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@MattNorlander @EyeOnCBBPodcast @CBSSportsCBB Singler/Irving wasn’t actually the best comp to Timme/Chet from Duke. ‘05 the #2 player in the nation (Gerald Green was #1 but never enrolled at OSU) Josh McRoberts joined JJ Redick at Duke in his senior season.

Matisse qui voit qu'Ingram dort en défense --> screen le défenseur de Niang --> open trey --> money. On me dit dans l'oreillette qu'un certain JJ Redick serait passé par là.

Donc pas eu un mot pour la retraite de JJ Redick dans nba extra. Ce manque de respect me consterne.

Ninja Assassin is fucking out of this world. Cheers for the rec @jj_redick and @SheaSerrano

@DerekBodnerNBA Half court ball movement was poor with BS last year and before. Need more off the ball movement ala JJ Redick.

1st my favorite Patriot retires @Edelman11, then my favorite Dukie retires @jj_redick, and now my favorite “fireman retires” @Jesse_Spencer 😢 See a theme here?

@evil_dallas @WalkWithLyle @mikegolicjr @bomani_jones @minakimes Thybulle was very distinct on his defense. As was JJ Redick a former teammate.

ESPN reporting: The Thunder are trading Montrezl Harris to the Thunder for veteran JJ Redick and a 2024 second-round pick.

@jj_redick i hope retirement is treating you well, man. Just wanted to say, as a Lakers fan, i think you would really be a great fit for our roster to make a run at a championship. I really think the ball is in your court for this to happen. Just think about it. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Jj redick said one guy didn’t come out could’ve been Embiid and not Simmons @WalkWithLyle…

@caseyzundel Science. Another weird annomoly, I’ve never seen JJ Redick make a shot

Was looking up JJ and saw this. Interesting! Pelicans news: JJ Redick's hilarious Paul George-Doc Rivers line during podcast with Chris Paul…

I’d still like to plead the @OrlandoMagic to bring in @jj_redick as a consultant. Would love to see him back with the team and could really help these young guys with their shots! Thoughts ??

Me watching the start of this @NBA season without @jj_redick in the league anymore

@BensTwittter @sixers @cryptocom Wish they had convinced Redick to play instead of Green. @jj_redick

@RickGambler42 It’s JJ redick at Duke when it was the highschool distance

You guys remember when half of NBA twitter wanted to trade Korkmaz for JJ Redick?…

been saying korkmaz only 24 and he learned under jj redick

Korkmaz turning into JJ Redick tonight lol who would’ve thought

@Peter_Baugh Maddux, Big Mac when he was on steroids in 98, Bryce Harper, Kevin Durant in high school at Oak Hill, JJ Redick at Duke, Denard Robinson at Michigan vs Notre Dame in 2010 in South Bend, Martin Kaymer at Pinehurst in 2014

Is it weird that there’s an NBA season without JJ Redick

these niggas turnin Danny Green to JJ Redick😂😂they takin turns abusing him

@dll07 Same feeling with the ‘06 team with JJ Redick, and ‘11 if Irving hadn’t gotten hurt.

Their backcourt is so small that I get it. Plus Lauri think he JJ Redick anyway -Pavy…

So how long till we see CP3 run an old Clippers JJ Redick play for Landry? #Suns #SunsUK #RallyTheValley #WeAreTheValley #ValleyProud

@jj_redick it's time, time to get you a ring, @warriors need you. This style of basketball was created for you. #SplashFamily

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