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@Based__McEvoy Gronk was retired Leonard isn’t elite neither is rojo our run game isn’t elite the wrs core and the run defense were all the bucs had

@CTPhillykid @SamENole Thanks! RB 1 as a big favourite for Lenny, goedert and gronk out made howard and ertz decent value plays the rest of the line up filled itself in hence why it was duped 306 times lol!

Brady, Gronk, LT (for a $1 😂) Moss and Hopkins. literally the inly rigjt anwser…

@corporatistguru Manning LT Moss Julio Gronk is better. I have the GOAT on 3 of the 5 positions, including the most important one

@BigBossFresco He didn’t have AB or Gronk and Lenny and the left tackle I believe but he ain’t have no scrubs around him either.

@BurnsAndGambo @Gambo987 An A would be for someone like Gronk or Kelce.

@TeddyP81900520 @TimKenn42293298 @RealSkipBayless And brought in Antonio Brown, Gronk, and Leonard Fournette as starters on the offense. All three of those players became big pieces of their Super Bowl run. Stop acting like his team isn't loaded now and not much better than the year before he got there.

@wlinares_ Ah man that sucks I have Helaire from KC but some of my players are banged up like Gronk tough start what’s your record ?

@amy_zeek @RobGronkowski Dam gronk 30 years older than you, he still playin good 🤣😂

@SaltyPancake21 Marino $1 LT $1 Jerry rice $5 Megatron $4 Gronk $4 This the best prove me otherwise

@NikeGolfTwo3 Gronk is the same age as Kelce. But yeah I'm sure he wouldn't be any where near those guys with 4 more years of experience..

@JustinKammes Kelce Waller Kittle Andrews 40 year old Gronk Why am i not surprised you think this way.

@RegalCourtier7 Lmao naw bruh she definitely has brain damage one of the caps spiked her head like gronk scoring a touchdown😂😂😂

@notPFTbot @Ian22488499 Can easily think of 5 that better. Kelce,gronk,kittle,Andrews, Everett

@HiroRwar Im astonished they didn't change the names of real guns. Even the mini 14 ranch rifle says ruger on the receiver, like the one I used to own ( before trading for a Colt AR) Im sick of equipping a "Gronk 17", or a "bearada 92" in other games.

@Celtics_pats @MySportsUpdate @JClarkNBCS Why so they can be like the Bucs with Gronk, Brate & Howard?

@1PantherPlace Him whining to the refs after Luke covered Gronk on the last play if that win in BoA. Or the fact he never won a game against Cam.

Imagine drafting: Russell Wilson Chris Carson Jerry Jeudy Michael Thomas (knew he would be out to week 6) Michael Gallup Kenny Golliday AJ Brown (kinda playing) Along with picking up Gronk and Damien Williams. Has to be the worst injury luck out there.

@GOATSZN__ @lyon86319661 @1stStringJack @NFLonFOX @AZCardinals @K1 @DeAndreHopkins @ckirk @ZERTZ_86 They do but with gronk out not s’s much as cardinals. Especially when Kyler can run and having a good pass catching running backs and a end zone running back who will also take passes away

@ThatNerdInATie @CallMeGlib @JesseKellyDC Lol, you think you're good at trolling, but you're not good at trolling.

@CosmoKramer1992 @NFLonFOX @Buccaneers @chargers Baker Mayfield could have Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, and Gronk in their prime and he’s not putting up the numbers Brady has. 😆

@KingTruckerATL @googlefi I feel ya. In my other league, losing Gronk fucked me over at the TE position. I've been struggling without him.

@SaltyPancake21 Marino LT Moss Calvin Gronk With a dollar to spare. 😎

@SaltyPancake21 Manning LT Owens Johnson and Gronk

Brady to Gronk in madden 16. Yes it’s athleteS, but can’t have one without the other.…

@Realrclark25 Thats why him and gronk have been getting the most Tds and targets. Teams are so rocused on Mike and Godwin that they cant posssibly stop AB, Gronk, and playoff lenny to

@KeibDog If you want to win a Super Bowl yes but if I want the best possible team to go up against another team i need rice and gronk

@arjunmenon100 Imagine an offence with Brady, Gronk, AND Evans...

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