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I’ll be honest y’all, I LIKED Horizon ZD, but HFW was never a game I lost sleep over like Elden Ring or God of War, But honestly the gameplay they’re showing is just insane, this looks to be a huge step forward.

Spoke with dm today and from what I can tell the existence of the party is starting a war against gods while we are lost at sea this is awesome

@Hooning_At_Play @AllFatherMedia The combat is arguably one of the best things to the game to me. The combat and gameplay are what keep me playing. When you got one of the people who did the combat in the new God of War games involved how can people say with how it is that it's bad?

@eufilips vdd e quando eu briguei com o luiz pelo god of war lá

Skyz is so cracked he was playing God of War on Xbox? @CesarSkyz talks about his gaming memories and how he keeps his hands ready for gameday. » Presented by @ScufGaming

@GodofWar_ES Ok now that just looks AWSOME 🤩🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍👍

@M7_Reaper @samarzQC @andyricflair @shinobi602 @Halo Just because its Halo doesn't mean its not just a game to people come on now lol. I agree with that not having co-op at the start sucks but Halo is not the end all be all of gaming. Its all 1's and 0's just like Mario and God of War

last night stream went real will well, but for those that missed it you can check out the vod on my YouTube channel. #twitch #VOD #godofwar #furryfandom #pngtuber #twitchstreamer #twitchstream

@WendyRogersAZ The "altar of convenience" you describe is a false image. Most abortions are performed for the same reasons we go to war; to protect our homes and livelihoods, to preserve our resources, to uphold human rights, and to preserve health. Stop lying in the name of God.

@SteveSchmidtSES @RepThomasMassie Sickening display on weaponry for the most Holy Christian Holiday, celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus the son of God. Representing love,forgiveness, hope, peace, and life none of which the GOP Republicans represent anymore. This GOP represents evil, death, cruelty, & war.

@leojurand The Poppy War Empire of the Vampire Powder Mage A Song of Ice and Fire Age of Madness (obvi) I would also argue that Greenbone and Shadow of the Gods fit the grimdark criteria?

Pour ceux qui se pose la question : "Pourquoi gowR ne figure pas dans la catégorie jeux le plus attendu 2022 et au delà" c est parce que il a deja gagné cette catégorie l année dernière donc ils ne l ont pas incluent. #godofwarRagnarok #godofwar #PS5…

@davenolan17 @Moobacca Prima actually stopped making guides as of 2018, shortly after their God of War guide, unfortunately.…

day 22 of asking @SonySantaMonica when you can pre-order God Of War Ragnarök

@Nibellion God of War Ragnarok gameplay?!?!?!?!?!

@GR41SSE @AymarMtl @JVCom Et oui voilà🤣 c'est bien trop subjectif pour fixer une note précise ou alors il faut vraiment mettre un système de notations bien précis et impartial,mais dans ce cas pas de 20/20 pour god of War, Zelda etc. C'est pas demain la veille chez eux en tout cas

@MacS1ms @IdirSamir8 Bon de 1 c’est pas mon tweet et on est tous d’accord pour dire que God of war fait partie des tres rare jeux a avoir une qualité aussi folle. Donc c’est « normal » de compare halo au jeux « en dessous » des god of war, tfouu2 ect.

Er @NicholasAtwater does not do things by halves in his D&D games. "I've changed a few things in the module, so you know," he says. Last night's Wrath of the Righteous session, hell erupted into civil war and a god died. Small change. (Players are still reeling this morning.)

God of War 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

@Drievans40 @PlayStation maybe God of War Ragnarok will be released on the end of 2021 that is why it is not counted 😹

@Rumplestyle Para la industria en general un Halo y un God of War son rompedores, con todo respeto Returnal que de hecho me atrae nadie lo va recordar en 3 años

Y porque no jugar God of war en todas as consolas? Y ratchet? Y the Last of us 2? Porque no? Ah no! Que esos SI DEBEN SER EXCLUSIVOS... la generación se le hará muy larga a muchos!!!…

@apocketfriend @4ntw0n_ god of war + spiderman alone clears all xbox exclusives (aside from forza if ur into that)

I am Grimnir, heaven's chosen god of war and the mad cyclone.

@MilesDompier I am guessing Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have at least 1 big reveal - perhaps 2. Sony could show more God of War or Factions, Microsoft could show Avowed or Hellblade, Nintendo Breath of the Wild or Metroid 4.

@isanji9 كراش + Tomb raider + god of war + طرزان + قتال الشوارع + كرة الشوارع + لعبة صينية نسيت اسمها

The theme for Sho’s new article is Memories of War. Especially families who lost their loved ones because of wars. And God, the intro for his article is just 😭😭😭

Finally hitting Spider-Man full swing (har har) now that I'm done with God of War. The PS5 remastered version. So far, totally deserving of all the accolades. Could definitely become my new favorite Spidey game ahead of Shattered Dimensions.

@mSaleemJaved War of religion? So mine god is better than your god because following his teachings will lead you to become a "better person" and if you don't follow MINE GOD, I will kill you and it is justified to become "better person".

@PlayStation Why is God of War Ragnarok not listed as “Most Anticipated Game in 2022 and Beyond”? Why is Psychonauts 2 not listed in “Best Art Direction”? WTF?!?

Isso é uma declaração tão irreal que soa como um absurdo para obviamente atrair atenção pro evento. Sério, Elden Ring provavelmente é o jogo mais esperado do momento no geral, as pessoas esperaram três anos por esse gameplay, não há nada como ele, nem God of War, nem Halo, nada.…

@PlayVerso Y god of war ? En juego anticipado ? Lo volverán a retrasar?

God of war 3 é o melhor da trilogia clássica e nada muda minha opinião

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