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☀️ El exitoso juego de mesa que nadie quiso cuando lo inventaron...…

@DevlinRavenWolf Ich fänd es komisch, wenn ich schon eine Tochter in dem Alter hätte. Dann auf keinen Fall. Ist ja auch für die Tochter peinlich dann.

@Txavigo Si se o no se, igual, yo siempre con El Salvador y con mi Gobierno y que viva Bukele hdp.

@BaseballGuys PPR Need 1 RB, 1 WR and a flex. Currently planning for Hubbard, Herbert and Toney. Should I switch any out for Josh Jacob’s or Renfrow?

‘Dune’ Review: Stunning Adaptation to Frank Herbert’s Sci-Fi…

@BoltedOne Why did you edit out the part were she says Herbert can throw his battleship into a strawberry anytime 😏

PJ Fleck thinks Sam Hunt is better than Chris Stapleton.

@Springco @Stuckey2 @circusboysports Looking forward to Herbert going 0-5 on 4th downs Sunday

@oGioPB @alittlebitofpat @Lauren_Southern Ele nunca deixou de apoiar ideias liberais econômicas,tais como o capitalismo de livre mercado.Era fã de Herbert Spencer,um liberal clássico e Schopenhauer, que era um reacionário monarquista!

@crimro1985 @troyDgreene @Fella50523932 @CollinsworthPFF @diannaESPN I don't think so. Chase is in a tier of his own and the only way a QB competes with him is they got to put up actual numbers. Only reason JJ did not get it is because Herbert had historical season.

This girl texted me as soon Excuse Me Miss started playin and you expect me to not fall in love

@ItsJustFantasy_ asking for a friend: who would you start in standard, AJ Brown or Khalil Herbert? AJB apparently on a snap count

@todomejorqenada Esta es la era de los "sacerdotes-genetistas" que manipulan la especie para hacer esclavos, como lo imaginaron Franck Herbert y Bill Ransom.

@DodgerInsider Let's talk about the bigger news - Game 3 is at 2:07PM on a Tuesday?!?

@saulin888 @Luis_carriel7 @NoiseComments vc era mais legalzinho quando xingava, seus argumentos são de sub 15

Sunset over Herbert Lake at Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

@Rubenfvargas Y saber que tuvimos a Herbert y lo dejamos pasar para tomar un QB mediocre y de cristal como Tagovailoa!! Ese será nuestro karma para los próximos 15 años.

@LaRodriguezCJ Hartate una carretada de mi3rda cerota, o mejor un tren de cerotes Pendeja.

Week 6 of Fantasy Football and I’m strutting out Mike Williams/Chuba Hubbard/Darrel Williams/Khalil Herbert just like we expected Draft Night😇😅

Lindsey Herbert is playing @ TBA San Francisco California United States, Fri 15 Oct #gigs

@temarr25 @Gamara305 @willis9630 @PhinstantReax 19 is still a dogshit score. He has rocks for brains and sucks at QB. That’s the point of my tweet. Take your Tua stanning somewhere else Miami should of got Herbert

“Dune should've been less Dune-y” “The Dune curse lives on in Villeneuve's replication of Herbert's mistakes” “The bad: Like the original story, relies on familiar ‘white savior’ tropes” #DUNE FANDOM:

2021 Top 10 QB’s (my opinion) 1. Kylur 2. Herbert 3. Dak 4. Josh 5. Lamar 6. Tom 7. ARod 8. Pat 9. Stafford 10. Burrow

NEW LA Football Pod! Justin Herbert v Lamar Jackson! @koestreicher34 of @lockedonravens joins @RyanDyrudLAFB to talk #Chargers v #Ravens Then, Matthew Stafford vs Danny Dimes? @TinoRodriguez__ Previews #Rams vs #Giants…

@SnappyTomPets ..I called but you were closed I need to ask why your food is full of some kind of worms..ican pass the video to you but people in cambridge might try to steal it and stop me from presenting it including my insane siblings and relious lunatics.whomight know the answer.. .

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