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@KrisZellner Do you know which magazine this is from, Kris?

@majornelson @back4blood #freecodefridaycontest Use the brain, not the heart. A hatchet and a machine gun.

@shinkometal おはようございます☺️また雨になってしまいました。週末に雨はできれば避けて欲しいのですが、仕方ないですかね😅幼稚園楽しみですね。だんだん寒くなってますので、風邪をひかないようにお気をつけください。本日もよろしくお願いします☺️

@ZoBellePrize We're all thirsty bitches to some extent, I just take my thirst out on my lover if it gets strong enough. 😄

@HashtagBaumer @TheGoddessTara_ When she beats you to a pulp for that joke, I expect to hear either how sorry you are or that it was worth it. 😆

@M0LLY_HATCHET True. But I’m just saying, if they don’t “knock it outbid the park”, like you request, I’ll gladly take them too!

@M0LLY_HATCHET @TheGoddessTara_ "I'mma let you finish... I'mma let you finish... but Taylor Swift's new album of Taylor's Version songs is the greatest album in the world!"

@ZoBellePrize @M0LLY_HATCHET And @N1ghtmareAngeI as well! Unlike Zoey, I’ll take both! 🤣😂😘 Though I will admit, I thought you meant take them in the park and got confused! 😅

@M0LLY_HATCHET And if you don’t knock them out of the park, please submit them directly to @ZoBellePrize* immediately! *Females only

Spotlight on children's author, Gary Paulsen, who passed this week. We remember him fondly for all of his great #books, especially Hatchet. 💗📚

@TheGoddessTara_ "Bitch, I have the microphone & you WILL listen to every fucking word I say! savvy?"

I read Hatchet with my 9 year old last Spring. It was my favorite book when I was his age. I mimicked Paulson’s writing style for a couple of years. My frustrated teachers repeatedly asked why I was purposefully avoiding grammatical rules that I knew. RIP.…

In the end, "the hatchet man" ended up just offing...himself…

If you're going to post sexy pics, then well... knock it out of the park! 😄

@VainVanita O.O! Birthday Tit-waxing the floor? I mean it's your Birthday and you're at home jn your Birthday suit, soooo.... Happy Birthday? 😅

Time to bring the hatchet. #openingnight #dropthepuck #letsgoflyers - Drinking a Hatchet by New Trail Brewing Co @ Firepit Partio —

@NotHoodlum What the heck is she doing in this pic?! Besides violating the Hatchet Act

@Balu_42_ @AnthonyKongphan Recently crafted a Starmetal hatchet with plenty of azaroth thrown in. I haven't found anything that comes even remotely close to it, despite doing quests, corruption & excavations. Crafting also gets you better gems, bags, tools & a whole lot more.

Showed up 45 minutes early for my appointment. We 30 minutes behind. I’m tight 😤

@ahawkwrites 100% hatchet body removal behind the plastic screen

Bro rip Gary Paulson man was a legend and Hatchet is the best

Why do journalists wobble between “puff piece” and “hatchet job?” Why can’t they be like, “Here’s this guy. He’s a human being, I dunno.”

Buffs assistant coaches getting ready for the 84th Hatchet Game bs Dodge City at 7 pm at Buffalo Stadium! Great bunch of dedicated guys!

MTA's Friday night news dump: Hatchet Man Anthony McCord has left the building. He did not get a clap out.

Really getting sick and tired of FIFA 22 on Series X turning itself off. That's another 2 games I've lost because of it. Surely there is a fucking fix for this by now? Why the hell does this keep happening @xboxuk sort out your piece of shit console

@t_nastified I’m weak af. Free the homie though 😂😂

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