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Well chat you know I haven’t streamed much this past week because o have been on the job hunt. Well good things are coming and looking up. I have one interview tomorrow and one Monday. Both look like promising offers so we will see! Daytona 24 in between! Will see y’all Saturday!

What a busy day, a bottle of red 🍷 getting opened tonight will go nicely with my fillet mignon. 🥩 Going to enjoy this weekend after a hectic week.kilmarnock on Saturday to watch UTD🧡 it's then Dumfries Saturday night for my 2nd date. Things are looking good finally for me☺️

@SelkirkIan @RobsonOReardon Definitely recommend the curried goat, had it again on Saturday. Food is so good and a great price too 👍🏻

Luigi's Mansion stream is set to go down this Saturday night at 11 PM (ET) / 8 PM (PT) / 10 PM (CT) ! Be sure to follow me on Twitch (Link to channel also in bio) Hope to see y'all there for a good time!

Coming up on this week's episode of the UK's number 1 and only Memphis wrestling related podcast, Memphis Continental Wrestling Cast we cover 21/3/81 with a little surprise at the end. Make sure you join us each and every Saturday on all good podcast suppliers.

@KentuckyMBB @Oscartshiebwe34 @KeionB_12 @sahvir_ @KellanGrady31 @Jtoppin0 @deemintz1 Good win, but now you get The Jungle..Auburn Arena Saturday will make A&M look like a library...The kids are already lining up..#1 ranking on the line, and #1 in the SEC. Not saying we can't lose, but this is our best team ever.better than the Final 4 team 2 years ago..Good Luck

All good things come to an end it’s been a great 17 days Orlando and the weather has been magnificent back to -3 and -4 however often Man United away Saturday morning so there is more fun to be had and a night out on the beers with Dean Small what could possibly go wrong

We now have a fan base more interested in there being no trouble on Saturday than getting these bastards out of our club. As Wire said to a sergeant standing on the touchline shaking his head in disbelief at the Stoke pitch invasión "You can't knock a good riot Sarge" #BSHLOUT

@smoggyontour86 @raddersutb @RIVERSIDEREDS I’ll take a hat trick he’s that good ,10million now hopefully be 15million after Saturday 👍

Good luck to Stephen Kerr after the latest Tory shenanigans today. And surely @cbrookmyre will have thoughts on St Mirren at Ayr United on Saturday. 😉…

Weather looks good for this Saturday! Join me! I’m attending Reclaim Idaho’s event, “Ed4All and Boise Bench Door Knock Collab 1/22” – sign up now to join me!…

ANOTHER HISTORY LESSON This Saturday two GOOD faves face off in a rematch of one of our most historic matches, this time with the GOOD Wrestling Grand Prize on the line The champ CHARLI EVANS defends against the battle hardened MIKE BIRD Let’s have a look at how we got here…

🚨 Everyone is sincerely invited to join us this Saturday the 22nd in @Uniquehorns_nft Bandroom in @decentraland! LIVE music FREE POAPs NFT Giveaways A REALLY GOOD TIME 🔥 Just to name a few things we got coming 👀 @MetaSharksNFT as Special Guest Details in the comments !

Good luck to Bosnia-Herzegovina at #FutsalEURO (hosted in the Netherlands) BIH 🇧🇦 will open up play against number one ranked Spain 🇪🇸 on Saturday @UEFAFutsal

i really hope i get some good pics to post saturday that fit to raw to waste

@Lieutenant_Eric @TSNRyanRishaug @nielsonTSN1260 Forget the coach...if the team doesn't realize its time to get their collective heads out of their ass....they will be blown out tonight...tonight's game shouldn't need the coach to get them tonight and Saturday and you're going good again, lose both and trouble!

Today is my last day at work for this week and I have both Friday and Saturday off from work after today and it's gonna be great as always and I hope everyone else is doing good too ❤❤

@EzTr3yA11Day I can't wait until next Saturday when they play Kentucky that b a good game Kentucky is pretty good this year

Good morning Volsnation and Titans fam as well!!!. Everybody but all other SEC teams and the NFL CIN kitty cats, whom will get their butt hurt on Saturday!

Brah I’m itching for Saturday night I need that #PowerGhost episode I know it’s going be good I can feeel it lol

JAYDE goes one on one with MAD KURT, this Saturday at GOOD Wrestling 21 : To Hell With GOOD Intentions at The Craufurd Arms.

@TomandTomRacing I would like Thursday through Saturday. I miss those Sundays at Delaware Park. I guess they have some good reason for not racing on Sundays but would be nice to have them on the schedule.

CHARLI EVANS defends her GOOD Wrestling Grand Prize against MIKE BIRD, this Saturday at GOOD Wrestling 21 : To Hell With GOOD Intentions at The Craufurd Arms.

@GreatBitBlog No new channels. When I was a kid my parents got only one channel. It was CBS channel 3. It came in pretty good. My grandmother up the road could pick up ABC on channel 4 I think. It was scratchy. I'd be at her house on some Saturdays and could watch Disney cartoons.

And of course, no good tweet is complete without a typo (should read Saturday morning)

Got a real good feeling it’s gonna be Aaron Jones game this Saturday.

@CameosInMILAN_ I actually went Saturday and had ribeye and Mac and cheese and it was good

Next #racingtips and #footballtips will be mailed on on Friday for #racing on Saturday and #football at the weekend. So a good time for you to join now

🚨For Qualified Players🚨 Remember, you will get the invite in WLS on Saturday at 2 to 2:15 PM KSA. If you didn't accept the invite and added your Teammate before 2:45 PM KSA, YOU WILL BE REPLACED The Finals Starts at 4 PM KSA. Good Luck, and have a Nice Day!🥰…

@cantonaforking I’ve never been to doc on a Saturday, so didn’t give that much thought. Can actually hear you saying “you stupid woman”. Does it feel good?

@RickyRonaldo69 @90sWWE 🤣🤣🤣 love it pal, Ano I can’t get over how these years have flew by Rick, I’m gonna get the lads together on Saturday 19th Feb pal if u fancy a catch up and few beers? Would be good to cya my friend 🤝🍻

I'll give it to Roman, he won't turn down a fight no matter when or who it is. . . I respect that. But come Saturday, I'm going to hand Roman a good old ass kicking and send him into Failure to Escape battered and bruised. #MainEventGuevara (@TheUPROARFed, @CommandTheTribe)…

@ItsMissJulia Ooh that's a good one! I also love Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn, and it's a little off topic generally but they stop at the library in Saturday by Oge Mora. :0)

@FionFionasgow28 Good evening Fiona😁it’s been one of those days 😩I hope your day has been better than mine, roll on Saturday for game day💚

Wu Assassins is a clunky mix of gangster drama and Saturday morning cartoons but anything that gives us well-shot Iko Uwais fight scenes is good in my book.

@BobGreenburg God bless his soul! 🙏 What a good man. I’m so glad he was able to see Saturday at the MC Hall of Fame how many people admired him and his talents!

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