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muy bueno oshii bardeando a james cameron por hacer 4 peliculas de avatar

@EstadioRetro Seguramente malinterpretaron sus palabras, pero el humano desde el 2000 vive de imaginar el fin del mundo, todo es culpa de James Cameron y su Terminator 😅

@KirbysLastSnack 90 percent of screenings were 3D and James Cameron got them out

Anyway, congrats for James Cameron for taking the number 1 spot for the re-release of #Avatar… Manam andharam avatar records ni break cheystunam ani troll cheystuntey vellu ekanga James Cameron tho cinema antunaru 🤣🚶

James Cameron is such a wild ass man

@IHateNYT James Cameron has gone too far this time

@Drexl_Raz So it's a James Cameron Movie against a James Cameron Movie

How James Cameron and John Landau brought ‘Avatar’ back for reissue…

do y’all know how annoying and wrong people have to be for me to go to bat for James Cameron? i am a self-proclaimed Cameron hater!!

It’s James Cameron king of the box office put some respect on his name #AvatarTheWayOfWater primed for 2 billion…

@Bumbo2Me @RickShaheen330 @Charalanahzard Time and time again James Cameron has proved people wrong. He’s easily has made the best action science fiction movies and is a visionary. He saved Terminator Dark Fate in the editing room.

Meanwhile James Cameron's avatar is "that Pocahontas rip off with the blue people ain't nobody thought or cared about in over a decade bc all it truly had going for it was that it looked good in IMAX.

Time for another watch of the original Avatar. 😊 #AVATARRemastered #JamesCameron #AVATARrerelease #AVATAR

@pk_kenzie @KennyAlphaOmega I can't name a single character. I remember maybe 2 scenes. That's it. James Cameron gave us Aliens and T1/2. For this I will always be grateful, but Avatar is just a collective fever dream

Procreate painting of Avatar (2009, dir. James Cameron, cinematography Mauro Fiore). Aliens riding dragons fighting spaceships, that's the movies baby!…

@Luiz_Fernando_J It’s James Cameron king of the box office and people still doubt put some respect on his name

avatar: pretty movie, highest grossing movie of all time, james cameron spend 13 years on it to make sure it was perfect and not rushed you: ugly, chronically online, broke, cums in 2 minutes…

Took my son to see the Avatar re-release in IMAX, his first in 3D. He was suitably impressed, loved it. Call it cheesy or derivative, but no one does spectacle like @JimCameron

Thirteen years after James Cameron plunged moviegoers into the cosmic world of “Avatar,” the lush, distant moon of Pandora is finally orbiting back ……

@NatGeoTV @JimCameron @DisneyPlus Oh Look! Lis truss after getting up! Ha ha ha thanks for sharing Paul

Revoir Avatar au ciné est un immense bonheur. James Cameron use de tout son arsenal technique pour finalement nous immerger naturellement dans un nouveau monde. L'aventure nous ouvre ainsi des champs inédits, nous inspirant sur ce que l'on est et surtout ce que l'on peut devenir

Call of Duty: Black Ops Star Sam Worthington kills it in James Cameron’s Avatar

But but nobody cares about Avatar anymore. Lol. His name is @JimCameron and one should never doubt it mahn. #AvatarTheWayOfWater…

@JimCameron quick question! Saw Avatar in IMAX last night. The sneak peek for The Way of Water shows A that the Na’Vi water tribes speak English. In a world where Native American tribes all spoke different languages. Would this be uploading English through the Tree of Souls?

Kako je James Cameron ažurirao hit film iz 2009. – The Hollywood Reporter…

@blaz_man96 Heck most of the reviews for Phantom Menace hyped up the use of CG instead of any essential reason, it's the James Cameron Avatar of Star Wars movies.

Since everyone is in James Cameron mode today, seems like a good time to gripe about The Abyss having never been released on blu-ray. Not acceptable!

Here's what we know about Avatar 2 so far, and we even covered the first trailer once it arrived online. We know that in addition to Winslet @WayAvatar #Avatarthewayofwater #Avatar #Action #Adventure #SciFi #Thriller #JamesCameron #MichelleYeoh #ZoeSaldana #KateWinslet

@Avinash99520304 @JimCameron Ledu. Kakinada antene cinema fans annattu. Iraga chustharu cinema lu.naku Baga gurthu…avatar iragaadesindi

I would dare say that Terminator 2 is the best work in James Cameron’s career! Not even the magnum opus Titanic & Avatar can come close to that masterpiece.

@CinemaMadness24 @JimCameron Tickets kosam రక్తలు చిందించర బ్రో మీ ఊరిలో జేమ్స్ కామెరూన్ ఫ్యాన్స్ అంత మంది ఉన్నారా ☺️🙏🙏🙏

"James Cameron's Avatar" is a perfect anagram of "Verse Cretan Jammer"

@these_qualia “please make room for innovative and independent creation in a crowded marketplace, like James Cameron’s multi-billion dollar Disney franchise.”

@ebeggin1 +Likes my Alien posts -Gave Escape from LA a 5 -Doesn't like Avatar -libels James Cameron -Doesn't support the world population liking Avatar Wow. What happened?

@ofbatatinha O sonho do James Cameron é ter uma bilheteria orgânica, não cansa de relançar os filmes um zilhão de vezes

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