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enjoy this photo of my drunk ass almost falling over in front of the Falcon, just like Han and Leia would have wanted 🥰🥰🥰

Falcons Sink Bucs to End Five Game Skid

@CageLukeMr Todd Gurley was drafted 2 years before him & was pretty much done before CMC played a down. The Falcons made Freeman the highest paid RB in the NFL 2 years before that & he was gone after 2 years. That’s what risk assessment should tell you.

TOUCHDOWN FALCONS! @CalebMahan3 finds @jahlilhurley_ in the End zone for an 11 yd TD pass. Dixon's PAT good. Florence 14, Huntsville 7 (0:17 1Q)

@Proserpinasb @XanaLady Es necesario, sino no habría sanidad y educación pública...,ni podrían colocar a sus amiguetes, ni desplazarse en un Falcon, ni tener dietas equivalentes a dos salarios, ni tener chófer hasta los concejales de cualquier municipio, iPhone, iPad, y un largo etc.

@MariaBelenSil17 Buena onda el papa de tu amiga ! Nosotros le afanábamos una rural Falcón a los padres de un amigo ! 🙄

#NoticiasEPS Imputado en caso Falcón califica como “injusta” acusación del Ministerio Público #elprofeshow…

@Fabrici41483575 La 600 no está a la venta rey, por el falcón pregúntame en un par de horas que este medio alcoholizado y te contesto

Politólogo medio hablando de los viajes de Sánchez en el Falcon y el Consejo de Transparencia y Buen Gobierno.

[ 32 ] .✩ The Sicilian Girl College Football 2021 . Week 7 . Picks . 3:30 pm . Sat, 16 Oct 2021 . Over | ✧Under: 45 ☾Bowling Green Falcons . (2-4) -9 . Northern Illinois Huskies . (4-2) . □ |||||(^▾乂 . straight pick - Northern Illinois Huskies . #CFB

Leopards running right at Lake Dallas right now. Not much of an answer. It’s at the 36 yard line of the Falcons. #txhsfb

Falcons miss a 36 yard field goal attempt and the ball goes back to the Chiefs with 10:00 minutes left in the 2Q.

🚨TOUCHDOWN FALCONS🚨 Q2 - 4:13 AC Flora - 21 Irmo - 7 #takeFlight21

Starting the 2nd half here at Falcon Stadium EK 20 Grand Haven 0 Ben Cash, Reggie Brown, and Elijah Taylor with the touchdowns!

Falcons: Well…. Let’s just say they’re still figuring things out

West Henderson adds to its lead with a touchdown pass in the corner of the end zone. Falcons up, 28-14, over Owen, with 3:12 to go in the first half.

@maddoskribbl I was waiting for something like this to be found. The last thing I remember which was somewhat similar was Mirai's combo on Captain Falcon on Kalos at like 80 something percent.

Falcon D holds and forces a Huntsville punt that is tipped by a defender. Falcons 1st and 10 at Huntsville 43.

Nothing doing here. Falcons punt and will give Lovejoy the ball at the 33-yard line. #txhsfb…

@hcapriles @PieroMaroun @PERIKLEAF Si te lanzas ¿esta vez quién va a ser tu jefe de campaña? ¿Repite Henri Falcón o él también se va a lanzar?

Nice crowd on hand at @FrankWCoxHS as the Falcons host @PAHSCAVS. Princess Anne leads 3-0 at the half. @WTKR3

Rams turnover. The Falcons recover a fumble on the Cy Ridge 15-yard line. Rashon Estes punches it in from five yards out two plays later. @thevillfootball 14, @CyRidgeFootball 3 #txhsfb @HoustonChronHS

Ty Millhimes takes a screen pass 38 yards to the house. PAT was deflected, 27-14 Falcons @PaFootballNews @LDAthletics @RedLand_AD

Dear @AtlantaFalcons Your defense sucks why the hell haven’t y’all buy a call into the @Browns get @obj and out score everybody except my @dallascowboys

Lower Dauphin takes 3 plays into 2nd half to score - 38 yd TD pass from QB Landis to Ty Millhimes. PAT blocked. Falcons lead Red Land 27-14 w 1057 3Q @LDAthletics @RedLand_AD

At the end of the 1Q, the Falcons are driving with the ball at the Chiefs 19 yard line! Chiefs lead 14-0 to start the 2Q.

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