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@of_housewives I cant stand Dorit or Rhinna. Ugh They are both nails on a chalkboard to me. Garcelle, Sutton and Kathy Hilton were the only good thing about this season. The rest of them are the train wreck they always are. Crystal didn't add a thing but to use the word "violate" unnecessarily.

@GarcelleB your corny for what you said about race !!! @lisarinna should not even try to be your friend. 🥴🥴 you clearly just a drama starter and want everything to be about you 🥴🥴

@phaggatronfenty She definitely said Garcelle shouldn’t bring up race. ☹️😭

@lisarinna after your husband wore the t-shirt, perhaps Garcelle is right not to trust you! Y’all been bs for a while!

pains me to see garcelle letting these dumb white women shout and scream at her ngl

@GarcelleB accuses @lisarinna of racism but only addresses it at the reunion…and is besties with @SuttonBStracke who says she “doesn’t see colour?!” #RHOBHReunion

@PageSix Garcelle gets vogue Italia shoots, Dorit gets page six trailer photo shoots! See the difference??…Garcelle is very much RELEVANT and Dorit is TRYING to be! Dorit is a hater!!! #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion

@GarcelleB LITERALLY does not know how to take responsibility for her actions and/or apologize!

@nnekasrealitea @BravoAndy @garcelle Little things they would be too scared to bring up to other housewives is ridiculous.. Representation matters so much, especially now! I didn’t realize a requirement for the Foxforcefive was the verbal battering of black women for silly shit.. Do better #RHOBH

@ClaraLangham @trene_r @GarcelleB Good point about Star Jones. She had to get lawyers involved because of Rinna's harassment. #RHOBH

@of_housewives She should not come back for her bully ways on this show with a lot of people!! Rinna and Dorito are being bullys to Garcelle!!!

I think @doritkemsley1 doesn't like Garcelle because she's black. Dorit is bitch #firedorit @BravoTV #rhobh #racist

@tcox1364 @Yllom25 @GarcelleB @BrandiGlanville @LisaVanderpump This isn't about Brandi G who is actually racist and showed her ass with Joyce and the hair comment. Bravo ignored it. DoorIT has NEVER yelled at anyone that way. Rinna emphasized ALL of US. She was implying Garcelle was race baiting. #RHOBH

@AhamOevoL @Travelwthemagic @queensofbravo @GarcelleB The help!? Garcille should've asked her if that's how she would talk to her sister or if that how she wants Garcille to talk to her! You don't even talk to domestic service people like that, it's not ok!

@MelissaTaylor79 @lovelylucybelle @people @GarcelleB I made a blanket statement that people who say “who” are probably Trump supporters and YOU immediately jumped in with that we’re being racist and political and that you’ve told your friends we exist. You opened this can of worms and now want to be the victim.

@nnekasrealitea @BravoAndy When is Bravo going to talk about the treatment of @garcelle ? Especially during the reunion.. I don’t even know if I can watch the rest, it’s all too familiar the shutting down or silencing of a black woman’s voice. To watch them continuously come after her for

@Mintedroyalty @GarcelleB Exactly. Both have never acted so resentful and angry. I know some HWives are consistently inappropriate and find it entertaining as long as they're consistent with everyone. It just means they're selfish. I cringed as I got chills. #RHOBH

Rewatching the #RHOBH reunion again , and I’m frustrated! Let Crystal talk ! Let’s talk about the jab that Garcelle threw at her about not knowing her 😂

@BravoTV now that @lisarinna has again proved herself to be a disgusting monster, who is jealous of @GarcelleB, can we get rid of her? POS!

@wrexweed I feel like there wasn't a race problem but there was the old group versus the new group of women. But Garcelle did keep Lisa on her toes. LOL

@GarcelleB Love the “I show up” that’s my shit now!!!! Love who you are

@bestseller1980 @GarcelleB I'm not sure if I was supposed to watch this show since I wasn't old enough 😂 I just remember asking my older siblings what hooker hell meant 😂

Like it or not, Erika played a MAJOR role in the high ratings for #RHOBH this season! Her storyline is must-see TV! Garcelle and Sutton were the ICING on the CAKE! This season was simply ICONIC--highest-rated Housewives franchise this year for a REASON! 💎 #RHOBHReunion

Answered my own question. Guess it's safe to say Garcelle is back...

@BravoWWHL @GarcelleB She is an unbothered black queen! Give them Beverly Hills housewives hell!!!!

@GarcelleB You are a class act Garcelle! Got your back for sure!! ❤️

Also @lisarinna undying loyalty is crazy cause she went after a possible stupid hook up but won't ask Erika questions. Fishy @GarcelleB isn't wrong in her suspension and wanting her to reach out to Denise. Didn't see why others couldn't connect the dots.

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