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@Nerdy_Addict Yeah I blocked him bc I don’t want to see his bs and feed his ego with views. He seems like a creeper and a half. He’s so concerned w/ how Gabby was treated? Then why is he being garbage to her female friend? 👀

Came to Twitter from this @Forbes article, which seems to be @jmbrandonbb's attempt to gain followers. Domestic abuse, mental manipulation, and covert narcissism are factors in Gabby Petito's death; Not one of those things has to do with her role as an influencer.…

@josephpetito This sign in my husband’s music room now reminds me of Gabby #LetItBe

it’s crazy how #YouNetflix perfectly describes #missingwhitewomansyndrome as it’s currently happening with gabby petito and the thousands of indigenous babies around the country.

@Nerdy_Addict FOCUS: FIND BL Text date is Irrelevant FIND BL We know Gabby is murdered. FIND BL LE has data, DNA & dates FIND BL All efforts need to be from 9/1 {when the van returned to FL} & forward to find this fugitive who was the last one known to see Gabby alive. FOCUS: FIND BL

@RIPGabbyPetito It still pisses me off that th Laundries have not even given their condolences to Gabby's family!! I'm sticking to they know what their son did and. They know where he is

@ericaxx15 @clarissaa_gabby lll bring it out if y’all come to seismic


@Jojostan11 @setters_linda @juelzcc Who doesn't care about Gabby. 😆 You got me all sorts of wrong boo. Take a look at my handle and I am everywhere on #GabbyPetitoCase I wasn't being rude. You were being rude. Bye now.

I noticed @GovRonDeSantis speak concerning the search for Brian Laundrie. It is disappointing that authorities have not been able to find and apprehend Gabby’s bf, Brian Laundrie. Does anyone know? Has anyone information concerning his whereabouts? Please.

Is Gabby in here? I need my humidifier cleaned.

@Patrici74722849 And I don't think the protestors need to move gabby Petito picture and ask one of the neighbors if you could put it in their yard see the dirty laundry laundries can see it everyday,but you need to get it now!

@josephpetito Gabby will inspire other for years to come. Everytime we see a beautiful mountain touching the clouds, a perfect sunset on the beach, or a giant sand dune in the desert with the shinning sun. She will live on through our hearts and through the earth she loved. rest easy, love. 💖

@josephpetito Its beautiful just like your Gabby...she's lookin down on all of you..shes your beautiful. Guardian Angel...May you find some peace...#JusticeforGabby❤🙏

@josephpetito Gabby gave us all a glimpse of heaven to show us, there is more to come... RIP Gabby.

Gabby Petito's parents think The Laundries have accidentally revealed they know where their son is. "This was evil."…

@Truth_Hurts33 It's absolutely insane to me how the only other person we know of possibly involved in this story (based off of her own words) is the last person people want to look at? Why is that? Every single person who wants justice for Gabby should be asking themselves that exact question?

@josephpetito We love Gabby too. Thank you for sharing. Sending all our love to you and your family Mr. Petito ❤️🦋 Let it be 🦋❤️

@BaeRofl no one is talking about the possible mental health diagnoses of #brianlaundrie because no one has that info, except a mental health professional IF he saw one. HIPPA wont allow release of that info IF it exists. This thread is about justice for Gabby via finding BL.

@gabbsfoundation Parents FinallyWereAble 2Get Gabby’s Body Seems They BuriedSomeOf #GabbyPetito ashes Here in Photo ! MagesticPlace One of TheRocks inDistance Has HeartCarved Into It !Itsays “RestInPeace sweet girl, fly high and be free. 🪴 whisper words of wisdom. Let it Be. 💜…

Nobody deserves the fate of what Gabby went through. Hopefully prolific cases like this, teach people the signs of #DomesticViolence & educate people to avoid people like #BrianLaundrie (Narcissists). Let this be a visible ex. that stops people from becoming targets & victims.

@josephpetito So beautiful, just like your little girl. Prayers to your entire family and everyone that gabby has touch. She is in the hearts of so many of us and I’m sorry for the reason. ❤️

⭐⭐Smerconish: What social media doesn't show us about Gabby Petito's life - CNN Video⭐⭐ #CNN #Doesnt #Gabby #Life #Media #Peti...…

@johnmarchetti People are saying your stalking Gabby's friend and going through her trash.

@josephpetito Gabby will forever be an angel and her light will shine to help others🙏🏻🕊🌈🕯🌸🌟

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