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@JohnDeere Not that I was in the market for your product or your stock, but this seals the deal. No dice…

As John Deere is learning, experienced and skilled frontline workers are not easy to replace. It will likely cost less to pay them a fair wage & retain them than it will to deal with the consequences of them leaving.…

If you appreciated my John Deere strike coverage this week, I *strongly* encourage you to make a donation (and buy books and subscribe!) to @labornotes. Labor Notes has covered the labor movement from the bottom up for 45 years. Help us keep going.

@SaraMintaha There's an episode in the office where pretty much exactly this John Deere scenario happens 😂

ABC News Live: John Deere workers on strike for 2nd day in a row…

Wow. Read this thread. The John Deere workers are in the right.…

John Deere tried replacing union workers with scabs — and immediately had tractor crash in their plant: report -…

Tired of mega corporations doling out huge bonuses while screwing their workers over? Don't give them your business. Don't give their partner companies your business. No support for @JohnDeere If we all used our collective consumer power as a unit we could have an impact…

I do wonder how the low-level office workers at John Deere who are now forced to do the grunt work feel about “saving the company” when the company has plenty of money to keep them in their comfy offices AND pay the workers justifying the whole enterprise.…

The John Deere CEO must be embarrassed when all the other CEOs point and laugh and laugh at his pittance…

Yeah really don't want a 2022 model John Deere anything. Imagine the welds.…

@ErnHolbert @JohnDeere So I have to break my 🦶 to get a care package 📦 #getwell

So John Deere workers are striking over benefit discrepancies @GSipley which just shows the long suffering of our union brethren…

An ambulance racing to the scene is a great visual for TV to discuss the John Deere strike & safety at work. So what visuals can show the danger of unvaccinated, anti-vaxxer employee infecting others? The coronavirus doesn't shoot out of people's mouths like bullets.

My coworker and I had been on civil terms until I talked about how I wont buy Kellogg's or Nibisco products and now John Deere's and maybe cancelling subscriptions because I stand in solidarity and he goes "oh well I think it's time to buy all those things because who cares"

@buperac John Deere wouldn’t blow up that bad

John Deere tried replacing union workers with scabs — and immediately had tractor crash in their plant: report #SmartNews…

the cruelty is the point. I want John Deere to perish.

John Deere DESPERATELY Using Office Employees In Factories To Break Labor Strike

@davidbarnes89 @ivers1983 @TrevoseGC @MasonsKings @JohnDeere Great news. Anything that can help me find my ball on my very occasional misdirected drives is much appreciated. 😬🏌️‍♂️

@Wolfie057 Disturbing!!! And disgusting on the part of @JohnDeere. I’m sorry but once I purchase a piece of equipment who repairs it depends upon who does the best job whether that’s the purchaser or the dealer. Now scabs.

Ok @WNYC I heard @npratc tonight and heard the top of the hour @JohnDeere union workers name drop and you followed that up with a union Medicare story so we are cool again. But @Marketplace you are still on notice.

John Deere tried replacing union workers with scabs — and immediately had tractor crash in their plant: report…

@JohnDeere Why you show such disrespectful behavior towards your employees?

Unions helped build the middle class. As @UAW workers strike, I stand with them & support their right to demand compensation they believe is fair. John Deere is an important part of the fabric of the Quad-Cities community - I hope both sides are able to reach a fair agreement.

Over 10,000 John Deere workers are striking for better wages and benefits. The company reported US$1.79 billion in profits during the second quarter of 2021. The workers want their fair share.…

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