehow behind wilt and Shaq but embiid who won nothing in his career is somehow top 10 all time

konje he printed the embiid dunk on a t-shirt 😭😭…

@Fanatics @SLUOfficial_ @NBA @KingJames @StephenCurry30 @Giannis_An34 @luka7doncic @JoelEmbiid @jaytatum0 Any one that pays $50 for this garbage needs their head examined. Thanks for ruining starting lineups for everyone. @Hasbro

@GanstaGastino @Lorenzo12683121 @burner_wmamba @s8y_3300 @NBAMemes Luka is better than Embiid. Has Embiid ever played a full season?

@MafiaItachi If him and Embiid are healthy i can see 55+ wins

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