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@Tillman_40 @cspan @cspanwj @alfredanchor You should watch the Ken Burns U.S. and the Holocaust series You will be reminded of Nazi sympathizer non-interventionist Charles Lindbergh, and what FDR did to save us all from having to speak German

@LawyerDave1 @judi_kilpatrick @MacFarlaneNews To me, there is nothing "niche" about Sidney Powell! She's Holocaust evil. Even the name of her non-profit "Defending the Republic" is literally a Holocaust/Nazi history museum in Germany.

@Barbara4NC Oh hell yeah it should be taught. We dehumanized a whole segment of our population. That can never, ever be justified. Same thing with the Jewish and the Holocaust. The only way to prevent it again is too teach it and hold no horrors back.

My daughter’s paternal grandmother was a Holocaust Survivor… a sole survivor… an orphan. Hence my question about the song.

Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, in an article for Newsweek, called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to apologize for his statement that Ukrainians were not involved in the Holocaust. The lawyer called such a statement of the Ukrainian leader false. He

7 days in twitter jail for supporting @JoshShapiroPA ’s war on children! Josh has tweeted several times that he supports ameryka’s holocaust of children: slicing them up in the womb and mutilating their genitals after birth. So go ahead, do it for Josh. Do it for ameryka!

@BreitbartNews Just wait until the Antichrist shows up and begins the Nuevo-Holocaust.

@well_of_all @23cmnails @CodyCouture12 @LukasRead @MattWalshBlog Are you telling me that trans people in the US are treated worse than Jews during the Holocaust?

@CameronSharonE Hi Sharon, Today I finished the book “The Light in the Hidden Places” and I have to congratulate you on the amazing storytelling. One of the most shocking and incredible stories I read about the holocaust, if not the most.

@NAFOWarriorz When I say that Germans are responsible for the Holocaust is wrong? When I say that the Russians have committed countless genocides is wrong ?

@DMSSUPERSTAR16 @RobertD15951582 @OmarRiverosays I think not calling out anti-semitic, racist, homophobic authoritarianism is the most serious disrespect to those who perished in the Holocaust.

strategically speaking, 9/11 plays the same role for Gen X Imperial America as the Holocaust does for post-WWII Judaism

"Distorting the history of the Holocaust undermines efforts to prevent atrocities." Tell me, is it a (bad) joke from Blinken ? American humour ?…

So now it comes out. Zelensky is the Taliban. 2014 USA funded Nazis overthrowing the Ukraine Government. And they were killing ethnic Russians in those regions. USA 50B on the side of White Supremacy. Holocaust much? You kill them. we fund you. You invade. We create Israel.

"We must never forget how easily hate speech can turn to hate crime; how ignorance or indifference can lead to intolerance; or how silence in the face of bigotry is complicity." -- UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Holocaust denial on social media. Credit: @UN

@DMSSUPERSTAR16 @RobertD15951582 @OmarRiverosays You took Dawn statement out of context as usual! none of us condone the Holocaust. the path this admid is taking us down reminds us of the Nazis, control of us our food supply, energy and our well-being not to mention being a part of the "nwo"

@FoxNews Its like the whole world is blind to this holocaust in Ukraine ,they are not doing enough to end it . Russians are picking soft targets for terrorism .

Wasteful leadership....I called them THE HOLOCAUST.…

@jdur66 @lauder_ronald No, why are you saying Jewish people don't discuss the holocaust with each other

This should be mandatory in every school history class in USA. We lean about a holocaust that didn’t destroy complete nations, language and culture of Jewish people. This happens all the time money mandates history books. Look at Africa.…

@thekingofricks Avant garde film mixing jokic highlights and Holocaust footage

VACCINE HOLOCAUST: Hundreds of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people are dying WEEKLY, official government reports indicate.

@AaronMeyers I would suggest watching Cannibal Holocaust when it was featured on The Last Drive In on Shudder with Joe Bob Brigs that’s how I watched it I enjoyed it the other two…….. I feel are way more brutal and visceral I’ve not seen them tho Salo has criterion collection release

@mtracey Coming from the man who said AKSHUALLY America caused the holocaust.

@NAFOWarriorz @mochichuk @VictorishB123 @KofmanMichael I did not say that the Ukrainian army did it, but that the Ukrainians did it. We can also talk about how Jews were murdered in Ukraine during the Holocaust.

“We’re against all discrimination, but…” This is how the Holocaust started and every year we say never again. Why is that? … HERE IS WHY:…

@shinplaster They ARE really good and i will miss them when the nuclear holocaust causes cows to go extinct

this years one act theme is the holocaust and old timey towns #lcsdirt

@tewekdenahom @breaking_bre TPLF built Ethiopia from ground up without discrimination along with double digit growth(fastest growing in the world). Fun fact: Your brothers in Eritrea don’t know what internet is in 2022. Again Congrats😜

@Adam_Boyle_ @RE_MarketWatch @ManyBeenRinsed My grandparents were the immigrant workers first. Sorry but I'm pretty sure starting off after the Holocaust was pretty easy for my family here in Toronto. They were treated super fairly. Come on people wake up. It's a cyclical thing.

@thekingofricks Back to back MVP and a Holocaust survivor ur favorite could never

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