Top Tweets for Good Thursday

How can your business attract more customers and motivate your people through community support and CSR? Find out on Thursday 28th October when the @CheltChamber will be hosting a 'Doing Good is Good for Business' talk More HERE:…

Good morning pogchamps Only one FEESH strim this week (Tuesday) because I’m going on a lil holiday on Thursday See you soon xoxo

Full match analysis to come, but yesterday's xG⤵️ St Mirren 0.06 to Rangers 2.09. Continuing Thursday's trend, the aggression without the ball gives the platform for a good performance with it.

Good news! The collaborative artwork culminating our year working with @NThardwick will be on show inside the Hall on Thursday 28th Oct. Our artist @ACoraPerson will be accompanying the artwork to talk about how it was made. @HeritageFundM_E

A new week, and a new F1 esports event Wed/Thursday. Gonna be a good one.

@CherScheff Hi Cheryl.. Another busy weekend..😯 Here is our Thursday moon through the clouds. Have a good new week 🙋😘

✅ Kick off your week well by registering for the webinar we’re hosting on Thursday “Pathways to success: supporting good transitions into university”… @McLaffertyMT @AjaLMurray @DrKellyNorwood

UPDATE: thank you all!!! i had a super good time there! i'll be there again on thursday for reheasal and if i like it, they'd be happy to have me! I AM BEYOND SPEECHLESS

📣EVENT!🌍 COP OR FLOP? @ArchitectsCAN and the Architecture Fringe present an evening of laughs, drinks, and a good ol’ roast featuring comedian @RaymondMearns 🔥 Thursday 4th November 2021, 6:30pm-8:30pm at @manystudios Join us! Register [FREE] >…

@Stagecoach_East good morning with the change in bus timetables what time will the 13 A go past milfields way ? I think pre covid i got 13a at 6.21am or 6.24am to cambridge is that correct i go back to work at addenbrookes on thursday many thanks for your help

@BestBallUKNFL Yeh game dependant for me and whether I’m WFH the next day! Cards-Packers on Thursday should be a good one. And it’s Vikings-Cowboys on Sunday night

Following 13mm of rain since entries, the ground @ClonmelR (Thursday) is Good to Yielding (Chase) and Yielding (Hurdle). Generally mild and unsettled with a potential for 10-15mm (approx) of rain prior to racing on Thursday.

Fun day. Went to the op shop then my crush came and met me and we hung out for three hours. They're coming to karaoke on Thursday as well as my friends' Halloween party on Saturday. Good times.

Mira: Today is Thursday, and the weather's good but- Simon: -you don't have a boyfriend Mira: SHUTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP

@ChefScott_ Good luck 🤣I went Thursday … shame on my side it wasn’t as bad as the 1st .. just fatigue and headache. Oh and nengalo ke 🤷🏽‍♀️

@greghove I had the flu jab last Thursday. On Friday tired headache and aching muscles. Saturday tired. Today good.

@minpjmz Feel that. I had a day off last Thursday. Went to bed about 1 am. My body thought it's a good idea to be awake at 5 am again🤌

IMPORTANT: Because of Big4, our Tech Thursday session isn't running this week (28 October). The good news is that it will be back the following week (4 November). You can catch videos of all of the past Tech Thursdays on the F&P YouTube channel:…

Felt so good on Thursday. Drank. Then had a total blowout last night. Over 15 drinks like an animal. Back to square one. Need to start forming healthy habits during the week

The only good team Mr. Rodgers has played against thus far has been Cincinnati. They’re about to get their shit smoked in Thursday

@nonewsss @droidconLondon Good luck on Thursday! I'm sure it will be amazing 👍

Good morning family...Dumelang Here's last week Thursday #FastMoments Happy Monday @ The Joint - Home of Souland…

Mag teach na mi sa Thursday. Hoooray! HAHAHA. Good luck students. Ay good luck self diay. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The website is finished! Lots of good info in there for anyone with questions about the next few weeks. On the roadmap page we also have a link to a spreadsheet where you can look up your rarity score. Thank u all for your support! Next drop is Thursday

Following 13mm of rain since entries, @ClonmelR is Good to Yielding (Chase) and Yielding (Hurdle). Generally mild and unsettled with a potential for 10-15mm (approx) of rain prior to racing on Thursday.

Woke up rather damn early. Even a nice cuppa tea ain't gonna fix the horrible feeling I had since Thursday that this team is a poor unit and Nuno just ain't good enough. Starting to dread gamedays now we have no fight, passion, desire or pride in the shirt. Burnley next 💔⚽💩💔

@WillowPippa1 @Angie681366511 Hi Willow, it's better.. In Wednesday or Thursday I must go to doctor check situation, that is everything I hope... Thank you, have a good time 🍀😊

Good evening, Gobchamps~💚 This week I'll be streaming on Tuesday 10/26 2pm and Thursday 10/28 1pm. Not quite sure what game, but what vibes do y'all feel in your bones this week? Even more exciting: This Friday 10/29 at 8pm we'll have our first COMMUNITY NIGHT!!! need. amogus.

Was so good seeing my babygirl earlier today. Can’t wait to spend all of Thursday with her!! 🥰🥺

Saints game tonight. World Series Tues & Wed.. a good Thursday night game then World Series Friday & Saturday. What a week 🙌🏼🔥

Little Nightmares was coooool! it was such a good game with a legitimately chilling atmosphere. I cant wait to play the second one on Thursday lol

@HopeFMLive @timgodfreyworld @gichuru_george Good morning? I use online listening..but since thursday u unavailable. Im suffering ooh . Location Runda

im leaving to cali on thursday so u already know it’s boutta be a good ass week 🤩

@BambaTVKenya Good morning. Please advise if Romanza+ tv is off permanently. It has been off since last Thursday. Why the poor services from the station?It's weak signal or signal off,episodes flow inconsistently, if not that,the're just discontinued and new ones just start...

Good morning, autumn break is starting on Thursday I hope you all have a wonderful week

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to stream Tuesday at 10:30pm Mt then Wednesday I might try streaming at 11:30 am Mt and if things go good Thursday 11:30 pm Mt. Why I'm streaming streaming night? Because I get off at the time.

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