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@WFSBnews Step 1: turn the people against each other Step 2: don't report on things that don't fit the narrative. Step 3: propaganda... Speaking of the holocaust, everything that's going on reminds me of the beginning stage of the nazi takeover. Remember the tolerable left created the KKK

The recent talks about “were there actually pros/other sides to the Holocaust, Slavery, etc” show how detached and unmoored from realty society becomes from the past the further we go. No normal person would argue these points in the decades after they occurred.

Teachers in Texas district told to offer ‘opposing’ views on Holocaust

"The Greeks were Armenian and not Aryan. You would've known this had you not spent all of 2021 denying the Holocaust instead of preparing for the Bantu Expansion. Get vaccinated, weeb."…

@GregAbbott_TX Are YOU & @DanPatrick ACTUAL NAZIS where you force YOUR TX DOE to have teachers teach the "opposite view" of the holocaust? Are you SERIOUSLY feeling SORRY for Nazism, Hitler & seeking apologists to make THOSE WHITE SUPREMACISTS "look good" after MURDERING 6M Jews?…

Texas superintendent apologizes after official's comment on "opposing" views of Holocaust - Axios…

Sometimes we need to deal with serious matters: NEVER thought there was an “opposing“ perspective on this!! Embarrassed for #Texas 🥺 —Books on Holocaust should be balanced with 'opposing' views, school leader tells teachers - NBC News…

@hdydiednnd @MstrWaterbender @kuuhulluutta @sh44sti haha you really think the holocaust didn't begin until 1941 and that it wasn't common knowledge?

@gpeyrol16 @ValerySablinES the problem is that most people have never been exposed to the conception of Nazi Germany as a settler colonial project, they just conceive of it as not really having any concrete plans beyond doing the holocaust.

@FuryPops I'm unclear if the 'other side' is "the Holocaust didn't really happen" or "actually, they were right to kill all those Jewish, disabled, political radical, and LGBQ+ people" so let me know which interpretation your book goes with.

For sake of balance, they should also retract the apology. The “…school district apologized…after an administrator advised teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust in their classrooms, they should also include…‘opposing’ perspectives…”…

Twitter MedEd family, we are not OK. Today I read a post by @KemiDoll where her Black friend had to SAVE HER OWN LIFE given the racist treatment she encountered. Next there is a thread on TX teachers being told to teach "other views" on the Holocaust, now this.…

I read a really good book Mein Kampf. It gives the other side of the Holocaust you miserable ape!

There IS no other side of the Holocaust. At least watch Schindler’s List….#Holocaust…

@skullpuppy11 Holocaust promoters will not replace us!

@pattonoswalt So they should teach about Jesus Christ from the Bible. That is an opposing view to the holocaust.

@Lucifer_Venator @CarloBrigante9 @CTVNews Are you trying to say that because of this story, 6M+ Jews didn't die in the holocaust? Your colors are showing..and it's not good.

A school administrator in Texas told teachers that, to comply with a new state law, if they teach a book about the Holocaust, they should also include a book that has “opposing” views, reported NBC News.… # via @HuffPostPol

@BillWylie3rd @davidmweissman @OhNoSheTwitnt There is no opposing view to pure evil and heinous murders and torturing that was the Holocaust, unless one is an anti semite.

stop comparing things to the holocaust

@usure_are @TheRaDR @dejla11039198 We know why Texas wants people to think there were "two sides" to the Holocaust, and why people don't want schools to teach the truth about white racism in the U.S., and it is the opposite of "wokeism." We are not here for lying conservative bullshit.

@Sigmamaleweeknd @Maikeeb1 @OrdinaryGamers And yet 5 million globally are still dead but Grade doesn't care, for reference the holocaust is estimated to have killed 6 million, and Grade would have been totally ok with it as long as the Nazis only murdered people over 45, this is your brain on Conservatism folks

"A top administrator... advised teachers last week that if they have a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they should also offer students access to a book from an 'opposing' perspective, according to an audio recording obtained by NBC News."…

The only opposing views on the holocaust would NOT be based on historical facts and they would be only in theory - such as conspiracy theories .They are deadly , ignorant, antisemtic and poisionious to all especially our youth.

Texas school official says classrooms with books on Holocaust must offer ‘opposing’ views… Disgusting antisemitism 🤬

More disgusting comparisons of life-saving vaccines to the Holocaust, this time in Shelton. Read further and you’ll see the chief concern of 66% of Shelton parents are their child getting or spreading COVID. Public Health professionals deserve more than being compared to Nazis.

@SteveBassBoss77 Alternatively you're a complete moron for believing anything NBC News says! If they, or you, had taken the time to read the 2 pages of HB3979, you would have known that it doesn't mention the holocaust. It does say this:

@HaqMeeran @NBCNews Unfortunately, I highly doubt that's the other side they're talking about here. In this context the other side means claiming that the Holocaust was a bad solution to a real problem, or that it wasn't as bad as people think it was, or that it didn't even happen at all.

Opposing view! Like what, that hell is warm and pleasing much like the sun … just don’t get too close. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #Holocaust | #OpposingView | 🤦🏻‍♂️…

Cowboys’ Sham, ‘I have friends who are Holocaust survivors. Tell them it didn’t...… #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation

@Balldon64307120 The alternative to the Holocaust is NAZISM. The alternative to slavery is EMANCIPATION. Anything that denies the first or wants to roll the clock back on the second are obscene.

@istrebki What you’re doing here is soft Holocaust denial. You could have picked anyone besides Hitler, but you didn’t. Says a lot.

@StephenUzzell2 People today confuse what is a view or opinion and what is a fact. It is a fact backed up with plenty of documented evidence that the holocaust occurred. If we allow anything else to be taught it will occur again.

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