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@azkinc @SafemoonWarrior @CptHodl You can put a „/„ (Dash) in both places which will simply fill in the two form fields 😊👍

llamen a moee que larry esta en cualquieraa

@crypt_hoes @opensea wow - that is one fine looking portrait study of a hoe by Woandy Warhoe l! Like 🥰

@fo1984 @539th l'anno scorso si vociferava che i tedeschi segnalassero diversamente i casi covid, altrimenti sarebbe stata inspiegabile la differenza tra noi e loro (prima ondata). forse hanno cambiato sistema di calcolo ed ora contano tutti? boh. hanno la stessa copertura vaccinale nostra?

Gandalf is willing to sacrifice himself from the cliff for it all.

@SafemoonWarrior @CptHodl We talked that in our Space, you can put in both places a „/„ (Dash) which will simply fill in the two form fields 😊👍

@Gandalf_FFFFFF Bueno, nadie puede decir que no vale para todas las posiciones


@PetLiger @calibrate_io I dont know why, but I'd imagine a female Agents of matrix would probably wear these...

@GandalfEducator @CptHodl Gandalf, they ask for John’s phone and email in the form. Can you find out what should we put there? 🧐

It hasn’t really put a damper on my trip until today, but god. We went back to the apartment at 5:30, on our last night in ny, bc we’re broke but also bc my back just hurt so badly :(

I haven’t had a 5 day period since high school, nor have I had cramps and intense back pain after day 1 in about as long, but god damnit. Here we are.

Si te has vacunado vas a morir antes de tiempo. Asúmelo de una puñetera vez y déjame tranquilo.

@TinaCuore Un hilo hermoso 🤩 me encantan estos temas

@lictuslictus Repuestas equivocadas 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽

Gandalf calls to you in the castles in the sky to read your fortune. Your past is uncomfortable and cunning, the present is reflective and emotional, and the future is short.

Every cheesecake I’ve had or seen in nyc does not use Graham cracker. Friends, this is a mistake.

Están pisando el acelerador. Cuánta más burda se demuestra la farsa más grotesca es la huída hacia adelante... Diciembre va a ser terrible.

@bravoloverfan @JasCol29 @swiftbeachbum I was using a mask when I got Covid. I have zero need for a vaccine. Or a mask anymore.

@DieRobinsonDie Saruman: “Diplomatic immunity!” Gandalf: “…has just been revoked”

Juste pressé que ça se passe bien

As my friend @SafemoonWarrior said: Vote for our CEO of #SAFEMOON John Karony (@CptHodl) for UTAH BUSINESS 2022 CEO of the Year Award 🗳 #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONFAMILY…

¿Cuál es este mágico lugar? Solo respuestas incorrectas 😜

@PontiacGunfire Huh. Pre-Jackson films Gandalf concept for sure. I gotta source this book now.

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