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I hate Fred durst so much I used to like him I never wanna hear of him again

@Scatterbrains I was so confused when women said they wanted to have sex with Fred Durst... and there were a lot.

I wish my cute little Fred durst rabbit was on paper so I could rip it up and burn it

@JasmineCEllis Yeah, I would think the dude from "Smash Mouth" would snap before Fred Durst would

I’m hoping one day I’ll go to some crappy sports bar esque restaurant and see Fred durst

I don't like Fred durst anymore

Alleged Killer Robert Durst had his name legally changed to Confirmed Killer Robert Durst this week. He was found guilty of murdering a woman over 20 years ago. Also in things 20 years ago, Fred Durst has yet to be charged with murdering Nu-metal.

@PapyrusBooks I was referencing 1995 release of "Don't take it personal" by R&B Pop Icon Monica. NOT FRED DURST. lmao 😂😂😂😂

@verdecopas5 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Não sei porque mas tenho uma raiva constante do Fred Durst

@AGrumpyGhost @realtedcogs Also I don't care that Fred Durst was born in 1970, have you seen him lately? Boomer energy.

Decentralise everything. This message was brought to by Fred Durst.

@chak100 Así es y es verdaderamente triste admitir que no valoramos lo suficiente a Fred Durst ajjajajajaja

“Keep on rollin’, baby.” - American Philosopher Fred Durst.

Estuve desempolvando música y ahora le tocó al llamado NuMetal, ya se sabe, Limp Bizkit, Korn y demás. Recuerdo todas la críticas que se le hacían a Fred Durst o a Korn a partir del Issues y comparado con lo q hay ahora, cómo se ve aquello de que éramos felices y no lo sabíamos…

fr id rather have fred durst as my dad than my bio dad fred actually seems like a cool guy

me cae q esta la escribió fred durst un día q le bajó dolorosísimamente y por tercer día consecutivo in a very lesbophobic fashion lo ghostearon los del gas teniéndose q ir a vacunar sin gas ni comida en la casa…

If Kid Rock and Fred Durst had a love child, would we call it Fred Rock or Kid Durst. Also, I guess who cares because we’re drowning it anyway.

You think the #WWE vs. #AEW battles are bad.. just saw people fighting on Facebook over Scott Stapp vs. Fred Durst 🤦‍♂️

Al ver esto, me acordé de mi bebé @karen_leemonade cuando contó su sueño con Fred Durst y, me dio mucha risa el meme porque, ay.

He's not the Fred Durst we deserve, but he's not the Fred Durst was wanted either.

@freddurst good morning! Have a beautiful day Fred!

@HubbaBubba Can I start wearing cargo shorts again and look like @freddurst please!

@xtina, You & @Eminem. #Legends in my @LIFE. You can switch chairs with each other over & over, & I'll just be happy y'all are on good terms. It doesn't have to be romantic. @lastcallcd knows that might not be realistic. @freddurst, I adore you, too. Let's squash the beef

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