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Dude, if Giannis plays like this during the season, I don't see how anyone else wins MVP. It just couldn't be defended.

@drodge4 MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo ROY: Scottie Barnes MIP: Lonzo Ball DPOY: Ben Simmons 6MAN: Jordan Clarkson COACH: Steve Nash FINALS: Sixers (or Nets) v Nuggets Jamal Murray would be Comeback Player if it existed in basketball

Giannis still hittin pull up 3s 😭

Great defense from Jrue leads to a fast break score by Nwora from Giannis. #MilwaukeeBucks #NBA

giannis antetokounmpo: o homem que eu mais amo no mundo

C’est la presaison mais giannis ptn de me de

Giannis pull up 3 to start the game Will he ever miss again?

#NBA yall really done fucked up by talking about giannis jumper, The league is finished

Yeah the season is over give Giannis his 3rd mvp

I’m not ready for Giannis this season, if I’m being honest. I just KNOW he’s going to be better than what he already is.

Doncic não vai jogar, então vamo assistir o trator chamado Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis shooting 39% from the three this year. Remember this

yeahhhhhh giannis is easily the best player in the world

@Rox93zer Je trouve Giannis plus complet défensivement c’est pour ça après c’est normal que Gobert soit en difficulté à l’extérieur

Giannis literally walked into a three for his first field goal 😭😭

Giannis dropping 50 in a championship closer playing bully ball then turning into the best shooter in the league in one off season looool good luck

Giannis shooting, passing, dunking, doing it all early!

@NBA Giannis is cheating please investigate him

It’s over for the league. Giannis is figuring it out

Giannis’ shot is so much quicker and fluid

Giannis hitting 3’s it’s over 😂

Giannis just ran into a pull up 3 that hit nothing but nylon. GG

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