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@337Phareaux @nonbinarybooty Fax’s, bro, that’s why I tell black women to not simp for black dude’s because 9 times out of 10 they don’t fuck with dark skin 😂😂😂 it’s rare to see a rich black man to actually be with a black woman. They usually with white, pale asian, or hispanic girls.

@KimMangone The fake Hispanic Irish leprechaun? Is he eating Lucky Charms floating in Jamesons? Or perhaps cheap tequilia.

@marabscott @mom2boys1988 @drcopps So according to CDC the least likely groups to be vaccinated are Black and Hispanic people. CDC numbers not mine. Estimates are that 75 percent of adults have had at least one vaccine. Why does everyone like to pretend you can't be a proponent of the vaccine but not mandates?

@TheHamTyler @DineshDSouza I am not rich but they will tax me more; no one ask my how I feel about it. My daughters worked two jobs while in college; so why cant people work for their education. I grew up in a low income area and anyone who needed health care received it. Why can't people work.

Hispanic Heritage Month! Let’s celebrate by reading and sharing books by Hispanic authors and reading and sharing books with Hispanic characters. #HispanicHeritageMonth #teachers #booklovers #mglit

Colombian star J Balvin kicked off NPR's "El Tiny" series in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month via @billboard And remember la fiesta en 'El Tiny' continues this week...…

Today's Hispanic Heritage Month Flag Raising ceremony at the Rahway Train Station Plaza.…

@oncodebrotha83 I had to call out the Hispanic caucus yesterday. They had nothing to say about those Haitians and I made sure to tag the Congressional Black Immigrant caucus. John Lewis was mush mouthin and carrying on for them but they can't even post a tweet.

found this inside target for hispanic heritage month…. yall need jail

@HuffPost it’s a tragedy, i agree, but if Gabby Petito were black, brown, asian or hispanic, the media would give a f*** about her.

"For others, Hispanic Heritage Month ERASES their identity. Fernanda He was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but her parents immigrated from China. She said the label 'Hispanic' doesn't fully describe or accept her." ....And include the Black history, TOO!…

MBA Programs Aren’t Enrolling Enough Black and Hispanic Students… #twc

State launching mobile vaccine sites, host events coinciding with the first week of Hispanic Heritage Month…

@TwitterLive Who really sees the Emmys. To me only idiots who watch the View watched the Emmy's

@FearlessPAC I will next week. The demographics in this area are heavy Hispanic (who don't vote) Maybe a famous Hispanic celebrity that can reach them on talk radio

It’s Hispanic Heritage month! Time to educate the masses that not all Spanish speakers are Mexican, and we don’t all eat tacos or spicy foods. We also come in all colors.

@female_hispanic @DineshDSouza Yeah tell me more about the dangers of the left: health care for everyone, affordable education, taxing the rich, creating a more equitable country for all… but yes please do go on…

@DailyCaller We will probably never know why he killed her. Perhaps she found out something horrible about him.

I'ma pick up these two jobs and just this-a-peer for a while

also happy hispanic heritage month :)!!

@TwitterLive They still have the the Emmys; who watch only self-centered people?

I need y’all to stop with the “if she had been ____ it wouldn’t be talked about”. There’s many cases of black, Hispanic women I’ve talked about & didn’t see y’all saying anything y’all aren’t saying it because you care it’s just to show how you weren’t invested in this case

Some recent portraits for Hispanic Heritage Month 📸

hi @dreamwastaken it would mean alot if you could tweet out happy hispanic heritage month and maybe follow of few of your hispanic supporters!:)

After church w my friend Emir Caner celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month w good friends!

What an interesting weekend .. gonna need somebody’s hispanic grandma to cleanse me 👁👄👁

@DineshDSouza Until the American people stop being afraid of the left and see the danger it will cause their family, children and life nothing will happen. Americans today are so afraid of being called racist if they object or ask questions; really people get some balls.

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