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FYI Texans. Greg Abbott has said this week he won’t do this and there is no need for a special session. This is why Texans are joining Don Huffines campaign daily. #txlege…

@RathoreRajVir7 @cuz_greg_succes @PednekarSujal Yes, pyaar toh hain lekin uss pyaar ka daraar ban ke kuch Iqbal Hossain type log khare huye hain. Aur kuch nahi.

Today, we highlight #USBHOF inductee Jeff Pierce, the only American besides Greg LeMond to win the Tour de France's final stage. He raced for the Schwinn-sponsored Wolverine, Schwinn National Team, Schwinn Icy Hot teams, Team 7-Eleven and the Chevrolet LA Sheriff's Team.

@beansaladpod @RufusHound @greg_jenner Congratulations! What paper is this in would love to read article?

@toronai22 Someone's gotta say it. Hey this is just like that novel I skimmed, 1884 Animal Crossing by Greg Orville

shiv the succulent is dying, roman died a while ago, greg is doing much better and the rest seems be doing well

Out scouring the beaches after the storm. Delighted to have enjoyed a soya iced latte afterwards whilst seeing scores of excited school kids learn about rockpool life from the @rockpoolproject who were super engaging. Greg and I wished we could join in lol

@greg_scott84 Everyone should read this beautiful story!

It was great to talk to Greg and share what we are doing at Richmond Law (@URLawSchool)! If you've been curious about any of our new programs, have a listen!…

@BetoMedia @AriBerman How to save Mail-In-Ballots 22% of all mail-in ballots don’t get counted-that's according to an MIT study conducted before Trump took office.… @Greg_Palast sued & stopped GOP purges of LEGAL VOTERS in enough states for Biden & GA Democratic Senators to Win

@Drucritt @succession 🤣 didn’t expect anyone to say Greg! I love it though. He might also be the only one who isn’t straight-up evil.

Greg Abbott just appointed a Secretary of State who was on Trump’s legal team that challenged the Pennsylvania election results. Ultimately he withdrew from the case because they had none.

@rachellaudan @Marilyn_Res When you house cattle (we did it lots in the past) you have the carbon costs of the building, and you have to lead feed to them creating all the carbon cost of crop making with machinery, the alternative is grazing grass left in the field for winter grazing - see Greg Judy U-Tube

@Pitz73 @HADeeznuggs @NFL @Raiders Why not? If this offense hits a new level now because we’re not stuck in late 90s/early 2000s mode anymore, I feel like he could stay. In fact, the whole staff could stay if the team ends up making the playoffs. I wouldn’t write Greg Olson off yet man…

@wasootch @CBCScott No criminal charges were laid so there would be no criminal record to check. Also they don’t vett much for elected officials & staff. Magliocca’s chief of staff Greg Hartzler has been charged in the past for allegedly photographing a 14 year old through her bedroom window.

I’ve got a theory: it can be 11x17 landscape with .17 margins - what’s written on it is infinite. Maybe a crayon drawing of @greg16676935420 riding a centaur. Someone NFT that and DM me with the link pls.…

Both Greg Wise and Robert Webb joined Instagram shortly after being announced for the show, meaning the show has literally taken them from 0 into the thousands in a matter of weeks 📈 Robert Webb's following stands at 23.5K Greg Wise's total following is currently 19.8K

Available for replay if you missed it yesterday: Dean Greg Sterling’s State of the School address. #financialaid #sustainableliving #antiracism…

Little of the proposed $3.5 trillion is an investment in America’s future tech competitiveness. This will crowd out future increases in real investments to keep pace with China. @RanaForoohar @petercoy @greg_ip @DLeonhardt @crampell @byHeatherLong…

@GregHadfield @DerbyChrisW @MMargolyes Ha. Thanks Greg (I like being included in the Leonard Cohen reference also). 😁👍

@Durweezy For some reason this made me think of Meet the Parents. You can fry anything with nipples... I have nipples Greg, can you fry me?

@RChurch44 @twomasksnajab @JacobAchorn @Espngreeny @JeffPassan In the words sung by Peter Brady and written by Greg Brady, it’s “Time to Change.”

Greg Paulus on Coach K: “He’s meant so much to me. Having the opportunity to play for him for four years and then learn from him, it’s something I carry with me each and every day. It’s a relationship that, as he told me when he recruited me, has been a lifetime.”

@ischultzie Hi there Greg! We're sorry we've yet to respond to your DM. We are currently a little behind, but we're working hard to get to your message! We appreciate your patience and we'll be with you shortly! -SMRT

@cuz_greg_succes Skin Doctor is wrong in abusing Modi in everything... Can't support such childish handle... If you want to idolise him... Your choice

Hey @soy_eloy, the last time this happened was Apr. 15, 1989 (age in years-days): Willie Anderson, 22-097 Michael Anderson, 23-023 Dallas Comegys, 24-241 Greg Anderson, 24-297 Anthony Bowie, 25-157 Scott Roth, 25-316 Mike Smrek, 26-227 Alvin Robertson, 26-267 Jay Vincent, 29-309…

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