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@ecrinmathers iyi köfte menüsü 100 liradan baslıyor burda 50ye yiyoruz işte.

@Courtne11259328 @3LSII @SkarMicheal @espn Exactly, that team last year was likely bottom 2 in the league without Jokic

@JoelsGoat @YoungClipsStan @BronGotGame @ReggiSaxx You see guards consistently have career series against the Nuggets and your person to blame is Jokic lol?? I understand he’s not good on switches but it’s not his fault that the defenders around him constantly put him in mismatch situations lol

@jh__118 Jokic and Luka are still better

@KDTrey5 They really had Nikola Jokic in top 5 like man please find your nearest cliff 😂💯

Having Luka Embiid and Jokic above Steph is very very funny…

Most of my life I have prided myself on being an optimist. If you’re an optimist now, you may be an idiot.…

A ESPN fez um ranking prevendo os melhores jogadores para a próxima temporada da NBA Em ordem: Giannis Antetokounmpo Jokić Dončić Embiid Curry LeBron Tatum Durant Ja Booker Concordam?

@ESPNNBA @KendrickPerkins No way y'all taking jokic or embiid over kd or even bron at that

@BillBabbel @Mathijsvansch @NBAMemes No big bubba, the guy is right. MVP isn’t for the team. However it’s for the best player who does the best possible carry. In many ways Jokic does a better job then Giannis contribution wise. Although Giannis is the better player. Same with Joel and curry.

@DejanF_ @natfluential Oh so now the team was stacked? Moving the goal post as usual. Luka and Jokic both had the same look of defeat.

Skill set alone he the second best big in the NBA behind Jokic…

@FormerKuato Even nba2k has fast travel.... Thanks for nothing BRANDON

@TheNBACentral Wow this is crazy 1. LeBron James 2. Stephen Curry 3. Giannis Antetokounmpo 4. Nikola Jokic 5. Kevin Durant

SAT TEST ANALOGY: Manning family charm is to money as Influencer ass is to IG comments about their ass

@Caphaddock6 @JamCristopher The way i see it neither is better Embiid’s biggest weakness is jokic’s biggest strength and vice versa personally I prefer Embiid but the numbers say jokic

@patrick_yarnold @rmi1117 @JJMaples55_MST Not since that series Jokic improved since that series and kawhi declined and jokic won 3 straight do or die games vs him at kawhis peak when jokic was still green

@supertriqui @JJMaples55_MST And he's implying Jokic isn't a playoff performer based on the fact he has no championships as if he wasn't playing at his best in the playoffs but his TEAM lost. It isn't an individual sport or anything like that

@ShamirDevine @JamCristopher No way Jokic over Embiid! Embiids defence is elite! If only Doc knew how to use him properly

@xaviercross1971 @6ManYT @SwipaCam @JJMaples55_MST Please be my guest and tell me which one of these playoff series was “bad” lmao I swear y’all just make shit up

@akabagman @espn Steph over KD and Jokic and this list is solid

@Galley_MK I think he'd actually have a pretty good chance of locking em up defensively outside of Jokic who is a prolific passer. Could definitely see Giannis having trouble. That being said it's easier to take away his value in the 3 point era and offensively his passing doesn't scare you

@Ashley0___ Jokic & Luka hasn’t done nothing yet to be put in the convo with those other guys playoffs wise. Be that criteria, Jimmy & Dame should be up there . MVPs don’t matter to me if you don’t deliver in the playoffs

@CallMeKing25 @HarrisonWind I love hyland a lot but idk if thats possible with fully healthy mpj jokic and murray, he won’t even start most likely, maybe 6moy?

@phxIIymxkan @BurnerExcellent @SamsHoops It’s lazy to blame a superstar’s teammates unless it’s a bad team like Jokic’s. Luka’s team won 2 playoff games without him, they were a solid team. Luka didn't beat the Suns by himself

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