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@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets Man I know a whole lota yall would bendover and take it in the a** too, LET THE MAN PLAY BALL! Plain and simple and when we talk it's about principle, KYRIE is a leader this is about the right of a man's choice. When you treat faith & well being like nothing who is the one sick?

@Wundermut @m_jaywilliams Yur theories are completely fictional! Less than 1% of ppl that use rx pain meds abuse them according to studies!

@JWilliamsonDO @m_jaywilliams Over rxing never happened! CDC fudged the # as OD were caused by illicit fentenyl!

@BreastTexas @Autopsy_MD @m_jaywilliams Yes but you ppl don’t do pt outcomes rather it’s treat & street!

@gimpy_rn @m_jaywilliams Ppl aren’t OD bc of rxpain medication! That’s a farce it’s illicit fentenyl causing OD!

@appleatya @m_jaywilliams I can’t imagine having a shlder replacement post op with 12 pills? I know that pain well & you need adequate analgesia to heal! They don’t use the long acting blocks after the 1st 12 hrs bc the studies show tendon damage caused by blocks!

@JoeTerry @elizabe50286054 @Deeenst @m_jaywilliams @ClevelandClinic Opiates are by far the safest analgesia! They are not toxic like Tylenol or ibuprofen!

@amritzyh @m_jaywilliams So all your pts are alike? Sounds like non centered Pt care.!

@Jay_Moore76 Shout-out to you tonight brotha. You played your tail off tonight in place of Trent Williams.

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets Neither the Nets nor the NBA are a part of the problem. The problem is he chooses not to be vaccinated. It's a small ask. It's not like 4.94 million people have died from C-19.

Jalen Rose, Jay Williams play '3-Man Weave' after Saturday's NBA slate | SportsCenter…

@BarstoolBigCat Oh man, sucks when your account gets hacked. Get in touch w/ Jay Williams he can help out

@WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 don’t dismiss what Jay Williams said. Culture matters. Our QB development culture has always been shit.…

@FirstTake @RealJayWilliams @stephenasmith Remember Pac said ‘how could non-players do a song about player shit” lol. Russ is an MVP in the league. They’ll be aight! But it’s super impressive u guys are collecting BAGS talking your shit!!! Stephen A is like a golden hen!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽💪🏽

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets All these people against the vaccine mandate let's see if they are smart enough not to vote for Eric Adams.

Mamba mentality. You'll enjoy the story @jaysonwells_ shares in this video about @RealJayWilliams and Kobe!…

We need to build around Grant Williams. He needs help, Tatum is shot chucker and Jaylen is injury prone. Both are stunting the devolvement of someone that could be a KG type player. We should trade the Jays for Lonzo and Eric Bledsoe and then we'll actually contend.

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets Protest??? Looks like some fans with posters. Give me a break

One hell of a fight between Aaron Williams and Gary Jay #UP1000Rounds

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets It’s New York. He either gets vaccinated or he doesn’t play. Quite simple

@WaddleandSilvy I have questions. Allllll I’m going to say. I have questions. Was Jay Williams wrong? Waddle dismissed it so quickly. Culture matters.

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets What a legacy Kyrie is leaving….wonder if he’s proud of this

@JVWoodEDU You were probably that guy that wanted Doug Williams replaced after the first quarter of the Super Bowl by Jay Schroeder….

@TaeNToddPodcast Jay Schroeder, Doug Williams, Mark Rypien. With all due respect, were not franchise QBs. Yet brought use great success. 2 Super Bowl rings, 3 Championship appearances.

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets Love to see this! They need to remove the mandate in NYC !

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets We did that!! More footage on Jospeakstruth2 page on IG , she's been doing her thing !

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets Foxnews watchers. Republicans using Kyrie for political gains, can you show me any minority either black or Hispanic among the protesters?? Zero. Jay , stop using your platform to promote Kyrie's stupidity abd idiocy

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets They’re at the wrong building. The Nets and the NBA are only a small part of the problem. Talk to your governor

@RealJayWilliams @BrooklynNets Simple solution. Get the vaccine and he will play.

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