Top Tweets for Gus Johnson

@ToddFuhrman Mike breen with gus Johnson. Epic

@ToddFuhrman Gus Johnson. Give me all that energy on Jags jets

@Gusbuckets If you could have any dinosaur or prehistoric animal as a pet what would it be and why? #gusandeddy

@Gusbuckets Do you think they made crush cream soda pink because it tasted pink? Or do you think they just chose a colour at random

@Gusbuckets How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood

Real pain is realizing @Gusbuckets is coming to my hometown on tour when I will no longer live here, and going to the place where I’m moving before I move there 😔

@Gusbuckets If you could fight any celebrity or personality, who would you fight and why?

@billsimmonsrva @ToddFuhrman Gus Johnson can make a 3 yard run up the middle seem like the most impressive play

@Gusbuckets yeah am I too late to the podcast

@Table_404 @thekneesofabee @Gusbuckets I always assumed it would not touch. Does it touch?? Is it unavoidable?

@Gusbuckets Gus, Eddy my boys, if you could have a pocket dimension that u can slip into whenever you feel like it, whats it gonna look like? E.g. ur perfect cosy room of ur dreams.

@NFL @Jaguars @jamalagnew Gus Johnson with the GOAT call. Priceless.

@Gusbuckets Which late night host do you think you could take in a fight and which host do you think will wreck your shit? Also thanks for the great podcast and content, you boys are awesome.

@Gusbuckets Would you rather have to spend 6 hours a day taking slippery wet post shower dumps while watching an episode of Ellen or have your peen become a sentient being?

@Gusbuckets How do you boys deal with writers block and burn out?

@sarahschauer @Gusbuckets I’d rather help move stuff, free workout

@axs @Gusbuckets AXS changed their policy after tickets were bought, then said it was to late for a refund. Won't allow one shot, require full vaccination which can't happen with only 3 days notice. AXS shouldn't be allowed to change policy after tickets were bought then refuse to allow refunds

@Gusbuckets Where did you get your microphone windscreen?

@ToddFuhrman Gimme Gus Johnson it ain’t even close. #GusGasm

@Gusbuckets Who is the most recent person to inspire y’all

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