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Joe Rogan confronts CNN's Sanjay Gupta on COVID treatments: 'They lied' via

4 key moments from Dr. Sanjay Gupta's appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast…

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta accused of 'journalistic malpractice' for spinning disastrous Joe Rogan interview…

“Vaccines typically do not outperform natural immunity, so it should come as no surprise that Covid jabs do not offer long-term protection against infection” Prof Sunetra Gupta, Oxford Uni D Telegraph 3/9/21…

The craziest thing about this whole Rohan/Gupta/Ivermectin situation is the fact that CNN turns around and doubles down on their claims. I’m not going to advocate it for COVID treatment, but to diminish it to being just a “horse dewormer” is dishonest reporting.

@sunny on Sanjay Gupta for Joe Rogan Interview. You said you weren't interested in understanding the Trump mind. Aren't you effectively shunning 50% of America. That's crazy. Having a civil conversation is the 1st step in healing this country. kudos #JoeRogan #sanjaygupta

First of all, Gupta clearly stated during the podcast that he ASKED to go on Rogan. Second, the fact he thinks of Joe Rogan's podcast as "the lion's den" should tell you all you need to know.…

@OlavJensenNOR @FoxNews Ja jeg så eller da hørte Hele Podcaster og Gupta snudde 180 grader på sine uttalelser hos Joe Rogan i påfølgende seanse med Brian Stelter.

@drjamesdinic @joerogan I just listened to Joe's podcast with Dr Gupta, & I didnt realise that healthy Joe Rogan is also on an ongoing cocktail of prescribed pharmaceuticals. Also isnt the vax free while Joe's solution to Covid a shopping list of pricey pill bottles? I appauld the diet & exercise though

Remarkable how pretenders expose themselves. Now when Dr. Sanjay Gupta misleads #CNN viewers, it's clear he's willfully lying as his time on Joe Rogan's show proves Gupta knows he's playing with the actual data to minimize the myocarditis harm happening to young women + esp. men.

@peterboghossian @joerogan It was painful to see! You could see Gupta constantly considering Joe’s questions and he was definitely questioning himself. When the truth is presented to a thinker who has been overly conditioned, they will crumble. At least he had the guts to explore the truth with Rogan.

"They shouldn't have said that." Joe replies "why do they lie?" to @drsanjaygupta Gupta says "I don't know" why they lie. Reminds me of all the snowflakes on twitter praising Biden...for what is the ? Liberals love fake narratives.…

Don't be "mad" that you're having to work so hard to improve; be thankful you had the courage to even embark on...

#redicetv Facebook’s ‘Dangerous Individuals’, Covid Cancels Fun, Rogan/Gupta, Artificial Shortages - FF Ep142… #LBRY via @OdyseeTeam

@ThomasEWoods @Cernovich It doesn't matter. Even after destroying Gupta, All CNN viewers and over half the country view Rogan as the fool who knows nothing.

@CherylKate_News I suffered with severe depression but I am totally out of it started from the moment I stopped calling it 'my depression'. Try it.

@drsanjaygupta @joerogan podcast was great. Doctors and scientists can come across as arrogant but Dr. Gupta’s humility was so comforting. And Joe’s mind is always open. Need more of this type of dialogue. Great guys!!

@Siggmak I honestly believe that Gupta has never had his worldview challenged and thought Rogan was just some meat head that would fold. They think so little of us in that circle. Just hicks chawin on the horse paste.

Fauci runs this outfit. So please stop with the semantics. Even Sanjay Gupta gets it now.…

@RonFilipkowski Gupta is too nice of a guy to do a show with a moron like Rogin, or whatever his name is.

4 key moments from Dr. Sanjay Gupta's appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast

@anujsagrawal22 Someone objectively had a better tournament

4 key moments from Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast…

@SaraMcflying Gupta should have explained there are two forms of ivermectin: a veterinary form & a human form of the med (as is the case with MANY meds).Joe Rogan did not take the veterinary horse dewormer (which is what CNN had been reporting). He took the human form, as prescribed by an MD.

@krissyb24poker I respect Gupta. He was a weed hater and totally did a 180 when he saw how many it helped medically. He had a great Docu on CNN about it.

@anujsagrawal22 Oh sir, you also dropped a catch in the interhouse cricket final in 10th. And did you get to bat the whole tournament? 😒

कलम का धनी पंचतत्व में विलीन ! कोटि कोटि नमन🙏🙏 @JagranNews…

@RobertGrulerEsq Rogan owned him. Credit to Gupta for going on tho

NEWS: 4 key moments from Dr. Sanjay Gupta's appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast Via @CNN

Watch Joe Rogan Make CNN’s Dr. Gupta Squirm For Lying About Ivermectin…

Watch "Joe Rogan VS Sanjay Gupta of CNN: these Clips Should be Front Page News" on YouTube

4 key moments from Dr. Sanjay Gupta's appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast…

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