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Hornets up early, 7-0, in front of a packed house for homecoming! 💜🐝🏈💛 @NorthtownNews

MISE À JOUR: L'attaquant des @hornets Gordon Hayward a autorisé les protocoles de santé et de sécurité de la NBA (alias Covid-19) et a repris l'entraînement aujourd'hui #AllFly

9:23 left in the 1st Bryant 7, Southwest 0 Chris Gannaway runs in from 15 yards out for the TD. Hornets up early. #arpreps

UPDATE: @hornets forward Gordon Hayward has cleared NBA Health and Safety Protocols (aka. Covid-19) and returned to practice today #AllFly

@FreeSwisho Yeah, Boston got a new coach but it’s basically still Brad team with him as GM but they still gotta show me. Knicks should be higher than Chicago for now they ain’t done nothing yet. Hornets a sleeper, LaMelos gonna have a great second year, Raptors & Pacers iffy.

The Fighting Saints welcome the Big Lake Hornets to town tonight for Senior/Parent Night. Go Saints!

After botched punt sets Bryant up at Southewest 8, Barnett uses one play to find Blake Everett for TD! Hornets lead Southwest 14-0 8:02 1Q.

Are the Charlotte Hornets drunk?

Hillcrest on the board first. Zander Rodgers has consecutive tough runs to give the Hornets an early lead. 7-0 Hillcrest. 4:41 1Q.

If I am @MELOD1P I won't be signing rookie extension with @hornets what they did to Liangelo is inexcusable. Leave that city man.

Windthorst 0 Muenster 0 6:10 1st Trojans can’t capitalize on the short field but Moises Cruz picks off a pass to end the Hornets’ drive

Touchdown Emmaus! Williams hits Jeremiah Sohna and it’s 21-0 Emmaus with 9 seconds left in Q2. @EHS_Hornets @D11Sports @_EHSAthletics @EmmausFootball

@Hornet_moon ええなあ(デカボ) 楽しそうだな!!!!!!!!!!!

🔵 @TVvikingsFB 0 🟢 @EHSFootball__ 0 1Q | 8:39 Both teams trade 3 and outs to start the game. Great job by the Hornet defense to respond. Could be a low-scoring game, especially with some help from mother nature. @IHSAScoreZone @IHSA_IL #IHSA #HSFB

People think that I am irrelevant, but I have always cried in a flower bed with the green hornet

Hornets punt goes to Anthony Evans III for a Rockets FIRST DOWN!!! #RocketPride

Touchdown Hornets! @DCHornetFB takes an early 6-0 lead over @AmerChrFootball after a 13 play, 75 yard drive to start the game punctuated by a Daveon Jones 8 yard touchdown rush. 2 point attempt is no good. @Tide1009

Little Rock Southwest vs Bryant || 2021 High School Football Live Stream Watch Live ➡️ Boys Varsity Football: The Bryant High School Hornets play the Little Rock Southwest High School Gryhpons on October 15th, 2021 at 7:00 pm CDT

Flag on the play, Illegal motion on the Hornets, brings up fourth down for East Central.

@Hornet_moon はるさんくるんけ!!!!!!?!

Swarmed by the fury An excruciating burning A black mass of impending doom Their multitudes overwhelming you Scorned for eternity The arrogance of your perjury Death sings through buzzing wings Drowning out your desperate screams Don't mess with The hornet's nest

@kimlawson22 Yep. Down the colors, Hornets cameos and exterior shots on Senior Drive. I think their pops was a reporter at the paper. He did something with interviews.

Hornets are driving. Face mask gives them 15 free ones. First down from the Marshall 45.

Here is Why Hornets Waived Liangelo Ball 1 Day After Signing Him Hornet Cut Gelo Ball 1 Day After Signing, but not for the reason people think...… #LiAngeloBall #GeloBall #BBB

Like the Sword of Damocles Hanging above your head Our united forces Thousands of singular voices Say you carry a big stick So fucking take a swing You clash with one You clash with us all Blood and venom shall meet Don't mess with The hornet's nest

what time is the finals of hornets tournament?

Embrace the chaos Made from scraps and dirt Feeling temptation for devastation Try but you can't resist You know who we are You think we're scared to bleed? With strength in numbers We'll pull you under Cause you just can't resist Don't mess with The hornet's nest

@robreiner It's going to be as good as Watching The Green Hornet on TV long ago- To see them Go Down . .

Hornets strike first as Gannaway goes untouched for 15 yard TD! Bryant up 7-0 on Southwest 9:23 1Q

TOUCHDOWN Westran Hornets Quinn Massey runs it in for the first TD of the game! Kick is not good. Westran- 6 Marceline- 0 @CoMoSports @KOMUsports #fridaynightfever #fnf

1st turnover belongs to Fulton on fumble after Hornets had 4th down stop. Kirksville starts at own 42.

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