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He has had chances that's the point I counted 2 against City the last game Since some claim he should not be made a target man how about him falling to the wings and providing for the others like Drogba used to do Or drop to the midfield Omo they no dey teach football o…

@_koothrapali Ralf with him strong head. Man wants to control games with mcfred 💀. Na comp science we dey play 💀💀

@tydebo24 @NBA2K_MyTEAM @6thManSam When someone throws a dot out of a contact layup animation that is literally the most annoying thing ever but it’s way more wrong with the game than bailout

Who Dey Nation can I hit 600 followers before tomorrows playoff game!? You guys have been showing up and showing out in a big way! Love Bengals fans sm Orange heartBlack heart #RuleTheJungle

@Ngwoke_Ifeanyi Shikenan. Pesin no dey die 2 times. For the last 6 games now, how many points have garnered?

Nah only man u I know wey dey use two blocking 4 in a game 🤣🤣 clown team 🤣…

@AJdarko Ein udey talk so. He dey analyze both sides of the game ohh like by now disaster

@mkraju Joe believes Congress cannot walk and chew bubble game at the same time. Any ideas to contribute Joe here?

@_mesut_messi That be all😂. Just tell your body say them no dey pay you and enjoy the game

@lorenzosorice Hes never watched a bengals game obviously 🙄

@CallMeFreebies I dey wait for the stats o EPL 23games CL 6 games Super cup 1 game Carabao Cup 5 games FA Cup 1 game 36 games Not 56 abeg.

@ADezzy6 @raynana8094 @iamkenykeny @Ekitipikin I know when ekiti drop 1xbet code, it usually works on a laptop. I no play the game self money no dey the 1xbet account.

@JayJ_Yankey Iweak sef we lose.. instead say we go take wanna L then move on nu we dey social media dey play blame game...

@MOG__Dey That’s a lot of boards. Last game vs them though he had 15 but that’s a lot

@TheVirginDoctor @Arsenal Make the guy enter road this night abeg🤣 I no want hear say them shoot bird e mama fly🤣🤣 We need am badly right now as Xhaka no go dey available for another 3 games.

We have wingers who are deadly in the game ooo and you would be seeing Yiadom and Baba Rahman playing long balls. U no Dey barb sef.

South Africa don cast spell on Ghana because of the ojoro dey do dem for last game of qualifiers. Ghana no go still qualify for World cup.…

@Jezscy Djiku di3 no mercy ooo. Proper hard guy. Kyereh just Dey cool game. No rush. All is his technical ability chale. That be the difference between playing and learning football at a good academy oo. Wakaso aaaah like by now 100 long passes with only 3 successful

@CHIZZY_BB We always win.. No time to feel bad, if game no set we no dey play, it takes 2 to 3 days, but game must drop

@TalentedFBG Funny how I played just one of the booking with my last card and e cut but others play😭 0217777040 GTB Hubert Alafuro Jaja Loyal Fan @TalentedFBG ..I no dey joke with ur games Boss.. I'm in pain for this ticket I miss

@justliketoo @Ekitipikin Brother abeg the give me vip game nah, I go dey give u commission

@ofadanl @Francis_JayJay @Snazzylee2 Lolzzz I play game and Ghana dey burst am na the frustration I use reply am 😂😂😂 But it good Sha

@YungHusband_ Tuchel dey play the game for like 5 straight games now. E come be like say em dey force am...

Easy to read the game plan of better coaches? Milo,booom booom den isha allahu. Den he dey pre VAR penalty. Kuraseni

@1JamesCHELSEA @NizaarKinsella Yeah sure but it’s not his fault the board made a wrong move in lukaku tuchel needed a more flexible striker cause of the wasted chances dey create but lukaku is too stagnant and heavy for Chelsea’s game play but he can’t put €97M on the bench…!

@Ekitipikin na ur games I dey look up to now.... I need #2m to finish my house

My hyping/toasting game is lit ,if I toast dem no born you well you go gree 😂😂😂..I get sweet mouth pieces ,you go just dey blush

The last time Chelsea won an Epl game . Ghana still get hope say them go win #Afcon2021. Shatta wale never insult Nigerians.. They never lift twitter ban. Coutinho still dey barca

@AaronOsagyefo Lef am, abi arrogance dey do am like that, wanted the captaincy at all cost, we gave it to him and see, 1 point in 3 games in a group with Comoros

@_kofiboakye Tbf the league games no dey move me sef again

@vickson00 I swear.. I dey remember how we drw that Liverpool game because of those stupid attackers

@Laxix6 @OlayinkaSuraj @currentiyke @Uncle__stan Lmao Far better my foot abeg. You wan dey ride on past glory. Didn’t Kane ghost the two games against Chelsea? Abi you see am?

@akaebube South Africa don cast spell on Ghana because of the ojoro dey do dem for last game of qualifiers. Ghana no go still qualify for World cup.

@Wendyywayyy @kennytrip2 Na these ones Dey last till last round for the game 😂😂😂😂😂

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