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@sandicheekspv The picture with the pups has serious Jenna Marbles vibes

I have a giant thing of spare foam currently and all I want to use it for is to be jenna marbles for halloween

I miss Jenna Marbles so much

For a year I wept over the loss of Jenna Marbles. She was my comfort youtube. But then! Then! I found Kurtis Conner and my joy has returned. (I still miss Jenna so much) He's my new background entertainment while I work :)

people that harass jenna marbles with “we miss you” comments are weird

*Viendo vídeos antiguos de Jenna Marbles y fingiendo que estoy en 2017*

I miss Jenna Marbles. I hope she’s doing well.

A list of my favourite animals on the internet: - Jenna Marbles dogs - The bird that screams 'what doing' - Big John - Pot Roast - Bunny the talking dog - Claude, the cat who demands drag - Lacie Mevans's cows - Salad, Soup and Breakfast Sandwich

'The new Meronimo Milton book is powerful' - Jenna Marbles

I saw Jenna Marbles at slippery rock college 3 years ago today. Crying and throwing up rn

It’s not even 10 am and I’ve cried about 9/11, how messy my bedroom is, Jenna Marbles, and how I have a headache. If I don’t get my period today i don’t know what im going to do

having no jenna marbles on yt is another reason for me to perish

i hope jenna marbles is having a good day

[Jenna Marbles Voice] 🎶I wanna be taaallllll... I wanna be a tallll persoonnnnnn....🎶

Here's everything you need to know about American YouTuber, vlogger, and actress Jenna Marbles -

Ugh jenna was trending so i naturally thought that jenna marbles was returning 😭

does anyone want to just hang out on discord one day and watch jenna marbles videos together (‘: bc i’m doing that rn but i’m crying bc i miss seeing marbles so often since he doesn’t come out on julien’s stream that much

Fun fact about me, every time I see a TikTok with Jenna Marbles in it I cry a little bit 🥺😭

i saw jenna trending and thought it was jenna marbles

@gnfsprettyface i would cackle, he kinda deserves the privacy ig but ☠️ imagine he pulled a fucking jenna marbles

born this way on a loop but it’s just jenna marbles saying the lyrics like spoken word after singing it twenty times to julien

Me seeing "Jenna" trending and leaping at it, hoping that it's some kind of update from Jenna Marbles (even if it's just her reiterating she isn't returning) and realising that reality is getting further and further away...

i know i should go to bed but i'm watching jenna marbles videos and my dog looks so much comfier on the couch than she does in her bed when i have to lock her up for the night

watching jenna marbles again she really is one of my comfort people i hope she’s doing okay

Jenna Marbles once said that the song Careless Whispers makes everything sexy. And to that, I agree.

I watch Jenna Marbles for comfort

i blame my hair impulsive hair decisions on Jenna Marbles’ Ratchet Hair Salon :-)

Every single time Jenna trending I hope and Dream of her return... #jenna #marbles

i hope jenna marbles is living her best life <3

You know who I miss? Jenna Marbles :(

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