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@AllezLesBoulez i was told fred hiatt never fell for propaganda

Israel demolished a Palestinian home in the occupied West Bank and arrested family members. Maybe the ghost of Fred Hiatt will finally contemplate whether Palestinians have human rights too,

Thinking about simple one question polls you could give Bruenigfans to put them on the spot. Let's try one: I like that Liz Bruenig recently praised Fred Hiatt, a major architect of the propaganda march to the Iraq war, which killed millions of people, as "a good, good man."

The business model of “one news for all voters” and customer base of suburban middle class means the narrative instead becomes “bad politicians on both sides=bad policy, while you and me, Fred Hiatt and John Q. Ballston, know there are common sense solutions to all our problems.”…

@KathyFeebs @jeff29935001 I wonder, if Fred Hiatt the former Washington Post editorial page editor who died at 66 with a heart related condition or 65 year old Bob Saget's death was in any way related to the vaxx and blood clotting.

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