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@LAL818 @ActorJoseB @DaveLevy53 @mattbzen @RizzoNGalloSZN @NBCSGiants And game 1 the Astros couldn’t touch Jansen while in game 2 Marwin took him yard.

@tnaires Somos dois Tarsito, tb tomei Jansen, uns amigos que vacinaram na mesma época arriaram e nem fez cócegas em mim 👀

@Beutski Hoezo? Heeft-ie overgewicht die Oostenrijker?

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It is #PRIDEMONTH in #Amsterdam! I celebrate my #QPOC community. We still have a long way to go. Stay Safe Children. For now serving: FACE! #ballroom #muva #TransIsBeautiful #blackTRANSlivesmatter

@HorrorBRNews Será que vem aí? Eu tô assistindo The White Lotus na HBO que tem uma vibe assim tbm. Mas esse elenco tá incrível! Só vem!

@Zoe_SZi The semi finals burnt him out. Then having to recover and do the finals qith 3 hours took alot out of him, I think personally. Leading up to the Olympics, Wayne wasn't too convincing but we are hopeful for a podium finish

@AdriennedeKock Waarom geen Nespresso met een melkopschuimer?

@mmdeportesmx @aldorodriguezv No es más fácil que lo compare con vincent jansen?? Lo que tiene que hacer los de multimedios para poder tragar

@orta I like the use of native nodejs modules. A rarely in blog articles these days

@maartenpodcast @bramdouwes Nou ik vind het een leuke man die Bram niets mis mee! En voorlopig zat hij er wel 7 keer, men is gewoon jaloers

@MercedesAMGF1 @LewisHamilton ‘Booing doesn’t hurt me, it gives me more energy ‘.... Right,..... bananas 🍌🍌🍌

minha aula volta amanhã 😩 não to preparada pra isso

Aretha Franklin’s Handprints to Be Unveiled Outside Detroit Museum

@BDSixsmith @TheSpectator Very good article, as usual. In my opinion, however, Cohn-Bendit's apology was sincere. Unlike others who had truly sinister motives, he was probably just misguided. But the damage he caused was, of course, all the same.

@PALNWS Dat is de Belgische versie van Dolf Jansen...ook zo'n linkse lul

ahora que saben que no van a comprar Astra ni Jansen se aprovechan y suben el precio?¿ Me parece oportunismo y aprovecharse de este gran problema de salud. Las autoridades sanitarias y la UE no deberían permitirlo!!…

@imaginago @FeCastanhari Ajudem todos que puderem. Belíssimo trabalho.

@PedroHe28412530 @jansen_santana @Odilonarruda Pesquisa de 1995. Depois já sabemos o que aconteceu...

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