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Can some YouTuber do a deep-dive on how WDW has changed in the age of the influencer? Merch like the Figment popcorn bucket seems solely for Instagrammers. The hyper-saturated colors used for everything feels like an IG filter. Influencers/streamers get tons of perks, etc.

Soon as they start the small talk I change the subject. I ain’t here for all that.

I hope all the Figment popcorn buckets end up in the E.T. landfill.

@gr8fultrading Yes re: your analogies. A security can dip down to its 200D MA with such suddenness and velocity that it'll plunge right through it. Its move's physics are real, the 200 MA is a figment. And, my mention of slope/volatility? It varies so much exposing "200's" arbitrariness.

@MUFC_James05 @MikeLUHG0 So the Russian oil tycoon who owned them was a figment of my imagination...

can someone open one of these figment popcorn buckets i cannot fathom how it works logistically

@RapSheet The panthers don't exist, they're a figment of your imagination. The only sports team in Charlotte is the hornets.

@lovexhann @STYLESV0LUME6 saw him for the first time this year at center stage in atlanta and cried cause i thought he had just been a figment of my imagination

Bf told me he used to think I was a figment of his imagination. His split personality.

@Dogkden @Rob_Dono @ayshardzn Did I say I was terrified of Covid or was that a figment of your imagination? Not wanting it and being afraid are 2 different things. I assume English is your first language, since we're making assumptions here.

@drmag00 I once helped a mom holding a baby (and traveling alone) fold her stroller on the jetway, and she looked at me like I was a figment of her imagination. Like, seriously, dudes, it's not that hard.

@CopeVivi @Figment_Imagine @docrocktex26 @EndP8riarchy Well, Jane is a psychiatrist. Also, if the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn't, don't.

going the avax route for figment. was conflicted b/n that and near. Thoughts: - Solidity just a better starter for understanding smart contracts - rust is a bit too complicated starting out. - easier multi-chain support with solidity bc of evm compatible protocols

The fact that so many people live their lives without realizing their true talent blows my mind. You could be the next Picasso but think you were meant to be an accountant. So important to try new things. If you’re not uncomfortable you’re not growing.

A Figment based currency called Figcoin. I hate my brain.

@AngryintheNorth @docrocktex26 @CopeVivi @Figment_Imagine @EndP8riarchy Much easier than actually rebutting the facts. 🙄 This poor lady just couldn't stop with the "not all ww" even with strangers explaining how wrong. 🙄

@LynnMabe1 Nope, I'm convinced that everyone is only a figment of my imagination 😄

@CopeVivi @Figment_Imagine @docrocktex26 @EndP8riarchy Wow, this hit dog is still yelping. If you don't identify with the kind of people that PJ is talking about, why are you so mad? 🤔

A Disney Super Fan Gifts a Random Person a Collectible “Figment Bucket”

@CopeVivi @Figment_Imagine @docrocktex26 @EndP8riarchy Well really this thread is you being a crazy person and everyone else laughing their asses off.

@rupagulab Because this a figment of your imagination. There is no bigotry and no genocide threat. The motto of BJP is Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.

I am da only real person and everything is merely a figment of my imagination because this is a simulation

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@beesawi สับเวอาจจะไม่ได้เกิดมาเพื่อคุร

@AliciaStella No you’re in the right line, the tree lights up! Does Figment light up? I think not! 😉

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