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Devrezli makina tarafından tamamı yerli olarak üretilen 200N'luk jet motorunun 100000rpm çalışma testi. Elektronik kontrol ünitesi tarafımızca yapıldı.

@KBowen1070 Mack for Jets S Maye. Maye seems to hate it there in NY.

もうこんな時間か…… JET STREAM は 福山雅治なのか……

@CDeplorable Any landing you walk away from is a good one for me! I appreciate the ability to do any part of piloting a plane or jet! 👍

So DAVIDO even have 2 Private Jet. Hmmmm omooh

@jet_of_legend いつもお世話になっております。

@sakuraimami_jet リプ返ししてもらえると、何か嬉しすぎて照れるわ💖 明日も癒やしを頼むよ(^o^)

@peterdukephoto @RealGeorgeWebb1 I remember webb speaking of Oleg’s Jet ✈️ woo oo oh wooo woo wa woo oo Jet

ドント・シャット・ミー・ダウン / アバ (00:28) Program[JET STREAM]…

Our next virtual Open Event happens on 27 Oct at 6pm. The event includes an introductory talk, a virtual tour of JET and RACE facility, followed by a Q&A. Register at #FusionEnergy #STEM #Fusion #FusionStrategy #ClimateAction #Robotics #Robots #technology

00:28 『JET STREAM』 ♪ ドント・シャット・ミー・ダウン/アバ #FM大阪

@BipolarBlogger Catching up on jet lag sleep but so happy to be back with my kitties.

China shows off drones recycled from Soviet-era fighter jets. Time for Indian Armed forces also to think out of box and not remain bogged down by conventional warfare ethos…

@trg_jet I get more aroused when they call me by my last name at the bank

i loved the blonde but me with jet black hair is superior

@txtdrberseragam Mungkin kalau cowonya anggota au,pacarannya naik pesawat jet.. Atau al naik kapal selam..

@ZKantzFF Marshall unfortunately has been a non-factor even when in there. It's Darnold. Has tunnel vision for Moore; same vice he had while with the Jets. Not on Anderson here. In my leagues he's been a drop target quite often. I won't argue with anyone who wants to 🤞tho.

Jet raced against Sonic, but during the race Sonic was accused of being the Iblis Trigger by Sonic Advance 3 which led to the creation of Sonic Lost World

Cry on the wings of a jet or laugh with the eagles.

【English Update】 JET Dojo final renovation has been finished. Apologize for the delay for the try-out participants and now we're back open. Sign up your enrollment now. All ages are accepted.

In other words: “We already got the contract written out for Watson, matter of fact the jet otw to Houston to pick him up to sign the fine print” 🤣🤣…

@WildcatMistie @ShannonTheDude @BillyRsports @BillSimmons I think they need Kentucky Joe to sing a version of Benny and the Jets but make it Billy and the Dude.

Sonic Youth - Tokyo Eye - Experimental Jet Set, Trash An

@KRCBEY28 T-38'ler ömrünü doldurdu. Elbette Hürjet envantere girip jet pilot adayları eğitimletini bu tayyarrlerde alacak.

@SportsMT Why do you torture yourself like that lol!! That’s almost as bad as jets v dolphins

I’m pissed af I got drafted to the sorry ass jets in madden 22 😡

@iroiro_hoko あーほんとですか🥲ありがとうございます! 最近アンビスに通い始めて、Black Jet以降の曲はぴねすくらいしか知らなくてめちゃくちゃ勉強しました🤣長瀬さんいなくて大変かと思いますが近いうちにMissing Linkが見たいです☺️

#Mekelle is bombarded by Ethiopian jets for the FOURTH time this week. @AbiyAhmedAli, emboldened by the silence of the international community, continues to raid #Tigray.#NoFlyZoneInTigray #StopBombingTigray @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @EU_Commission @irishmissionun @simoncoveney

HiHi Jets 五騎当千 譲 同行交換募集 譲)11/20 昼公演 1枚 求)11/21 夜公演 1枚 該当初期当選、重複すり替えなし。 2連中の1枚、当方と同行です。 下3桁提示可能。相場精算。 今後も仲良くさせていただける方優先。 担当、年齢明記の上、普段使いのアカウントからご連絡ください。

Barely out of the Kibbutz and already jet setting from island to island? @ShaneOliverAMP…

#Mekelle is bombarded by Ethiopian jets for the FOURTH time this week. @AbiyAhmedAli, emboldened by the silence of the international community, continues to raid #Tigray.#NoFlyZoneInTigray #StopBombingTigray @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @EU_Commission @irishmissionun @simoncoveney

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