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@coco3000_ Wow making threats. Jake Paul just needs to find new ways to stay relevant.

@montyballs1 @RebootedSystem @DylanCarlsonKO @ESPNRingside That makes more sense, you’d have no fucking clue about Jake Paul then. Maybe don’t talk on people you’re not educated on and you won’t get spanked by people like me who know exactly what’s going on. Bad mouthing a kid who’s 20 years younger than u is EXTREMELY sad my friend

@jakepaul "Kanye and I ..." ... like it's something to be proud of ...

@jakepaul How about you dont slap him and slap his a$$ with a kiss?

@AmazingRetro15 @MMAFighting @arielhelwani @TWooodley @jakepaul he's not wrong and i bet jake would knock u out too so hop off his 🍆

jake paul and kanye west vs pete davidson and kim WWE style yalla…

@johnniemaejohn7 @jakepaul Ye made Kim’s bank account, and Kim has barely had any cases so your point here makes no sense

“We aren’t living in a simulation” Ok bro, then explain Jake Paul

@jakepaul You have been hit in the head too many times.

@jakepaul Comedians don’t fight. That’s for normal people, and it isn’t even a normal reaction from an adult. Kanye needs to deal with his emotions somehow 🤔 maybe a decent rap album. Ridiculous.

@MMAFighting @arielhelwani @TWooodley @jakepaul All of y’all acting like Tyrone woodley didn’t throw for a bag smh

Somebody in my discord said I should fight @jakepaul 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️kids and their imaginations!

@goatyush @jakepaul Never said he was a good boxer, just a boxer in general that would definitely beat an actor/comedian. Yuh he might lose to a younger boxer but that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about an actor. Stick to basketball buddy.

Kanye and now Jake Paul is giving to Pete Davidson a lot of new content for a new stand up special @netflix be on the look out XD

Watch Big John and The Punk weigh in on @AspinallBJJ make his way up the ranks, @KChookagian free agency, @jakepaul impact on signing with an MMA league and play FACING OFF as @JonnyBones and @dc_mma -

@Memegawd37 @mahoganyrushfan @jakepaul Do I hear a 2 followers account speaking?? Didn’t think so

The idea of Jake Paul being Kanye’s goon is funny asf…

jake Paul tentando mais uma vez adquirir o passe…

@talkSPORT Amir trying to sell the fight, he must need the money. Give it a year he will be fighting jake paul

*Dana White genuinely sounding interested at the prospect of Jake Paul being a free agent* Me:…

@jakepaul still has not denied these claims. Pretty pretty suspicious if you ask me.

Hivi ndo kina @jakepaul and @KSI began. Now they making $40m+ a year. Sisemi you will make shit tho…

@michael100820 You serious Clark? #lol #clowns #mayfield @obj left the circus BTW - nice tackle of the INT loser #cutmayfield here you go @jakepaul gay Paul be. Mayfield lololol

@baseball_ref The end of MLBs Jake Paul phase

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