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damn the older you get the more you fr just wanna lay down n relax 😂

@AngelElaine10 Exactly that girl just bitter that it’s Nicki and Jada and not her Lmfaoooo

@rachxooo i just get a mango smoothie with boba thats it lmao

This for real be my problem, but I also act dominant towards men too 😭

Alexa play Sza x Hit Different

Looking to help in any legendary raids; invite me to any. 0363 0554 8027 #PokemonGoRaids

why when my brother left from by my daddy he took his wifi box with him😂😂😂

@NFL keep putting in these dumb ass rules in and watch the ratings drop!! So stupid! Y’all expect the players to show no emotion??


all I be asking is to be left alone, and niggas can’t even do that right damn. What can y’all do

I forgot I had a set of press ons to have finished by tomorrow. I’m sick.

Idk why ppl act like the 6 foot rule still doesn’t apply. PLEASE get away from me 😐

@VampireHoshi i cant breathe it still doesn’t come up

AH NO GENTE! Pusieron CARNAVAL en monte caseros y no en Libres. Eno jada…

right price i’ll give you what she don’t

I want 3 sons. I know you can hear me God 😭

@bbw_sex_natural_tits_korean_porn_eve_lawrence_kinky_israel_amateur_milf_sleep_jada_fire_girls_fucking_screw_my_wife_net_video_priva_ex_gf_videos_black_booty_veronica_vanoza_uncut_dick_free_mobile_cryi . . . . 1564215963

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