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In an effort to stay in power, Trump was willing to go full FASCIST, and turn America into a Russian-esque autocracy. The House Jan. 6 select committee has obtained a draft executive order directing the secretary of defense to seize voting machines.

Finally watched (and hated!) BEING THE RICARDOS & the always immaculate @dimension_tide incinerates the most recent Sorkin dud better than I or anyone else in the film world rn. Revelatory writing here…


How COULD we feel sorry for him? He raped, pillaged and stole his way through the Presidency for four years. For the irreparable harm that he caused the entire country/world, he should go away for life.…

@colbertlateshow @BuffaloBills GO BILLS!!!! love that she is giving the Bills such love!!!

@Crypto_Maximal I would go odin nodes, only because of eth gas fees i struggle sometimes paying gas fee for my single strong node as most of my passive is used to pay my bills whilst out of work. Aim to have your dilemma by end of year 🤞

@PatMcAfeeShow please call your pal Ariel today the biggest Buffalo bills fan there and when the bills win!! is and to talk about 270 tommorow don’t you want viewership to go up @arielhelwani

She pay the bills, I go shopping 😭❤️ a love story

i have ended every class with go bills without fail today

@dipitagain Aha is it?? Maybe that's why my spur of the moment cuts never go that badly? I'm sure it'll be fantastic whoever you tell tho!

Good luck to the Buffalo Bills this weekend! Go Bills Go Tigers!

@BracketeersThe @BrodieTalk I don’t understand what all those numbers mean, but GO BILLS!!

#49ers Adam Peters interviewed twice with the Giants, who ultimately go with the #Bills Schoen instead.…

@pulte Need our bills caught up before we go under. $candibowl

Don't forget, our showroom at @TriMainCenter is open until 7pm today, and from 10am-4pm tomorrow! Stop in and gear up before the game this weekend! #BillsMafia #GoBills

@NoLieWithBTC @VICENews Well if that wasn't already obvious before, I mean she seemed pretty obviously faking that voice cracking sound when she was talking about preserving the filibuster and basically telling her supposed base to go f*ck themselves over passing the voting rights bills.

@aanepade @stevewmobb @Martynish @BootstrapCook Right. The gas prices are such a worry. I earn too much for helps but my net income after my loan that was incurred when I didn’t have enough money to live on From a minimum wage job before means I don’t have any free income so I’m screwed when the gas bills go up.

Oh and Jens, you can say bill to go to hell. Cos this is where he will find himself after waving of his heart. (c)

I'm tempted to start asking my employer about what happens if some of these bills start passing. Are they going to help trans employees financially relocate? Are they going to let them opt out of business trips/etc if they have to go to a place that has these laws?

@Kujay_ I’m so exited to see multiple community leaders ask for power level to go away. Please shout this from the mountain tops!!!

! I need to be taken care of honey, I’ll sort the money you worked for and go down to pay the bills for you🤣…

@BuffaloBills @LabattUSA 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 17 hearts for the 17 that’s in our hearts GO BILLS

Buffalo chicken wraps. Right now. Hand breaded tenders, Franks Red Hot, Ellen’s house made bleu cheese, all wrapped up with spring mix. Deliciousness! Go Bills!❤️🦬🏈

@TheView @PressSec Why can’t we take the various things in these voting bills and bring them up separately… Forcing every member of Congress in both houses to go on record if they want to vote against things like gerrymandering and absentee ballots etc???

Alright here’s what I’ve got Chiefs > Bills in a closeish game where KC pulls away in the fourth. Titans > Bengals in a very close game. This could go either way but I’ll lean Titans. GB > SF in another very close game. I’m going back and forth on this, but I think GB wins it

This guy showed me the bill (confused as I was) I took it and circled everything that I ordered because I was under the impression that he wanted us to go 50/50 khante homeboy was asking as to how much he should tip the waiter. nna tsadi date dimpaletse Klaar!!! 😭😭😭

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