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@chef_gobert الملهط اللي عل يسار. عرقو تقطع بالصياح، لتيفة مستانسين بيها.

La rompiste, Marcos. Te quiero un montón. Gracias por tu humildad, tu paciencia y tu trabajo invisible que hoy estuvo a la vista de todos de todos. Sos indiscutido y no hay un cinco en este país que te llegue a los talones. Ayón, Jokic, Gobert, Hachimura. Te los comiste a todos.

you lose me after Gobert im ngl Middleton better than all of those dudes Under Gobert…

Rudy Gobert Trae Young Bam Adebayo Devin Booker Chris Paul

@chef_gobert قومو ع.. ص..ليكم يا شلايك ملا هو عزلك يا فشفاش..

@D_Leskovar @Sportinfosi harden v playoffsih proti utah jazzu če se ne motim...rubio in gobert

@jaredjohnson234 @GrantAfseth @MavericksSI @rudygobert27 Rudy’s contract and offensive play will get you 2 things. -Bounced in the 2nd round -No Spida in 4 years (or sooner) And yeah, Barkley and Shaq played a little ball and they saw what a waste of $$$ his contract was. Max contract and 14 points a game.

@chef_gobert ماعادش نعملو ضحكه على الشلايك متاع البرلمان ؟

@chef_gobert شنوه الكتاب وشكوني الكاتبه ؟

@TWolvesNationFR @tximista64 Quand tu regardes ce que Utah arrive à faire défensivement sans avoir des flèches défensives devant Gobert... Un pivot qui te tient la défense, ça te change la vie (bon après, il faut s'adapter en playoffs)

@jocompeteixo Sii, yo tambien, aunque si no saben como hacer frente a Gobert con el equipo tan bajo que tiene estan un poco jodidos

@RaiNews Visto quanto abbiamo sofferto con i lunghi australiani non immagino cosa possa combinare Rudy Gobert

@JimSalomon9 The nuggets wouldn't match up will In my opinion. AD can do numbers on jokic as we saw in the bubble and a game this past season and he can aslo run circles around Gobert.

@RustyBUCKETS321 Btw next hot topic for next week or when u come back form vacation : Rudy Gobert is PRIME Dwight Howard 2.0 .

steph kawhi kd giannis bron jokic harden luka embiid dame ad tatum jimmy pg kyrie zion booker trae mitchell kat beal cp3 bam lavine gobert jamal fox shai jaylen lowry ingram ja jrue siakam russ vucevic demar ayton…

Day 19 of tweeting Rudy Gobert until he responds or retweets @rudygobert27

I wish Ntilikina would have stayed healthier, that he would have been more aggressive and that the staff would have played him at his correct position but I imagine he’s played his last game as a Knick. I’m guessing he ends up in Utah on a 2 year minimum deal with his pal Gobert.

@jmthree @luka7doncic Nonsense, I heard Sacchetti is gonna put him on Gobert and despite the mismatch, he's gonna kick his sorry ass.

@jsjjazzfan78 @DieHard_Jazz Gobert>Myles I guess, but Rudy doesn’t stretch the floor like Myles Brogdon>Clarkson Levert> Ingles Then Holiday too?? Naaaah

@CondieShaun @GrantAfseth @MavericksSI @rudygobert27 The other Jazz fans, you, who have never played basketball and have no clue about any part of the game! +- points is a pointless stat? Let me inform you of what that is, when he’s in the game they are positive 728 points! Hardly pointless. In fact it’s 728 points away!

Rudy Gobert deserves to be an all star #nbavote

@aspiesdiary Dai che gli infiliamo una baguette nel culoooo a Gobert e a tutti i mangia lumache!

@_Allen_Reihman_ @sportst98761085 @CameronNielson7 @DraftDeeper I’m not here to argue the fact that Rudy isn’t defensively sound. I’m here saying the 19th highest paid player in the league scores 14 a night. But hey, burn that cash on Gobert and in 3 years we won’t have 2 things. -A championship -Donovan Mitchell

@NbaStev3n I also see kcp, capela, and i see gobert winning the award, so i do not care thx

@NonSoloJuve Sfavoriti, ma possiamo batterli. Soffriremo tantissimo Gobert a rimbalzo, ma possiamo fargli male. Poi anche in una potenziale semi, meglio la Slovenia, di USA o dell'Australia.

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