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@toshanshuinLA What if they voted for Ibushi AND Ishii 💯

all the people posting their public observer HOF ballots that don't have votes for naito (or ibushi for that matter) should feel ashamed tbh. double so if you also voted for ishii

Even if you feel alone, I'll stay by your side, meow! No matter what, woof...!

Bushi can write Bushi's name!

@ESPNNBA if he a dropped a burger Zion would be crying talm bout “it’s a waste of food”

I remember when I first saw DDT Pro-Wrestling, back in 2012 so the same time I saw Pro-Wrestling NOAH. I had no idea what to think of DDT. I was seeing Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi wrestling all around in Japan on the streets. It was weird, but had me interested lol..

@UKWasimPerviz @bulletjoey_ @SeanRossSapp @JohnnyGargano @IMPACTWRESTLING @AEW There just isn’t the right caliber of talent in Impact for Johnny, where as matches against, osprey, Tanahashi, okada, ibushi, they have me creaming my pants, a match against moose sounds about as fun as a Bobby lashley match 😂

@thesuperjcast Since I’ve seen a couple people already nominate Ibushi v White, I want to nominate Okada v. Ospreay from WK night 1

@WWETheSmith just hope he’s all good and it doesn’t cause any problems want Willow or normal Hardy vs Reigns at the rumble and then wins the IC title at Mania

So people at school tell me I’m obedient, woof! But that’s wrong… meow…

ツシマ二周目難しいモードも無事クリア😊あとは残りの温泉巡ってふんどし手に入れたら難易度:万死で、楽しい引き継ぎプレイが私を待っているぁ! 飛び道具はふんどしの中にしまえる武器のみの予定なので弓は禁止にしよう😌 #挫折案件の匂い

@RaeesDirks1 @AlexFtbl yes i know but both athletes are pretty petty about their part of the brand and theoretically jordan would then be working with LeBron which he would never do so maybe i should have clarified

@pyuuta0309 回頭めっちゃうまいのと、最後の煽り🤣🤣🤣

@pyuuta0309 ああっ!それ超興味あるやつです! 今19なんや、、、

I always try to distract myself when I get worried, meow...! I like coming back to a problem with a clear head, woof!

I didn't experience any sort of like Awe and wonder playing world and iceborne, even though world was my second game I'm glad rise recaptured that feeling a bit especially with ibushi and narwa and just yknow being classic again i felt like I was experiecing new shit again

@CFC_Kaii enjoy pal, first ones always most enjoyable if we win that is but nonetheless it’s unforgettable

X-Factor have won the Dusty Cup, after beating The team of Kota Ibushi and McKenzie Mitchell via the Swanton Bomb on NXT


That’s why big sis Nao took the laptop...!

@golden_kuma I think he's still pretty raw but he's an amazing athlete and he's going to keep improving. He's been one of best WOTY. By 2014-15 Ibushi i mean the amazing underdog energy that he has. Okada Ibushi from 2014 is really close to my heart for that reason. Their best with each other

@PuroNerdAsh Yep he's only 26 and almost there to reach prime Ibushi (2017-19 imo) level. And he doesn't overly rely on athletic moves so he will probably have a longer run. Sky is the limit for him

@omegatron_07 @ReneusMeister It's called taking inspiration from a certain story and characters. Same thing Omega does all the time. From Anime Manga and when he gets desperate he starts using Ibushi's moves obviously cause of his insecurities.

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